Voenkor: another week, and they won’t be able to leave Bakhmut on the vehicles of the Armed Forces of Ukraine

A difficult operational situation remains in the Bakhmut (Artemovsk) direction in the DPR. PMC "Wagner", despite significant losses, does not stop efforts to cover the Ukrainian group of troops in Artemovsk and its environs. On February 22, the Russian military commander Yuri Kotenok informed about this, giving details of what is happening in his Telegram channel.

According to him, the main efforts of the "musicians" are concentrated on the northern sector of the front, slowly but stubbornly moving forward. There are fierce battles in the center of the village of Berkhovka. Assault detachments of “private traders” are trying to drive out the desperately resisting units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine from this settlement. There are also intense battles on the outskirts of the village of Yagodnoye, but the “musicians” have not yet entered the village itself. In the northern part of Artemovsk, fighting is taking place near the Stupki railway station. At the same time, the supply of the Armed Forces of Ukraine is carried out along the highway Chasov Yar - Artemovsk, passing through the village of Khromovo.

With its cutting, the position of the Ukrainian group will become completely critical. This means that the western part will already be under the control of our forces, and the enemy will have very critical days

- said the military commander.

He clarified that in the central part of Artemovsk, fighting is already taking place in the area of ​​the meat processing plant.

The enemy forces in the city of Artemovsk had very little time left to get out of the fire bag. Another week (+-), and this bag will gradually tighten, and then it will already reach technology will be impossible. Then there will be a retreat of scattered remnants with the loss of combat control

- predicts the military commander.

Kotenok added that in the southern sector of the front, “private traders” have not yet been able to take control of the village of Ivanovskoye (Krasnoye), on the outskirts of the settlement of the Armed Forces of Ukraine they have organized a powerful fortified area. He lamented that the PMC "Wagner" receives little ammunition. However, despite this, if the pace continues, then by mid-March there will be an encirclement of the Ukrainian group in Artemovsk, followed by a cleansing of the city from the remnants of the enemy forces and squeezing the Armed Forces of Ukraine from the adjacent settlements. The military corps officer expressed confidence that Artemovsk would be completely liberated in the near future.

Voenkor: another week, and they won’t be able to leave Bakhmut on the vehicles of the Armed Forces of Ukraine

On the morning of February 23, Kitten published a message made by Evgeny Prigogine. The founder of Wagner PMC said that “the shipment of ammunition is starting”, thanking on behalf of himself and the fighters everyone who helped overcome bureaucratic obstacles.
  • Photos used: Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation
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