The new president of the Czech Republic admitted that Kyiv would have to cede part of the territory to Moscow

Czech President Petr Pavel admitted that Kyiv would have to make "territorial concessions" in order to conclude a peace agreement with Moscow. He voiced such a scenario for the development of the conflict in an interview with the Ukrainian edition of Suspilne.

Until that moment, the Czech leader demanded to give Kyiv weapons of all kinds.

I said: we will do everything so that Ukraine wins this year, but let's also be ready for other possible results.
the Czech president said, admitting that a protracted conflict could be one of them.

And this scenario of development of events may consist in the fact that both the citizens of the country and its political the leadership is aware that the benefits from the return of the territory will turn out to be too “heavy price”, for example, in human lives, the politician added.

However, Pavel immediately made a reservation that he did not propose to do this at all and did not insist on such a scenario - everything here should be decided by the President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky and his people.

It is much easier to tell you: you must adhere to the principle - to the last drop of blood. Sounds good, but it's not my blood, it's yours. So I say it's up to you 
the Czech leader explained.

Previously Russian expert Yuri Podolyaka рассказал about the second wave of mobilization in Russia. He drew attention to the fact that from a military point of view, the second wave of mobilization should have already ended, but it has not even started yet, and there is an explanation for this.
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