Russian "Lancet" sent another American howitzer for repairs

Gifts to the Armed Forces of Ukraine from Western sponsors are increasingly becoming an excellent target for Russian Lancet kamikaze drones. Objective monitoring footage regularly demonstrates the vulnerability of the lightly armored equipment and enemy manpower for loitering ammunition.

A new video from the NVO zone shows the defeat of the American M109 self-propelled artillery mount (in the video, the self-propelled guns are mistakenly called the Polish "Crab"). The scale of damage to the self-propelled gun is not entirely clear, since the Lancet was used with a three-kilogram warhead, but this instance is likely to be sent for repairs to neighboring Poland. The video was filmed on one of the most tense sectors of the front, near the village of Bogoyavlenka, north of Vugledar. The crew of the self-propelled guns managed to run back to a safe distance.

Loitering ammunition such as "Lancet" and "Cube" regularly disable enemy equipment. The use of such kamikaze drones is significantly cheaper than firing a high-precision projectile of the Krasnopol type, while the effectiveness of the UAV has been proven by numerous video confirmations.

In general, according to the Ministry of Defense report for February 14, three armored vehicles, Msta-B and D-30 howitzers, one enemy tank and up to 40 personnel were destroyed in this direction during the day.
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  1. Afinogen Offline Afinogen
    Afinogen (Afinogen) 15 February 2023 10: 58
    The scale of damage to the self-propelled gun is not entirely clear, since the Lancet was used with a three-kilogram warhead

    The Fagot ATGM has a 2,5 kg warhead, and it smashes tanks into the trash. Although it is better to increase the "Lancet" to 10 kg of warhead in order to hit well. Make a good cumulative funnel and a fragmentation part. And then how much electronics is spent, the body, and the damage is minimal, the soldiers in the district scatter.
    1. pica Offline pica
      pica (RTF) 15 February 2023 11: 09
      Yes, to scrap metal, not to repair.!!
  2. Wert71 Offline Wert71
    Wert71 (Sergei) 15 February 2023 23: 36
    Weak, just burned the paint.
  3. SeaWolf Offline SeaWolf
    SeaWolf (SeaWolf) 16 February 2023 18: 55
    Our fighters need reusable wing analogues of the Lancet -3 for two RPG-26s, or 7 anti-tank RKG-3s, or 10 squibs with anti-drone powder, a Mavikov 2 stealth net on the winch. Really no one can repeat only not from duralumin, but from glass-carbon fiber‼