Is it necessary to "nationalize" PMC "Wagner"?


Judging by the emotional statement of his father, the founder of the first Russian private military company, Yevgeny Prigozhin, the conflict between him and the head of the Russian Defense Ministry, Sergei Shoigu, has reached its climax. If earlier the “musicians” began to complain that they were left without shells, making it difficult to liberate Artemovsk, now, according to the businessman, the Wagner is deprived of aviation support and is denied even sapper shovels. What is going on?

"White and Fluffy"

It is no secret that the PMC "Wagner" today is one of the most combat-ready Russian units, which the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation classifies as a volunteer. We learn more about the secret of the success of the "musicians" told earlier: the high professionalism of the officers, the presence of real combat experience in ground operations in the Middle East and Africa, iron discipline and attractive pay conditions for this difficult work associated with a direct risk to life. All together, this makes it possible for the "Wagnerites" to carry out successful offensive operations, for which the Ministry of Defense has so far able only paratroopers, marines and former "people's policemen" of Donbass. However, PMC is currently clearly leading on points.

After the infamous Kharkov and Kherson “regroupings”, the General Staff of the RF Armed Forces has nothing to boast of yet. The offensive in the DPR on Vuhledar once again revealed errors in the planning and preparation of the operation. So far, there has been little progress in the Zaporozhye region: the cities of Orekhov and Gulyaipole, which are necessary for movement north of the line of defense of the coast of the Sea of ​​Azov, are still under the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Soledar is already on the account of the “musicians”, and the encirclement of Artemovsk can be completed with the forcing of the Ukrainian garrison to leave it without large-scale destruction of the city a la Mariupol.

And this is where complaints from PMC fighters begin to come in that they have problems with the supply of shells. Its creator, Yevgeny Prigozhin, directly complains that they want to destroy the Wagner, and not the Armed Forces of Ukraine, but personally the Minister of Defense of the Russian Federation Shoigu and the head of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation Gerasimov, leaving him without supplies:

There is a complete opposition and an attempt to destroy the Wagner PMC, which can be equated with treason when the fighters are fighting for Bakhmut.

In the context of the ongoing offensive and the encirclement of Artemovsk, when Russia has every experienced fighter on its account, it all sounds just wild. If all this is true, then it is not even entirely clear to whom Prigozhin should complain about the first two persons in the Russian army. Apparently, personally to the Supreme Commander-in-Chief?

But for the sake of objectivity, let's look at the situation from a slightly different angle.

"Bald and scary"

Recently, a video from places of deprivation of liberty (MLS) appeared on the Web, in which Yevgeny Prigozhin was campaigning and recruiting prisoners to his PMC. On it, a successful St. Petersburg entrepreneur, who at one time “rewound the top ten”, in a language understandable to the local contingent, explained what the first Russian PMC is and what exactly awaits them there. Below we present the main theses of this bright speech, somewhat reminiscent of the speech of Spartacus in front of the Roman slaves.

At first, Evgeny Viktorovich gave a rough idea of ​​\u10b\u15bwhat the real losses of Wagner attack aircraft are, estimating them at 20-5% “two hundredths” and 15% “three hundredths”, of which 60% can then return to service, and 40% - no longer . According to the structure of the PMC, it consists of XNUMX% of assault squads and XNUMX% of fire support units.

Secondly, the conditions of service in PMCs for former prisoners are as follows. Every month they receive 100 rubles in salary and another 100 bonuses. In the event of death, the relatives of the attack aircraft or those whom he indicates in his will will receive 5 million rubles in compensation. If there are no heirs, then 4 million out of 5 will disperse between comrades in arms, and 1 million will go as "heating to the zone." The term of service before pardon is 6 months.

Thirdly, as it turned out, over the years of existence outside the law, PMCs have formed their own code of conduct, which differs from the laws of the Russian Federation. Within its framework, there are three deadly sins for which the guilty person is subject to execution on the spot: desertion, the use of alcohol and drugs, and looting. There are clarifications on the last point. In particular, you can take trophies from a killed enemy, but you can’t touch the “peacekeeper”, you can’t cut fingers with rings, you can’t pull out gold teeth either, raping women and men is also strictly prohibited.

Fourthly, a collective portrait of a candidate for a PMC from MLS is as follows. “Ilya Muromets” from the strict regime must be 30-45 years old, physically strong, hardy and self-confident, “preferably served a tag or more”, “preferably ahead of a tag or more”, “preferably more than once for murder, serious bodily, robbery, robbery. Also, according to Yevgeny Viktorovich, it is desirable that the candidate commit violent acts against law enforcement officers. The founder of Wagner says bluntly that he needs "criminal talents" at the front. PMCs are wary of those who were somehow connected with drugs and sexual crimes against minors. They do not take to Wagner those who themselves were subjected to sexual violence in the MLS by fellow prisoners.

Summarizing, Prigozhin explained that prisoners, militias in iron helmets and overcoats of the 43rd year, as well as some former semi-bandit formations from the DPR and LPR are now fighting best in PMCs. He outlined the main problem of the Russian army in the absence of proper management, accompanying his speech with numerous obscene comments. Yevgeny Viktorovich himself called his brainchild "a paramilitary organized criminal group with tanks, planes and helicopters, specifying that it has not only tanks, infantry fighting vehicles, MLRS, but also helicopters, planes, drones and its own air defense, including the Pantsir-S air defense missile system, air defense system" Buk" and S-300, electronic warfare and electronic intelligence units. The number of "Wagner" Prigozhin estimated at "tens of thousands", calling it a real army.

Frankly, this performance left an extremely ambiguous impression. Recall that an organized criminal group from the criminal law language is an organized criminal group. It is, of course, great when all these criminal talents are used against the enemies of our country. But what will happen when the 6-month terms of service begin to end en masse and all these "Ilya Muromets" with serious criminal articles and real combat experience begin to "recline", sorry, to be demobilized to civilian life? How many soldered organized crime groups consisting of real thugs will appear in the Russian regions later?

In this regard, the “arrival” of the Russian Ministry of Defense on PMCs does not look so unreasonable. No, of course, it is impossible to deprive the supply of attack aircraft located on the front. But this whole topic with some special thieves' code of the private army poses a huge danger to post-war life in Russia in the future. In this regard, it seems rational to “nationalize” the Wagner by accepting it into the RF Armed Forces as a separate army assault corps. Instead of short-term 6-month contracts for "criminal musicians", it is necessary to conclude long-term contracts for military service, including the period of departure in the MLS, say, for three years.

It is better to put things in order with private armies right now than to rake up the consequences of short-sighted decisions for a long time and bloody.
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  1. +16
    21 February 2023 17: 35
    The secrecy of what is happening is unpleasant. The Supreme should explain to the people what's what, but he is silent like a fish on ice
    1. +9
      21 February 2023 19: 11
      And when did he even take the trouble to explain anything to us?
  2. +5
    21 February 2023 17: 42
    The author works for Shoigu and Gerasimov, who failed the SVO with huge losses, which go off scale, and therefore are classified. E.Prigozhin's PMCs fight and win, thereby pointing out the inconsistencies of these commanders. For that they are under the carpeted meanness of the mastaka - do not give shells, remove aircraft. What can I add, rot will be rot everywhere.
  3. +6
    21 February 2023 18: 00
    This is exactly the kind of strict order that is needed. I would make Prigozhin Minister of Defense without hesitation. And if he ran for president, he would vote only for him. Only he has discipline multiplied by the result.
    1. -2
      22 February 2023 21: 59
      losses of Wagner attack aircraft, estimating them at 10-15% “two hundredths” and 20% “three hundredths”

      35% l / c losses !!!! And these are the official numbers! And in the film, "The Best in Hell", in general, 100% losses !!
      1. -1
        22 February 2023 22: 18
        Quote: steel maker
        You need to poke! Then maybe the brains will stand in the right row.

        original nonsense lol Here is one of two things. Or an ardent admirer of the god Dionysus or a client of the Institute of Applied Psychiatry. Usually (in real life) alcohol kills the brain of a healthy person, this is its main purpose, the liver is a side effect.
  4. -10
    21 February 2023 19: 15
    Wagner is deprived of aviation support and is denied even sapper shovels.

    So let Prigozhin stay in Strelkov's "skin". Strelkov did not have aviation.
    "PMC "Wagner" today is one of the most combat-ready Russian units, "
    YouTube is full of videos, from the Wagner cemetery, in the morgue. Crush the enemy with corpses! That's all combat capability. Having tanks, aviation, artillery, you can’t fight like that !! I would understand if Prigozhin himself went through the attack aircraft, but he did not even serve in the army. But what am I talking about. It is now fashionable in our country to put people in leadership positions who do not understand what they are doing. The film "Best in Hell" is proof of that. I would not want to serve under such commanders.

    a special thieves' code of the private army poses a huge danger to post-war life in Russia in the future.

    I also spoke about this. Even during the Second World War, after the penal battalion, no one gave freedom. Redeemed by blood, returned to the active army, returned titles, orders, honorable name.

    “nationalize” the Wagner by accepting it into the RF Armed Forces as a separate army assault corps.

    I fully support.
    1. +5
      21 February 2023 19: 33
      (Steelworker) And you are responsible for your words, for example:

      YouTube is full of videos, from the Wagner cemetery, in the morgue. Crush the enemy with corpses! That's all combat capability. Having tanks, aviation, artillery, you can’t fight like that !!

      There is no OFFENSIVE without losses, and you compared the losses of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, our Armed Forces of the Russian Federation during the offensive. And that there are more tanks and artillery support per battalion for the RF Armed Forces than for PMCs. Do you know how PMC Wagner fights? Your allegations are on your conscience.
      1. -1
        22 February 2023 22: 06
        And you are responsible for your words,

        I am always responsible for my words. I can also load it into the "tambourine", if anyone is against it. Only now there are no people who want to answer for their words.

        There is no offensive without losses,

        35% loss??? It is necessary to put such commanders against the wall, and the hand will not flinch !!
    2. +2
      21 February 2023 20: 54
      again used cheap vodka, strategist and kitchen commander?
      1. The comment was deleted.
    3. +2
      21 February 2023 22: 35
      Quote: steel maker
      “nationalize” the Wagner by accepting it into the RF Armed Forces as a separate army assault corps ..

      Dreamer. How will you explain to the people who signed up for the war that they are now, like everyone else, on a common basis??? If someone is worried about such "removed convictions", then the war changes people a lot. Perhaps it makes sense to contract such proven fighters (by mutual agreement) to work as part of Wagner abroad.
      And if you are such a fan of "nationalization", then you don't want to take a swing at Abramovich first? At least PMC "Wagner" was created by Prigozhin, without stealing public property.
      1. +2
        22 February 2023 07: 40
        The idea about Abramovich is well voiced. I would only add that the generals of our army just consist of the Abramovichs, and they know exactly what they want and what they are doing. Because Prigogine is a bone in their throat.
      2. -1
        22 February 2023 22: 27
        How will you explain to people

        There is a law on mobilization. But on what basis did they get freedom? Term served or on parole? Or pardon? Where is the law? Dude, you need to thump! Then don't ask stupid questions.

        take a swing at Abramovich?

        I'm not the president. And you don't need to be a jerk. I still don't appreciate it.
  5. +9
    21 February 2023 19: 42
    What will happen after the war - then we'll figure it out. And now the Ministry of Defense, in fact, is fulfilling a direct order from the West - to prevent the defeat of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in Artemovsk, hiding behind all sorts of chatter.
  6. 0
    21 February 2023 20: 06
    So far, this is just a PR campaign to inflate the hype.
    Like all the media, the Kremlin, "Experts" previously extolled Shoigu, Gerasimov, General Armageddon and others ....
    And here again..

    Nobody writes something, but under what agreements should the RF Armed Forces support and supply private mercenaries?
    Maybe they themselves do not have shells and sapper shovels? Or maybe Prigozhin simply did not pay for the delivery on time? Or did you not pre-order?

    All these appeals - how many there were from the figures of the Russian spring - still did not help, everything merged, and "flash drives with compromising evidence" simply did not play against the EDRA and the bureaucracy ...

    Words are nothing. At least a brief summary of how PMCs and the ARMY interact in terms of supplies - this is important.
    1. 0
      21 February 2023 23: 49
      Or maybe Prigogine simply did not pay for the delivery on time?

      Vapshche he does not pay for them. Just refused to share.
      1. -1
        22 February 2023 10: 58
        Share what? Victory? Share what is not yet? You are talking nonsense.
  7. +5
    21 February 2023 20: 08
    Quote: steel maker
    "by a special thieves' code of a private army, it poses a huge danger to post-war life in Russia in the future."

    And what will she be? And will there even be this "post-war life"?
    Judging by the current leadership, vague doubts prevail, although I try with all my might to "treat this with understanding" ...
  8. +7
    21 February 2023 20: 09
    It is clear that the army will interfere with all the efforts of Wagner. They are all heroes and marshals there, and they can’t do anything .. And as for colloquial speech, that’s right, you need to speak with each contingent in its language, as with a foreigner.
  9. 0
    21 February 2023 20: 19
    Better to put things in order with private armies right now than to rake up the consequences of short-sighted decisions for a long time and bloody

    1. 0
      22 February 2023 11: 04
      What order to bring? Is it a mess at the front for Prigozhin? Or is there more order in the RF Armed Forces? The Wagner musicians in the NWO are more motivated than anyone else.
  10. +1
    21 February 2023 20: 28
    It is necessary to nationalize in order to give it a legal status, otherwise it is suspended.
    1. 0
      22 February 2023 11: 05
      Not for legalization, Prigozhin was allowed to create his PMC.
  11. -3
    21 February 2023 20: 47
    If this is not some kind of our game, then Prigogine should shut up. Who did he think he was. He is obliged to follow the orders of the command, and not to squirm like a 5 year old child.
    1. -1
      22 February 2023 11: 08
      Do you understand what threatens the NWO with Prigozhin's refusal to defend the interests of the Russian Federation? So shut up you!
  12. +4
    21 February 2023 21: 03
    after the war, stripes will assign victory, monuments will be erected to the dead, by and large due to their mistakes. betrayals and show-offs, they hang titles, shoulder straps, medals
    and the fact that victory is being forged before our eyes by guys in the trenches, including wagner and prigogine, will be blurred with such articles and authors who admire their pearls on the net, they say, it still needs to be seen what kind of animal this wagner is
    according to their charter, our generals will lay another hundred thousand of our boys, and what. Women still give birth ..
    1. -1
      22 February 2023 22: 40
      after the war, the stripes will assign victory,

      And who do these stripes obey and who "protects" them? My friend, drink at last! Otherwise, your brains will not stand in the right row. Wake up any "blizzard" to carry constantly!
  13. -1
    21 February 2023 23: 26
    The author is very helpful in relation to the leadership of the Moscow Region
  14. +2
    21 February 2023 23: 43
    Now about Wagner and what people are doing. Everyone must stay within the law, everyone. If there is any… We can ban private security activities altogether, but as soon as we do this, I think that they will come to you with a large number of petitions, demanding to protect this labor market. We have almost a million people working there. If this Wagner group violates something, then the Prosecutor General's Office should give a legal assessment.
    Now about their presence somewhere abroad. If, I repeat once again, they do not violate Russian law, they have the right to work and push their business interests anywhere in the world.

    V.V. Putin
    Are there any questions?
  15. +2
    22 February 2023 00: 32
    The PMC in the form in which it now exists is far from being a homogeneous structure.
    Mostly on hearing - assault units, the grassroots composition of which is recruited from the MLS. But this is only the simplest part of the PMC. By the way - recently it seems to have been announced that the recruitment of prisoners has been stopped. Yes, these people are imprisoned for this war, their mentality is maximally adapted for risk and initiative. It is impossible to nationalize it, just as it is impossible to create a state fanclub of fans.
    As for other specialists,оum think - why are they not in the MO?
    And what will make them stay in the company if it suddenly becomes part of it?
    Retirees will not pass the qualification, those who value elite conditions will not want to lose them, those who hate excessive bureaucracy will not tolerate its inevitable arrival.
    So the nationalization of Wagner is nonsense.
    Do they pose a threat to the state? As long as they solve his problems - hardly.
  16. 1_2
    22 February 2023 01: 11
    Wagner is a modern army-detachment of Kovpak, the partisans fought autonomously, were not part of the regular units, they obtained weapons and food themselves, many muddy types came to the partisans, without documents and biographies, naturally they were checked simply by sending them to the most dangerous tasks, if a person (or group) performed it, then he was honored and respected, awarded orders. they learned to fight only on their own mistakes, there were no "academicians" of the Moscow Region, and they studied well, as they paid (commanders) for mistakes with their lives, unlike staff generals. but there is one contradiction in Wagner, the red line that Prigozhin crossed by hiring animal scumbags: if a person deliberately committed a murder (one or more) in a civilian for the purpose of enrichment (robbery, seizure of property, apartment, etc.) or to conceal a crime (dunked witness or victim, such as rape), then it must be terminated immediately. he is not worthy of life, much less worthy of forgiveness, even if he ran under bullets and mines.
  17. -3
    22 February 2023 01: 38
    PMC Wagner needs to be "merged" with units of the RF Armed Forces, to conduct joint operations, in every possible way to demonstrate the absence of differences between the Armed Forces and PMCs. Units of the RF Armed Forces, even in small numbers, should be involved in each victory of Wagner, so that it would be possible to report on a jointly conducted operation.

    Emphasizing Wagner's exclusivity (even if it is) creates lines of contention, comparisons. Here and there, Wagner ruined everything, defeated everyone, and the RF Armed Forces against this background will seem worthless suckers. This is not a healthy information policy.

    PMCs love silence and secrecy, but this, of course, cannot be ensured in the NWO. Of course, Wagner deserves the glory that he won in battles, but when this overshadows everything else, unhealthy perceptions arise.

    For the time of the SVO, it would be more useful for Wagner to stay closer to the RF Armed Forces, try to merge with them and get victories together.
    1. +1
      22 February 2023 11: 20
      There is a great deal of truth in your words, BUT the RF Armed Forces are deliberately moving away from the musicians, and this is no longer a reason for rapprochement, and the generals (talentless or gifted) are responsible for this.
  18. +1
    22 February 2023 07: 32
    Wagner's success is 100% in the adequacy of his leadership. Whatever his soldiers are, it all depends on the leadership. An army of lions led by a donkey will always lose. An army of donkeys led by a lion will always win. So if the Wagnerites are transferred under the auspices of the Moscow Region, then it will be possible to forget about all the successes.
  19. +1
    22 February 2023 08: 48
    An abomination in the blood ... Half war, half business, a lot of betrayal ...
  20. 0
    22 February 2023 08: 56
    What benefits the country should be nurtured and helped. But here I think there is a struggle of authorities. After all, elections are ahead. There is no talk of nationalization at all, although many privatizers are abroad. And with the territories, the local authorities do not know what to do with them. I think we need to support PMCs. The very course of the operation will show who is right here.
    1. -1
      22 February 2023 22: 44
      many privatizers are located abroad.

      Google to help you! Look, privatization for 2023. And henceforth, do not write any nonsense.
  21. The comment was deleted.
  22. DO
    22 February 2023 17: 04
    On the one hand,

    PMC "Wagner" today is one of the most combat-ready Russian units ...

    On the other hand,

    ... according to Yevgeny Viktorovich, it is desirable that the candidate commit violent acts against law enforcement officers ...
    ... this whole topic with some kind of special thieves' code of a private army poses a huge danger to post-war life in Russia in the future.

    To this quote, the question is relevant, but when will it come, this post-war life in Russia? After all, after the victory of the Russian army in the NVO in Ukraine, and most likely long before it, the West will absolutely organize other armed conflicts for Russia. And here the first thing that will inevitably one way or another be subject to revision in the contracts of PMC Wagner or other Russian military structures with convicts is the insufficiency of 6-month periods of their validity.
    But most likely, the root of the phenomenon under discussion lies in a completely different thing - in a personal conflict between the leader of the Wagner PMC, Yevgeny Prigozhin, and the command of the NWO. After all, the principle of unity of command in the army has not been canceled. And the overflowing media activity of Prigozhin, acting as the commander of assault detachments within the framework of the NMD, and often impartial for the high command (regardless of whether it is fair or not), is incompatible with the concepts of army discipline.
    Therefore, with a high probability, the assault detachments of PMC Wagner in the NMD in the near future can expect a change in commander - regardless of whether this is good or bad for the NMD as a whole.
  23. 0
    24 February 2023 01: 20
    Well, Marzhetsky began to grow wiser and the logic of reality begins to prevail. It is not yet evening and we will soon begin to read not only what someone got into their heads while sitting on the couch, but as it really is. We are waiting. And so it is desirable for Marzhetsky to start (since he has seven spans in his forehead and he knows everything ... let's check whether he really knows or as usual) the reason for some * misunderstanding * let's say what Prigozhin needs to apologize to someone there. Attentive members of the forum, I think, could not miss this problem, which Prigozhin himself broadcasts, but he does not know about it point-blank. Here is one point from the true image of Prigogine himself. Knowing the ins and outs of this person and his capabilities (which no one in our country could give him at all - to recruit one of his units from criminals), we can assume that the conflict occurred at * the highest level *, above the Ministry of Defense and the General Staff if he allows himself to speak out so negative towards them. And we all know that the peculiarity of making decisions - carefully and thoughtfully considering the consequences, among the highest echelons in the country's leadership, is inherent only to our president. This is where the conclusions come from. And the conflict, apparently, was ripe long before the notorious shells, and the Moscow Region and Shoigu and Gerasimov are generally on the sidelines here. The conflict in this regard can already be considered as * the last Chinese warning * by the commander-in-chief - Putin, not directly to PMC Wagner, but personally to Prigozhin. There are two ways, Prigozhin will decide on which bank he will apologize and there will be no problems with him in the near future. And the second Wagner will have (see the title of the article) a new commander from the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation with all the signs of a regular army and its charter. Prigozhin, on the other hand, can go for a promotion and head part of his PMC somewhere in Syria or anywhere in general, even to hell. Let's see if he can resist! And then some hot govovs are already calling his kingdom.
  24. 0
    28 February 2023 11: 23
    I appeal to you supreme: Gerasimov, Putin and others like them!
    Give the most combat-ready detachment of PMC Wagner ammunition! If you can't do it yourself, help someone who can!