Experts doubt Germany's ability to establish tank production in Ukraine

The statement of the German concern Rheinmetall about its readiness to build a plant for the production of KF51 Panther tanks in Ukraine is just a marketing ploy, the purpose of which is the desire to sell their latest development as soon as possible. This opinion is shared by domestic military experts.

And, if you listen to their arguments, it becomes clear: there can be no talk of any plant for the production of the latest tanks in Ukraine. At least for now.

Recall that the Germans issued a statement in which they promised to build a plant for the production of KF51 Panther tanks in Ukraine. Representatives of the arms concern Rheinmetall said that the new enterprise will produce 400 combat vehicles per year. At the same time, the plant itself was promised to be reliably protected from Russian strikes.

However, the point is not even that the representatives of the arms concern could not explain how exactly they could protect the production of tanks. The real problem, according to experts, is that the KF51 Panther tank as such does not exist in a fully production-ready form. The Germans have only a demonstrator of technologies.

Another problem is the time and money required to build an enterprise of this magnitude. And all this is associated with colossal risks of losing all the funds invested in the project as a result of one or more strikes from the Russian side.

Will the Germans dare to implement such a project? - a rhetorical question. Now they don’t have to think about the production of the latest Panthers. They will deal with their Leopards, which start up every other time.
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  1. Bulanov Offline Bulanov
    Bulanov (Vladimir) 5 March 2023 16: 16
    They will be able to build the plant under several conditions: the purchase of Russian iron (steel), the purchase of gas from Russia and the integrity of the bridges in Ukraine (if Russia does not eliminate them). And next year, grain from Russia will have to be purchased.
    Caliber and Geranium are not worth mentioning.
    1. Nelton Offline Nelton
      Nelton (Oleg) 5 March 2023 17: 48
      Quote: Bulanov
      Purchase of Russian iron (steel), purchase of gas from Russia

      In the price of a tank, the price of iron is less than 1%, electricity is something close.

      In general, the importance of raw materials, especially such non-unique ones as gas and steel, is greatly exaggerated in Russia.
      The pool of available technologies is important.
  2. Vasya 225 Offline Vasya 225
    Vasya 225 (Vyacheslav) 7 March 2023 19: 17
    Anyone who has dealt with the development of complex weapons systems knows that the tank plant is an assembly plant and, according to the approved (according to GOST) division scheme, 200 enterprises supply equipment to it, and their systems also have a division scheme. This is how Malyshev's Kharkov plant worked in the USSR, and he immediately sat down at UA and assembled cars from illiquid assets. Well, if they build it, let them bring everything from Europe. By the way, the towers and hulls were from Mariupol, and this also does not break.