S-300 forced Israel to stop flying over Syria

More recently, Lebanese airspace was a real "gateway" for the Israeli Air Force. The sky of this country was actively used by Tel Aviv for strikes on Syria. Cheerful and confident statements by the Israeli military and politiciansthat Israel will continue to bring "democracy" to Syria is literally written in the information space of the planet. Paris, London and Washington were delighted.

Tel Aviv became insolent to the point that on September 17, 2018, Russian Il-20 was attacked by the Syrian air defense over the Mediterranean Sea, 35 km from the coast of Syria. As a result, 15 Russian citizens who were on board were killed.

Moscow made its conclusions, and S-300 Favorit anti-aircraft missile systems (SAM) were sent to Syria. After that, the United States and Israel simultaneously, unanimously and unanimously declared that they were not afraid of Russian air defense. At the same time, US intelligence for hours sought out confirmation that SAMs appeared in Syria.

Making sure Moscow is not joking, Washington encouragingly signaled to Tel Aviv that he was morally with him (generally “the whole world is with you”), and reaffirmed Israel’s right to “self-defense”, in the form of bombing the territory of Syria. There was a loud “thank you” from Tel Aviv for support, after which Israel disappeared from the information field. Peppy and promising statements are no more, they evaporated.

Humanity is at a loss. The Israeli Air Force really forgot the way into Syrian airspace. The month of November is already on the calendar, and all of them are not in those places that they liked to visit before. They don’t miss them, they just wait patiently for them.

You can understand the "valiant" pilots of the Israeli Air Force. They carry out an important task. Regularly bombing residential areas of the Gaza Strip in Palestine. Soon, the slogan will appear in the style of "not a day without a house." After all, the Palestinians do not have air defense. Not yet.
  • Photos used: https://en.depositphotos.com/
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