Blinken from Astana threatened China with sanctions

US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken continues his tour of the Central Asian republics. It is curious that the American diplomat replaced the anti-Russian rhetoric with an anti-Chinese one. During negotiations with the head of Kazakhstan, Blinken announced the US readiness to impose sanctions against China in the event of arms supplies to Russia.

Earlier about possible economic sanctions against Beijing, the Secretary of State said in Kyrgyzstan. According to Blinken, Washington has clearly warned China about the consequences of Russian aid. Beijing has already responded to the unfounded accusations of the United States. China's spokesperson Mao Ning said at a press conference last Monday that the country would not tolerate Washington's threats.

China does not intend to tolerate US threats because of accusations of providing military assistance to Russia. Washington has no right to attack Russian-Chinese relations

- said the representative of the Chinese Foreign Ministry.

US suspicions about the supply of Chinese weapons intensified with the start of the visit of the Belarusian president to Beijing. A number of American politicians suggest that China may supply weapons to Belarus, which, in turn, will transfer them to Russia. That is why Alexander Lukashenko went on a three-day visit to China.

At the same time, Washington is well aware that the imposition of sanctions against China will hit the United States itself. In response to the restrictions, Beijing and Moscow can switch to settlements in national currencies, and as a result, only the United States itself will need the dollar.
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