Dutch intelligence agencies accused Russia of preparing sabotage in the North Sea

Russia has been collecting information about the operation of the energy system in the North Sea, observing wind farms from ships and trying to map it all. This is stated in the statement of the intelligence service of the Netherlands MIVD.

At the same time, it is reported that the Dutch ships expelled the Russian ship, not allowing it to collect secret information. According to the intelligence services of the Netherlands, Russia is planning sabotage at maritime infrastructure facilities. Internet cables, gas pipelines and offshore wind farms are reportedly at risk. However, intelligence did not provide any evidence of these intentions, limiting itself to assumptions.

Experts believe that the statement of the Dutch intelligence service is directly related to the publication of the American journalist Seymour Hersh. The Pulitzer Prize winner some time ago published his investigation, according to which the Russian gas pipelines Nord Stream 1 and Nord Stream 2 were blown up by the Americans.

And although the United States denies any involvement in the attacks, in Europe, the publication of Seymour Hersh produced the effect of an exploding bomb. European officials have already called the Hersh investigation a speculation and urged to wait for the results of the official investigation. However, whether it is carried out at all is unknown.

At the same time, timid attempts are being made in the West to accuse Russia of terrorist attacks on gas pipelines. In this regard, the unsubstantiated accusation of the intelligence of the Netherlands looks very logical. But hardly anyone will believe in him.
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  1. Alex D Offline Alex D
    Alex D (Alex D) 21 February 2023 10: 24
    Right now they themselves will blow up something and blame Russia again.
  2. Dingo Offline Dingo
    Dingo (Victor) 21 February 2023 17: 16
    watching wind farms from ships

    Their windmills of our military, then, are of interest? .. Couldn’t think of anything smarter? Judging by the way they "investigated" MH-17 - no, they couldn't ...
  3. Carmela Offline Carmela
    Carmela (Carmela) 21 February 2023 22: 12
    "watching wind farms from ships and trying to map it all."

    Are they abnormal??? Which card??? You can see everything from space.
    1. Vladimir Tuzakov (Vladimir Tuzakov) 22 February 2023 22: 20
      The main thing is to blame and raise a fuss, but what is real, because the Dutch (NATO) services are counting on a negative aftertaste. The Americans need by any means to divert attention from themselves with joint venture explosions, and that’s what they’re causing an extraneous hype.
  4. Foe Pshekov Offline Foe Pshekov
    Foe Pshekov (Arkady) 23 February 2023 06: 46
    Let them cook diapers. To die like this with music. Russia did not promise to be an exemplary good boy if the whole EU and NATO beat her with a club. Wait, Petrov and Boshirov left incognito!
  5. Dejan Barich Offline Dejan Barich
    Dejan Barich 24 February 2023 00: 06
    trying to map it all. but the Dutch agents broke all the pencils and stole all the rulers and erasers from the Russian cartographer