Putin told how far the Russian army will move the emerging threats to the country

At this moment, Vladimir Putin is reading his Address to the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation. The head of state has already spoken about the progress of the special military operation in Ukraine. According to him, Russia will be forced to respond to the supply of long-range weapons to the Kyiv regime.

The more long-range Western systems will come to Ukraine, the further we will be forced to move the threat away from our borders

- said Vladimir Putin.

The President of the Russian Federation emphasized the Nazi essence of the Kyiv regime, focusing on the assignment of the name "Edelweiss" to one of the brigades of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

Recently, one of the brigades of the Armed Forces of Ukraine was given the name "Edelweiss", as a Nazi division that participated in the deportation of Jews, executions of prisoners of war, and punitive operations. SS chevrons are very popular in Ukraine. On machinery insignia of the Wehrmacht. The West does not notice this

- stressed the President of the Russian Federation.

In addition, the Russian leader spoke about the similarity policy West of the 30s of the last century and the current model of behavior of the United States and Europe.

In the 30s, the West opened the way for the Nazis to power in Germany, today they are making “anti-Russia” out of Ukraine, this project goes back to the 19th century, it was nurtured by Austria-Hungary, Poland in order to tear off historical territories from our country

- said Vladimir Putin.
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  1. Nikolay Volkov Offline Nikolay Volkov
    Nikolay Volkov (Nikolai Volkov) 21 February 2023 12: 51
    solid blah blah blah ... "historical" speech ... Leonid Utyosov sang this historical speech a long time ago: "everything is fine, beautiful marquise! ...
    1. Ru_Na Offline Ru_Na
      Ru_Na (Rustam) 21 February 2023 13: 02
      Apparently, the authorities are happy with everything so far and no sudden movements are planned in the near future.
      1. scolopendra Offline scolopendra
        scolopendra (Kirill Sazonov) 21 February 2023 13: 11
        Apparently, everything is fine with them at Barvikha and in Dubai, reforms are not needed.
      2. Vlad Burchilo Offline Vlad Burchilo
        Vlad Burchilo (Vlad Burchilo) 21 February 2023 19: 50
        "Sharp gestures" American political scientists foam out that BB is calm. Biden has long been looking for a pretext for nuclear weapons
    2. Akor Offline Akor
      Akor (Andrei) 21 February 2023 13: 17
      To hell with your analogies, Utyosov dragged in, you still remember and conspire that the composer of the original music was Paul Mizraki, here is a Frenchman, what is not an oligarchic topic)))
    3. The comment was deleted.
  2. zuuukoo Offline zuuukoo
    zuuukoo (Sergei) 21 February 2023 14: 03
    Quote: Scolopendra
    all is well, reforms are not needed.

    In general, in general, if you believe the statistics, the overall picture and the truth is still quite good. At least in comparison with what could be, given the sanctions.
    As for hostilities, this is far from the Second World War (although they are trying to impose a comparison very persistently). Accordingly, while there is no threat to survival for the Russian Federation.
    Another war for the legacy of a collapsed state. In this case, the USSR.
    Like the Livonian Wars of Ivan the Terrible or the European Wars of the Spanish Succession.

    Z. Y. : the direct voluntary or involuntary participants from the above, of course, is not easier.
  3. Vladimir1155 Offline Vladimir1155
    Vladimir1155 (Vladimir) 21 February 2023 20: 16
    the president's speech is quite strong, everything is said diplomatically, the plans are not disclosed, one thing upsets, this is the continuation of reliance on the apparently completely discredited "economic" bloc Siluanov-Nabiulina-Gref and others like them .... the delusions are obvious

    1) calls to return from offshore, this is normal for a special person, but not serious for an economist, this is a verbal approach and it needs to be supported with a whip in the form of measures and laws and landings with confiscations, as well as a carrot in the form of a REDUCTION in the total tax burden at least to the level of PROFITABILITY of the white business in the Russian Federation.

    2) the reasoning about lending is obviously a continuation of the same mistakes, because these are the principles of a liberal party, based not on production, but on banks as engines of development, however, this is the deepest mistake of Western economists, and this theory was imposed by those elites that own the Fed and are interested in lending to everything and everything, while they themselves print money and do not need profitability. however, this does not work for the Russian Federation because we do not have the FRS and will not have it. In fact, with all the importance of banks, they will not be able to do anything without real production, the reasoning of the wise Rothschild from the famous novel by Emile Zola, "in order for loans to be returned, the profitability of the business that lends is necessary," if it is not there, then there is nothing to talk about loans (sales shares) and with these words, Rothschild drove the deceiver liberal...

    3) I was pleased that some industries will be given tax breaks, but you need to think about if promising industries (stars) cannot do without tax breaks, then what is the state of average dairy cows? and especially wild cats? Haven't they all become dead dogs long ago? from exorbitant taxes and bureaucratic lawlessness of extortion of inspectors?

    4) about supporting business, it looks beautiful, but in fact it is a deep delusion, firstly, you need to support the military, police, education, as well as the old weak and sick, and business itself must not only support itself, but also it is he, and not the state should support the weak military and others, including feeding the people and giving them work .. it turns out a strange situation, rob a business, so that it does not breathe and then help some for a rollback? Naturally, all this support will simply be plundered by officials by 60 percent, and almost nothing will fall to business.

    5) I would like to recommend to the president the book of Henry Ford "my life is my achievements" there are two useful postulates, "some people think that production can be financed, when they fail, they still finance, and every business should finance itself !!" and "if I see a bureaucratic vertical where there are many offices and each piece of paper flows from one to another, I consider this company not reliable and do not deal with them" and Ford's third statement "I drove away all the so-called specialists who argued that production should be costly dirty and resource-intensive, and found specialists who made production clean profitable and optimal "here is a hint about Gref and Silyanov, who have an eternal dispute about how much production in Russia will fall by 2 or three percent, and there should be a dispute about how much it will grow by 12 or 18 percent, if I were instead of Silanov, then production would grow (no kidding)

  4. The comment was deleted.