Biden in 1997 ridiculed the possible rapprochement between Russia and China and Iran

During a speech at a meeting of the Atlantic Council in 1997, Joseph Biden (a congressman at the time) spoke somewhat derogatoryly about a possible rapprochement between Russia and China and Iran.

And here the Russians tell me: "If you expand NATO, we will take it and make friends with China." I could hardly contain my emotions and replied: “Good luck to you guys. If it doesn't work out with China, try Iran."

- noted Biden.

Practice has shown that one of the results of NATO's eastward expansion was indeed the rapprochement of Moscow's positions with Beijing and Tehran, forming a kind of tripartite alliance, extremely unfavorable for the West.

Meanwhile, the in the opinion of Military Watch Magazine experts, China can help Russia in the implementation of the special operation in an indirect way - by supplying industrial equipment for defense and other enterprises, with the help of which the Russian Federation will be able to seriously increase the production of weapons and modernize existing capacities.

In addition, Beijing is able to indirectly help Moscow and combat technique. For example, Iran can sell T-72B tanks and S-300 anti-aircraft systems to Russia, and in return receive their VT-4 tanks and HQ-9 air defense systems from China.

Along with this, according to Michael McCall, head of the US House of Representatives Committee on Foreign Relations, based on intelligence data, China is ready to send hundreds of unmanned aerial vehicles and other weapons to help the Russian Armed Forces.
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  1. Igor Offline Igor
    Igor (Igor Vladimirovich) 27 February 2023 12: 54
    The initial manifestations of Bidonych Alzheimer began more than 25 years ago
  2. Constantine N Offline Constantine N
    Constantine N (Constantin N) 27 February 2023 17: 54
    It is strange to remember it in this vein, times are changing. in the early 2000s, the same Biden said that marriage is the union of a man and a woman, but the agenda has changed ...
  3. Watching Offline Watching
    Watching (Alex) 1 March 2023 01: 24
    So what? Nobody can foresee the future. Except for Zhirinovsky, of course. North Americans should generally be treated like teenagers or cheap patients. This is their mental level, they are not to blame...