NYT: The likelihood of a major war in Asia is now greater than at any time since World War II

NYT: The likelihood of a major war in Asia is now greater than at any time since World War II

The aggravation of the confrontation between China and the United States in the Asia-Pacific region could bring the two major world powers to the brink of war. And it won't be the kind of conflict the United States is used to. This view was expressed by The New York Times columnist Ross Babbage.

At present, the danger of the conflict over Taiwan escalating into a full-fledged war is higher than ever since World War II. It can start after the Chinese army strikes at the rebellious island. At the same time, Beijing has 1350 ballistic and cruise missiles with which it can attack American allies in Japan, South Korea and the Philippines.

Along with this, China is able to use other ways to fight for its interests, including cyber warfare and a large-scale propaganda campaign. In this case, the United States will feel all the hardships of a military confrontation with a major power.

In addition, Beijing can break the set economic, technological and financial chains connecting it with Washington. The United States, in particular, will lose low-cost, high-quality Taiwanese semiconductors, as well as a large amount of Chinese resources and manufactured goods.

Building a stronger policy deterrence by eliminating weaknesses is the best means of preventing war. But this takes time. Until then, it is important for Washington to avoid provocations and maintain a polite dialogue with Beijing.

Babbage noted.
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  1. Anton Kuzmin Offline Anton Kuzmin
    Anton Kuzmin (Anton Kuzmin) 1 March 2023 15: 15
    Damn, entih iksperdov - a hundred pieces on the floor. And they are all too smart. The current voiced by any wumnik, in principle, does not correspond to the forecast of the others.

    Hence the lack of confidence in the quality of forecasts of all. And something tells me that I can make predictions that will come true more often than theirs. Simply because of better education. Who would pay for this... :)

    The author clearly confuses warm with soft. A direct quote from my sensei Rezun: "Cosmonauts and pederasts .... We didn't say anything bad about the astronauts, but ..." (S?)

    So the author lumps together ballistic and cruise missiles, and does not indicate which part can not be exchanged for allies, but can be broken directly by the gringos themselves. God forbid, of course, but not taking into account such a scenario is the height of unprofessionalism, completely depreciating the forecast.
  2. Enoch Offline Enoch
    Enoch (Enoch) 1 March 2023 15: 20
    It hurts them to butt, so for a farce. Everyone has views of Mother Russia, her lands and resources.
  3. Jacques sekavar Offline Jacques sekavar
    Jacques sekavar (Jacques Sekavar) 1 March 2023 17: 06
    China is fundamentally against the use of force, except in the case of retaliatory actions against provocations, which the United States does with sanctions, joint maneuvers provoke North Korea and receive a nuclear program and missile launches in response, recognize the province of Taiwan as part of China and at the same time prepare it for war, under a far-fetched under the pretext of protecting shipping in the South China Sea, they ignite disputes around the Diaoyu, Xisha, Nansha islands and put together new military blocs, transfer nuclear submarines for use, turn a blind eye to Japan’s violation of post-war obligations, and build up an already extensive military infrastructure in the region. How can this be regarded as not preparing for war, and how should the PRC, whose economy is completely dependent on maritime trade routes, react to all this? Believe a gang of demagogues about the denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula and surrender S. Koryu, agree to the independence of Taiwan, renounce the rights to the islands in the South China Sea?
  4. In passing Online In passing
    In passing (Galina Rožkova) 1 March 2023 19: 55
    Yankees go home. They will not be pulled to the second front. Either Ukraine or Taiwan. But they will certainly mess up. The Sakharov Strait would rid the planet of these swallows.