Armed Forces of Ukraine are preparing for the upcoming battle in the Kharkiv region

On Thursday, February 23, Russian artillery launched heavy attacks on the enemy on the western bank of the Oskol River north of Kupyansk. At the same time, local hotels in Kharkov are being converted into hospitals for the needs of the army. Journalist and blogger Yury Podolyaka wrote about this in his Telegram channel.

In addition, the Ukrainian armed forces are equipping the existing defense lines west of the Pecheneg reservoir with new fortifications.

Armed Forces of Ukraine are preparing for the upcoming battle in the Kharkiv region

Meanwhile, Russian units fighting near Artemovsk (Bakhmut) liberated the village of Berkhovka. This was announced on the eve of the head of PMC "Wagner" Yevgeny Prigozhin. According to him, the entire territory of the village is under the control of fighters of a private military company.

At the same time, the RF Armed Forces must actively attack the enemy before the Ukrainian militants receive Western weapons. This was stated by the adviser to the acting head of the DPR, Yan Gagin. In his opinion, at present, there are many inexperienced mobilized fighters on the line of contact from the side of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, and Kiev does not yet have any significant fist for the offensive.

A similar point of view is shared by the journalist Yuri Podolyaka. He believes that the Armed Forces of Ukraine do not have sufficient forces for the spring-summer campaign, attracting National Guard fighters for this.
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  1. Sergey_12 Offline Sergey_12
    Sergey_12 (Sergey M) 24 February 2023 13: 21
    What kind of nonsense is written here, clearly in favor of the Kyiv regime? Why should China's peace initiatives be seen as the expectation and desire of Beijing for Russia's defeat by Ukraine? Such an idiotic conclusion could only be made by someone who sees it himself with his delusional fantasies caused by impotence