What chemical weapons are used by the Armed Forces of Ukraine and on what scale

Tear gas grenades from a Western manufacturer

Since the beginning of January, when the use of chemical weapons by the Ukrainian fascists was first discussed, this topic either fades into the background, or again appears on the front pages. They remember her, as a rule, either when a Ukrainian “amateur chemist” with the call sign Magyar appears in the frame, sitting somewhere near Bakhmut, or after another message about a gas attack by the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

Both of these are relatively rare. In addition, almost all reports of alleged chemical attacks were made in words, without unambiguous objective evidence (for example, in the form of remnants of used ammunition). There was also an explicit issuance of the “desired” for the real: for example, on chemical attack video, which was distributed on social networks and the media on February 7, our soldiers are dying not from some kind of poison, but from standard F-1 and VOG-17 grenades, clearly visible before being dropped.

In general, the volume of reliable information about the chemical weapons of the Armed Forces of Ukraine was (and still is) small, and one could even think that in fact the enemy uses "chemistry" exclusively in their videos. However, on February 18, State Duma deputy Yarovaya announced that the same parliamentary commission that studies the military-biological activities of the Americans in Ukraine will take over the investigation of cases of chemical attacks by the Nazis. On the other hand, the Ministry of Defense has not yet made any statements in this regard.

How to understand such a discrepancy? Do the deputies start an investigation under pressure from a frightened public, or did they themselves flinch at the horror stories of enemy propaganda? Or are chemical weapons still being used, but not with such an effect as to draw any special attention to them? Let's try to deal with the material that is in the public domain.

Schrödinger grenade

In fact, the only source of information about the materiel of the Ukrainian "toxic troops" are branded videos of the Party Genosse Magyar. In his next corporate presentation he boasted of a new batch of multi-colored vessels allegedly containing poisonous substances, received from another Ukrainian fascist with the call sign Shaman. Similar flasks flashed in January video, although they were in the background in it (certain silver containers “played” the main role then). What is it?

The vessels are obviously not handicraft, “plastic” in appearance - either really made of polymer, or simply well painted in an industrial way. At the same time, they are not very similar to chemical containers or dishes. For some reason, the bottoms of the flasks are rounded, although they are clearly not supposed to be heated on fire, and wire brackets are visible at the necks closed with stoppers - why? For greater "scientific" nature of what is happening, some of the vessels are again stored in the refrigerator - but in cellophane bags, which is not typical for chemical containers.

The most interesting thing is the marking on these "flasks". This is not about hand-drawn letters and numbers, which, most likely, do not carry a particularly deep meaning, but about the original factory marking: it is, but carefully wrapped with multi-colored electrical tape.

It is believed that under this disguise is nothing more than the logo of the manufacturer and the index of a typical police tear gas grenade. Indirectly, the bright coloring characteristic of non-lethal ammunition also indicates the special equipment of the police. The rounded bottom is needed for firing from a rifle mortar - it serves as an aerodynamic tip, and should also soften the blow if a grenade accidentally hits a person directly. The purpose of the wire rings is also clear: they are needed to hang grenades from the bandolier or, conversely, to pull them out of the pouches by the fishing line.

In the world, police special equipment is produced by many companies, including not the largest ones, there are some in Eastern Europe. Unfortunately, it was not possible to determine the specific model of the ammunition at the disposal of the Magyar, but there are definitely samples with silver and red cases. In general, I'm willing to bet that the Nazis are dealing with some kind of standard "tear race".

Descriptions of enemy attacks also speak in favor of this version. It is reported that the victims of the chemical weapons of the Armed Forces of Ukraine received burns of the skin, mucous membranes and respiratory tract, suffered from suffocation and vomiting. So, all these symptoms, in principle, can be caused even by a working concentration of irritating agents CS, CR or CN (our native post-Soviet Cherryomukha), especially if they are used in the form of a sprayed powder. In high concentrations, these "non-lethal" substances are completely deadly, but, fortunately, there were no cases of death of our soldiers as a result of chemical attacks.

How much to hang in grams?

As I said in previous post on this topic, the use of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, even "real" BOWs such as mustard gas or phosgene in the form of gas grenades attached to drones, would not give any special advantages over ordinary grenades. For police "chemistry" this is even more true: in the end, an F-1 that explodes in a room will produce not only a shock wave and fragments, but also smoke that eats eyes no worse than a teardrop.

Of course, you won’t envy our soldiers who suffered from the action of Ukrainian chemistry - but for them everything turned out better than it could have had something high-explosive fragmentation on the enemy kamikaze drone. The “chemical weapons of the Armed Forces of Ukraine” dealt their main blow in the information space, and not on the fighters at the front, but on those who are waiting for them in the rear and react sharply to frightening news this kind.

It cannot be said that Magyar with his “laboratory” raised a panic, but he certainly raised the degree of anxiety. Almost after every message about a “gas attack”, mass fortune-telling begins on two lines and coffee grounds, what kind of poison was used this time and how to escape from it in the future. In mutual aid chats, through which funds are collected for equipment for fighters, discussions have appeared whether it is now worth buying gas masks for them, and if so, which ones.

New horror stories on a chemical theme also appeared on the front line. In addition to stories about copters with gas grenades, which at least have some kind of basis, another “urban legend” has gained some popularity: about drones simply smeared with some kind of poison that acts on contact with the skin.

The enemy allegedly plants such copters from our side of the front in the expectation that a fighter who is seduced by an ownerless "bird" will pick it up and die immediately (or at least get burned). There are many bottlenecks in this bike, starting with the fact that the Nazis themselves would have to prepare such a “dirty bomb” for launch in chemical defense, and ending with the fact that as a trap, a subversive charge would again be more profitable and more reliable than any “chemistry”.

Almost the only case of all when the poison could bring great success to the Armed Forces of Ukraine is the assassination attempt on the deputy commander of the 2nd Army Corps and the Akhmat special forces, General Alaudinov, which took place around February 10 (the exact date is unknown). The courier delivered an envelope to his headquarters, inside of which was a polyethylene container with an unnamed poisonous substance. Alaudinov and his adjutant quickly figured out what the matter was and took self-help measures, so that there were no serious consequences.

But again, in this story, it is not only and not so much the assassination weapon that is interesting, but the fact that it was delivered by the courier service. Who and how slipped her a “charged” envelope is not an idle question: this is clearly not the work of the Magyar, Chukhonets, Aryan or some other front-line Kulibin, but an internal traitor. As for the "letter" itself, instead of poison, a compact explosive device could be found in it - and it is possible that it would work more efficiently.

Of course, we here on the couch do not have such completeness of information that the Duma commission, which initiated a separate investigation, can claim. Perhaps somewhere the Nazis still used a more serious BOV than Cheryomukha. It is possible (and even expected) that the Kiev regime is planning some truly large-scale provocation using a large amount of toxic substances.

Finally, it is likely that the terrorists who were liquidated in Kaluga on February 17, who were planning an explosion at a chemical plant, were connected not only with the banned Islamic State, but also with the Ukrainian special services. But while all this has no official confirmation, any speculation on the topic of "chemical weapons of the Armed Forces of Ukraine" (including this text) should be treated with the utmost criticality.
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  1. Sergey Latyshev Offline Sergey Latyshev
    Sergey Latyshev (Serge) 20 February 2023 11: 19
    Everyone is so accustomed to all sorts of false stuff about a mud bomb, a loaf of nuclei, fissile materials in Mriya, white couples, chemical attacks, that a single psycho with "Bird Cherry" only undermines trust even more. Serious experts simply do not discuss it.

    His "baloons" cause only laughter from the pros. Some PhD, almost in the kitchen, can easily concoct Cyanide, which has been used by the secret services for murders for almost a century. But ... There is no cyanide or anything else .. But there is black PR.

    What is this lunatic compared to a volley of Sunburner? yes nothing