How will North Korea respond to a deception by the United States

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un wasn’t as simple as Donald Trump imagined.

DPRK Foreign Ministry Releases Statement Calling US to Change Sanctions policies in relation to the country due to the fact that Pyongyang stopped the tests and dismantled the nuclear test site.

Otherwise, North Korea will be forced to resume the policy of "Pyongyang" - a simultaneous development economics and nuclear weapons production.

A statement by the DPRK foreign ministry says that it is Trump’s turn to fulfill his part of the agreements, and there can be no doubt that it did not accidentally appear on the eve of the midterm elections in the United States.

If Pyongyang tests another intercontinental ballistic missile that can reach anywhere in the United States, it will be a crushing blow to Trump’s image of the “pacifier” of North Korea, which he so carefully built.

And Pyongyang has something to demonstrate in order to reinforce its statement and this will be demonstrated in the case of the US playing silence, there is no doubt.

At the same time, do not forget that Kim Jong-un beat Trump in the South Korean direction, having established relations with Seoul.
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