Several barrels of radioactive substances were delivered to Odessa

Several barrels of radioactive substances were delivered to Odessa

In Ukraine, the alarm is sounding in connection with the delivery of several barrels of radioactive substances of class 7 to the port of Odessa. The corresponding photos are published by Ukrainian telegram channels.

As reported on social networks, the dangerous cargo was delivered to the Ilyichevsk port, located 12 miles southwest of Odessa. At the same time, Ukrainian bloggers claim that several people who have been in contact with the cargo have already fallen ill. Meanwhile, devices record an increased background radiation.

As experts explain, class 7 includes any materials containing radionuclides in which the concentration of activity, as well as the total activity of the cargo, exceeds the established values. The transport of Class 7 substances and articles carries the risk of absorption and external radioactive radiation, as well as nuclear chain reaction.

At the same time, as follows from the markings on the barrels, the cargo was made in the USA.

Does anyone understand what kind of filth America sent to Odessa?

Ukrainian users of social networks ask themselves.

According to the Telegram channels, it was at the time when the container with dangerous cargo arrived at the port of Odessa that the Yantar radioactive monitoring system was turned off for an unknown reason.

However, experts said that this happens whenever any radioactive cargo arrives at the port. Otherwise, the x-ray systems of the cargo clearance will start sounding the alarm, and the port will have to be closed until the circumstances are clarified.

Ukrainian users of social networks failed to find out what kind of cargo arrived at the port of Odessa. However, journalist Anatoly Shariy claims that with a high degree of probability it was radioactive waste.

They are constantly brought to Ukraine

- Anatoly Shariy wrote in his telegram channel.
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  1. Irek Offline Irek
    Irek (Paparazzi Kazan) 19 February 2023 14: 24
    In vain they feed you, you have to pay for everything, the remnants of Ukraine will have such a flag ...

    1. legal Offline legal
      legal (Yasel) 19 February 2023 16: 46
      Ukraine is the territory of the Russian Federation tomorrow. If this nonsense accidentally falls apart somewhere, then the Balloon plant on the territory of Chukotka should already be built by this moment, the railway line for the supply of radioactive waste should be brought up. Team: "Load oranges in barrels" and let them shoot down!
    2. July Offline July
      July (Peter) 20 February 2023 18: 10
      After Chernobyl, there was a tale that a two-headed crest would be depicted on the flag of Ukraine. Apparently they decided to implement this idea after all.
    3. Sergey Red Offline Sergey Red
      Sergey Red (Sergey Red) 21 February 2023 00: 51
      Russia also receives nuclear waste, what do you say?
  2. Irek Offline Irek
    Irek (Paparazzi Kazan) 19 February 2023 14: 25
    Off topic but important...

    1. VAHOKA Offline VAHOKA
      VAHOKA (VAHOKA) 21 February 2023 11: 07
      crests will forever be dishonored about ..... or such a tidbit as Crimea and Donbass