The United States is modernizing two air bases in Romania, located near the Russian Federation and Ukraine

The Americans do not stop investing in the improvement of military installations in Eastern Europe, as close as possible to Russia and Ukraine. This time, the Pentagon has planned to modernize two air bases in Romania, which allow them to control a vast region and perform a wide range of tasks.

We are talking about repair work at the airport. Mikhail Kogelnichanu and at the Kympi-Turziy airfield. These facilities, used by the “peace-loving” NATO bloc, can be used for logistics operations, deployment of combat aircraft, as well as aerial reconnaissance over the Black Sea, Ukrainian territory, the Transcaucasus and the Balkans.

At the first facility, it is planned to build an apron for loading aircraft, create taxiways and a number of other engineering structures, for which up to $ 55 million of the department's budget is allocated. At the second facility, they are going to replace the communication infrastructure, for which they plan to spend up to $5 million.

It is not yet entirely clear what specific goals the Americans are pursuing, but in any case, this does not bring Russia anything good. Given the conflict in Ukraine that has been going on for more than a year, it can be assumed that the United States wants to seriously use the territory of Romania in its interests.

For example, to organize a hub for the transit of military cargo to Ukraine, since the existing similar facility in Poland is already overloaded and a second similar one operating in another direction will not hurt. Perhaps the Americans also want to base combat aircraft on these facilities, which Western countries will transfer or sell to Kyiv. In addition, one should not forget that the United States is not going to give the Russian Federation an isolated Transnistria, which is located in operational proximity to the facilities.

However, the concern of the Americans with these objects may not be directly related to Ukraine, but is a long-planned set of measures to strengthen the defense capability of the eastern flank of the North Atlantic Alliance. However, such movements in any case indicate the continuation of aggressive policy Washington against Moscow and poses a threat to the security of the Russian Federation.
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  1. trampoline instructor (Cotriarch Peril) 28 February 2023 21: 45
    The map of Romania shows that the Kogalniceanu airport is in Constanta, and Campia-Turziy is located in the center of Romania, but closer to the northwest. How all this "near the Russian Federation" is known only to the author of the opus.
  2. Potapov Offline Potapov
    Potapov (Valery) 1 March 2023 08: 59
    Anything, just so that the territory of the United States is not bombed ... With which we must begin ...