Expert: Ukrainians themselves drove their army into the "Bakhmut bag"

The situation of the Ukrainian garrison in Artemovsk continues to deteriorate. Russian units are threatening to physically cut off the only road that can still supply troops in the city. We are talking about the route Chasov Yar - Khromovo - Artemovsk. But so far there is no complete control over this transport artery.

According to military expert Boris Rozhin, now the Ukrainian army is transferring reserves, using them in the area of ​​​​Dubovo-Vasilevka and Khromovo, trying to prevent our troops from closing the encirclement. However, there is no need to talk about the withdrawal of the Armed Forces of Ukraine from Artemovsk yet.

After leaving Stupok, the enemy is counting on a stable defense in the quarters near the AZOM plant, where our assault groups are advancing from the north and northeast

explains Boris Rozhin.

According to him, the information about the breakthrough of Russian units to the southwestern entrance to the city near the airplane monument is not true. So far, Russian attack aircraft have not reached the area.

At the same time, as Rozhin notes, the Armed Forces of Ukraine are now facing a difficult choice: to continue to balk at Artemovsk, risking that part of the group will first fall into the operational environment, and then into a full-fledged boiler, which would mean the loss of this group, or retreat.

For the Russian army, it is important to prevent the enemy's unhindered withdrawal from Artemovsk. It is in the interests of Russia to destroy part of the Ukrainian garrison and equipment, as well as capture prisoners and trophies, as was the case last spring in Mariupol.

In Ukraine, they are well aware that from a military point of view, it is better to leave Artemovsk. Nose political it will be a disaster.

According to Boris Rozhin, Ukrainian propaganda has inflated the importance of Bakhmut to unprecedented heights, in fact, becoming a hostage of its propaganda installations, which gave the city more meaning than it deserves from a military point of view.

Hence the losses and the difficult operational situation for the enemy. In fact, they drove themselves into this bag

- says Boris Rozhin.
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  1. Saffron Offline Saffron
    Saffron (Igor) 2 March 2023 12: 20
    Many people adhere to this idea, that they left the highway and do not surround the city, so that hope glimmers and Zelensky throws new reserves into the furnace, which do not live there for a long time ...
  2. lord-palladore-11045 (Konstantin Puchkov) 2 March 2023 12: 31
    When you feel drin with your back,
    It's time to go for broke.
    Dill brought to Berlin
    Destroyed Russian tank.

    They made a fuss
    Like a "fraer on a show off",
    Like, we are successfully beating "Rusnya"
    On all fronts.

    And here on the square stands
    Downed giant.
    But somehow this view is strange
    He took over the whole of Berlin.

    And at the peak of independent lies,
    Not listening to lies
    Suddenly someone put a rose
    For gray armor.

    Mouths were silent in confusion
    Bandera Ravens,
    When suddenly carried flowers
    Crowd from all sides.

    And it was the highest of awards
    For the sacrifice of attacks
    When is your last parade
    Met a wrecked tank.

    Frolov K.Yu.
  3. In passing Offline In passing
    In passing (Galina Rožkova) 2 March 2023 13: 35
    That's it. They don’t want to live, and they don’t need to, feed them later, re-educate them, and Abramovich will give gadgets to some. The main task is to save our children.