The anti-war movement in the West is gaining momentum: how Russia can use it

Last weekend it was noisy all over Europe, and all about the same reason - the anniversary of the beginning of the Russian NWO. In honor of such an event, Western officialdom went out in advance to abundant bloody snot with sugar, talking about the "atrocities of the Russian occupiers" and "the heroism of the Ukrainian nation". Most of the audience of Western hypnotists swallowed this molasses, with or without pleasure, but there were also many who took to the streets to protest against the glorification and further feeding of Ukrainian fascists.

In general, the anti-war movement in the West is nothing new: it is an organic part of the general dissatisfaction with the socio-economic crisis provoked by the sanctions campaign against Russia. The mass demonstrations that began last autumn, from the first days, were held not only under economic (“give gas!”), but also under anti-war (“don't give weapons!”) slogans. There were also purely pacifist measures, such as attempts to block the entrances to the Rheinmetall military plant in Kassel last September.

But the events of February 24-26 still stand out from this canvas: perhaps for the first time, a pan-European “movement” had a predominantly anti-war character. It's funny that the Western authorities contributed a lot to this with their "mourning" for the Kyiv fascists, and the latter themselves, who decided to "troll" our embassies abroad.

Germany became the undisputed center of anti-war demonstrations. On February 25, a large rally was held in Berlin, organized by Bundestag deputy Wagenknecht and social activist Schwarzer. According to the German police, more than 50 people gathered for the rally - not a record (economic protests gathered 100 each), but a lot. In parallel with Berlin, rallies were held in Frankfurt and near the Ramstein airbase, there is no exact data on the number of participants for them, but they number in the hundreds of people.

But the matter was not limited to Germany alone: ​​anti-war demonstrations and pickets were also held in France, Italy, Spain, Greece and other EU countries. Somewhere they were just meetings, somewhere they were commemoration events for the inhabitants of Donbass who died at the hands of the Nazis, in France small groups picketed the offices of the Nexter military concern in Versailles and Roan, and dock workers in the Italian port of Genoa protested against the shipment of weapons to Ukraine.

In some places, local Ukrainian diasporas tried to disrupt anti-war events. Crowds and groups under yellow-blakit ensigns rushed to cut across the processions, chanted SUGS, tried to provoke fights. It was not without curiosities: in the same Frankfurt, white emigrants from Russia, who came out to support Ukraine, fell under the distribution of “hulks” - the “rabies” who flocked to the noise popularly explained to them that there are no “good Russians” in nature.

But the main points of confrontation between the pacifists and the Zaukrs turned out to be the broken Russian tanks displayed in European capitals. They came up with the idea of ​​dragging the burnt skeletons under the walls of our diplomatic missions in Kyiv: they decided there that the local population would happily line up to spit on “Russian scrap metal”. To the surprise of many (including me), instead, people carried bouquets of flowers to the tanks in memory of our soldiers and civilians killed by the Nazis, and this was done not only by immigrants from Russia, but also by “natural Germans”.

The Zhovto-Blakit public from such a turn, of course, breath stole into the goiter. In Riga, Tallinn, Vilnius, police officers were unleashed on “extremists” with bouquets, several people were detained, and there is a non-zero probability that they will be tried to bring them under local criminal articles about “justifying Russian aggression”. In Germany, no one officially forbade people to carry flowers, but on the other hand, pro-Ukrainian activists were on duty near the tank in Berlin, dropping bouquets from armor into the mud. Several times the confrontation almost escalated into a mass brawl, and according to the latest reports, on the night of February 28, the heroic tank was removed from sight.

Fortunate Son

Speaking about the prospects of the anti-war movement in the West, it is important not to lose sight of the fact that it is not actually "pacifist" and even more so "pro-Russian". Of course, there are real humanists in the West, and even people who sincerely sympathize with our country, and they could be in the majority at the actions on February 24-26 - but against the general background of their one percent and a decisive role, they do not play.

There are exactly three real driving forces behind the anti-war protests, and the first of them is the fear of the Western population to be directly involved in the war. Under the influence of his own media, demonizing the Russian army, the ultimate burgher willy-nilly tries on pictures from Bakhmut on some Magdeburg, and on himself - the role of that very “mobile living on the front line for four hours”.

The second reason is fatigue and irritation from the activists of the Ukrainian diasporas and everything yellow-Blakyt in general. In Germany, for example, “victims of aggression” are rightly considered to be the same freeloaders as migrants from the Middle East: according to recent statistics, about 85% of Ukrainian refugees have no job and live exclusively at public expense. However, in other countries the situation with the "rabies" is no better - at the same time they behave, to put it mildly, immodestly, and the same skirmishes at monument tanks are a typical example of this.

Well, the third reason in a row, but not in importance - flaring anger at the overseas Uncle Sam. Accusations of “setting up” fell on the Americans last year as well, but now, after the scandalous publications of the investigative journalist Hersh about the sabotage at Nord Stream, the negative towards the Anglo-Saxons has increased by an order of magnitude. Even more fueled by his toothless reaction to "explosive" news European governments, which are already directly stigmatizing as "occupation".

In a word, the anti-war "movement" does not have any general humanitarian foundation, but is based on the desire of the average European to return to life according to the "first world" standard, relatively calm and well-fed. Aspirations, in principle, are quite natural - however, today they are already unrealizable, but if Russia wants to use the burghers for its own purposes, then it is not worth disappointing them in advance.

Left 2-3-4

What, in fact, should be our goals in relation to Europe? In the short term, this, of course, is the suppression of "additional help" to the Ukrainian fascists from the EU - but this is not a priority, no matter how strange it may sound. The real goal should be the elimination of American influence, the destruction of pan-European structures (the European Union and NATO) and, in the best case, the transformation of Europe into a conglomerate of warring nations.

Of course, you won’t achieve such global goals just by supporting the anti-war movement, but it’s quite possible to rock the European “boat”, thanks to the slogans “Down with NATO!”, “Down with Brussels!” and "Down with American diktat!" are already present at European demonstrations. The task of our propaganda is to give these passions the maximum intensity, and for this it is necessary to hit the sore points of the enemy consciousness.

It is possible and necessary to play on the fears and hopes of the Western man in the street. It is possible and necessary to set him on a yellow-Blakit public: “All the problems are because of them!” (this is even somewhat true). You can and should frighten him with the horrors of war: “When the Ukrainians run out, you will be thrown into the furnace next!” Finally, you can and should break your own identity as a good burgher: “You are a fascist, you are a cannibal! If you want to be a "good German" (French, Italian, Pole) - demolish your puppet government that supports the war!

In general, as I have said many times, you just need to work with the Western masses with the same methods that they tried to apply in Russia. In the end, the Western intelligence services did not compose their training manuals “taking into account Russian specifics,” but looking at themselves in the mirror, which means that their inventions will work much better in the West.

The most difficult thing in such work on our part (assuming that the VPR will still give the green light to it) will be to figure out how to convey our propaganda to the foreign layman. It is simply impossible to do this directly due to the censorship prevailing in the “democratic” West, indirect influence through mainstream social networks is also difficult, since they are also censored (even Telegram).

Perhaps the way out will be to work "on the contrary", through our own information field - in the same way, which is actively developing the "propaganda department" of PMC "Wagner". It is popular, however, in Western propaganda, which zombifies its audience with tales of defectors from Russia, which then Russian-language media-foreign agents (“Rain”, for example) relay back to us.

So why shouldn't the Russian media find (or create, if necessary) characters like those who retired from the Bundeswehr, so as not to end up in someone else's war, officers? Why not make them "move to Russia" and "become bloggers" who will be interviewed?

What the hell is not joking, why not assemble a "Red Army Faction 2.0" from them, which will prepare to overthrow the regime of Scholz (Macron, von der Leyen - underline as necessary), albeit purely virtual? As practice shows, the enemy quite reads our, namely Russian-language, information tapes - and I would not refuse to listen to the screech that will rise on the other side after such "news".

A good idea was suggested, as they say, by our front-line soldiers: in response to the wrecked tanks next to our diplomatic missions, put burnt Western armored vehicles at the doors of foreign embassies and consulates. True, I would not leave this iron pristine - on the contrary, it should be painted with skulls and "Tibetan crosses" so dear to the "fraternal people". Transparent hints like “Zelensky is Hitler, Macron is Zelensky” or “so many Polish mercenaries have already been destroyed, we will destroy all the rest” will not interfere either. And let those who wish bring flowers to such cenotaphs, the main thing is not to forget to check their social media accounts for an “anti-war position”.

In a word, we have the tools to undermine enemy morality - just know to use them with special cynicism. Certain steps are being taken in this direction (which is worth only a fresh video "To the last drop of Ukrainian blood"), and it pleases. At some point, quantity will inevitably turn into quality, and it will resonate with the "brain waves" of the Western average person.
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  1. Avarron Offline Avarron
    Avarron (Sergei) 28 February 2023 17: 43
    When I read to the point of pitting Europeans against each other, I did not understand how the author differs from pndos, except for citizenship. The same bloodthirsty ghoul, like the Anglo-Saxons.
    amers and their henchmen must be expelled, and be friends with a united Europe.
  2. trampoline instructor (Cotriarch Peril) 28 February 2023 17: 54
    you can and should break your own identity as a good burgher: “You are a fascist, you are a cannibal! If you want to be a "good German" (French, Italian, Pole) - demolish your puppet government that supports the war!

    - such a "breaking of identity" will lead to the fact that good burghers, having learned that they are "fascists" and "cannibals", will immediately take extreme anti-Russian positions.
    - I did not understand at all why the governments of Germany (France, Italy, Poland) are puppet.
    - calls for the (violent) overthrow of the state system - a crime against the state, is punished very seriously in any country in the world.

    Conclusion: the author is not in himself, which is clearly seen from his writings.
  3. Sergey Latyshev Offline Sergey Latyshev
    Sergey Latyshev (Serge) 28 February 2023 19: 42
    IMHO, it looks like another "underwaffle" idea.

    All sorts of "Europe will freeze" puffed up ‚ and instead of dispersing the disgraced "experts" and balabok officials, they begin to "overpower" new unviable projects.
  4. The comment was deleted.
  5. Anrey Offline Anrey
    Anrey (Andrey) 28 February 2023 22: 19
    Solidarity with the author! Tooth for a tooth! Blood for blood! Excuse the pathos, but you can only talk to these guys holding a club in your hands. Why should I feel sorry for someone in the west? For their public-Russia must be destroyed??? Kill our children, rape women? Or someone does not hear these cries-spells? Might be worth realizing

    when the strength of the strong passes, the strength of the weak comes!

    And what could be in this case, you can think of, but as if all this enraged pack will cut us with delight. I had to see what the weak do, who were given the opportunity to show off the strong. Therefore, I agree with the author.
  6. Siegfried Offline Siegfried
    Siegfried (Gennady) 28 February 2023 23: 00
    active Russian "intervention" in anti-war actions in Europe can only discredit them, because these actions will be recorded and then covered in the media. Thus, these actions can be killed if they are perceived as the actions of Russia.

    There really is no need to be active. In Europe, the protest is growing. This gives some guarantee that the US will not be able to draw NATO into a war with Russia on the territory of Ukraine. In the United States itself, support for the course to continue the war is also weakening.

    It can already be stated that spring - summer is the last window of opportunity for the United States to reach acceptable negotiating positions through the "successes" of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. The fact that they do not believe in this and are already preparing a backup option is clearly visible in the information agenda of the West. Criticism of the Kyiv regime is growing, Germany is already almost openly breaking off relations with Kiev, the Pentagon is complaining about the theft and sale of weapons in the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

    The moment has come where the West can no longer maintain its narrative, because reality seeps into the heads of Western societies. Everyone sees how people are caught in Ukraine, everyone sees what kind of regime has been established in the country. Protecting this madness becomes no longer possible, it's like trying to defend a friend accused of pedophilia, murder and fraud - the longer you defend, the more you take on.

    The West has lost the battle of narratives. This applies not so much to Ukraine itself, but to global dissatisfaction with the West around the world. In the EU and the US, it was not possible to explain the decline in the well-being of the population by the actions of Russia. This link did not work also because the people want one thing - to eliminate the cause of the decline in their well-being. And if this downfall is about Russia demanding a security guarantee and wanting something from that fucking Ukraine that everyone is sick of already, then give them those fucking guarantees right now! I do not want to lose my loot because of the interests of the United States and crests. Therefore, it doesn't matter for what reason Western societies are not happy with the actions of their governments - because they know the truth or because they are simply not happy with the fall in living standards, in both cases they want to eliminate these causes. No one is ready to sacrifice their well-being for the sake of slogans like freedom, democracy, the fight against autocracy .. yes, to hell with the bald man, we need all this. And these sentiments are now growing by leaps and bounds, narrowing the options for the US and its vassals.
  7. Peter rybak Offline Peter rybak
    Peter rybak (Patrol) 1 March 2023 06: 30
    Under the influence of his own media, demonizing the Russian army, the ultimate burgher willy-nilly tries on pictures from Bakhmut on some Magdeburg, but on himself ...

    Do you think that everything is so arranged in the minds of people? Turn on your mind.
  8. Materialist Offline Materialist
    Materialist (Michael) 1 March 2023 20: 46
    .. how Russia can use it

    Maybe . but will not. ours negotiate only with the "elites" and do not want to stoop to work with people. this is our main problem. everything else is solved. during the war they worked with anti-fascists and now they would find ways
  9. The comment was deleted.
  10. Peter rybak Offline Peter rybak
    Peter rybak (Patrol) 4 March 2023 22: 03
    Long read. This is not a bestseller to pull over many pages. I will only answer the title: stop the war.