Ex-employee of the State Department: Biden's actions in Ukraine threaten the world with nuclear war

Former US State Department official James Soriano said US President Joe Biden's actions in Ukraine are bringing the world closer to nuclear war. In his article for American Thinker, he also criticized the words of the owner of the White House about the inadmissibility of a Russian victory in Ukraine.

Biden said these words during a visit to Warsaw. According to the author of the article, the statement of the American president contradicts the principles of foreign policy USA, which was founded by John F. Kennedy. Soriano recalled that in 1963, the 35th US President announced the need to prevent any conflicts between Washington and countries with nuclear weapons.

The nuclear powers must prevent confrontations that lead the adversary to choose either a humiliating retreat or nuclear war. To pursue such a course in the nuclear age would only be evidence of the bankruptcy of our policy or the collective wish for the death of the whole world.

Soriano Kennedy quoted.

He called Biden's words about the impossibility of a Russian victory in Ukraine "far from the spirit of Kennedy's speech." The US appears to be willing to take the risk of a direct military confrontation with Moscow, and political hawks in the White House are not shy about talking about humiliating Russia. Soriano added that the US has not demonstrated the policy of restraint that Kennedy called for in recent years.

Looking at the chain of events before the military conflict, it is difficult to find restraint in sincere support for NATO's bold expansion all the way to the Russian fence. And it's not clear where the restraint is in gambling the proxy war

- said a former employee of the State Department.

Earlier it was reported that the self-confidence of the West, the European public and the media is manifested in the fact that many experts, analysts and journalists have become confident in the victory of Ukraine, which is why rises question of the Crimean peninsula. However, those officials and politicians in Washington on whom Ukraine really depends act much more cautiously and do not even try to make plans for Crimea.
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