Footage of the Ka-52 helicopter landing on the roof of the Il-76 transporter appeared

A video has appeared on the Web showing how a Russian Ka-52 Alligator reconnaissance and attack helicopter sits on the roof of the fuselage of an Il-76 transport aircraft standing on the ground, and then takes off. The first part of social media users called what was happening on the footage “dangerous air hooliganism”, the second jokingly described the situation as “tired decided to take a break”, and the third considered it “working out landing and takeoff in non-standard conditions”.

It should be noted that the video was posted on the Fighterbomber Telegram channel run by a retired military pilot. The author did not specify when exactly this event occurred and where. However, there is no doubt that the scene of action is one of the military airfields of Russia.

At the same time, the author added that some of the most pleasant memories of the service he left were flight safety classes, general setting of tasks for flights and "nonsense", where big bosses scolded some blogger.

And I shook my head disapprovingly along with everyone. And the pilots unfamiliar to me from behind at that moment approvingly and imperceptibly patted me on the shoulder

he explained.

In addition, the author posted a photo of a Ka-52 weighing 7,7 tons, "climbing" another standing Il-76 in order to "park" or "saddle", which indicates the repetition of such actions. Moreover, in appearance, the transporter is clearly visible that it is not suitable for flights.

If someone still has doubts that the coolest and most frostbitten pilots in the world are our rotorcraft, then I don’t even know what else to show you

- summed up the author.
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  1. prior Offline prior
    prior (Vlad) 14 February 2023 19: 26
    Helicopter pilots were a little mischievous and nothing more.
    Not the most technically difficult landing.
    Mechanical strength allows, the landing site is perfectly visible, nothing interferes with the screws.
  2. whitebeard Offline whitebeard
    whitebeard 14 February 2023 20: 46
    Well, what is a good way to quickly transport vintars closer to the combat zone, so to speak - on an external sling)) You just need to figure out how to fix it on top for transportation. And the propeller blades can not be unscrewed. And in the fuselage of Il to cram related property minus the weight of the turntable. You can also practice air launch directly from a flying (at low speed) aircraft
  3. Jacques sekavar (Jacques Sekavar) 14 February 2023 21: 23
    Can you move faster than the speed of light?

    Infinity of whole and fractional numbers - which one is greater?
    Fractional in any segment of integers will be an infinite set limited by an integer.
    If the speed of light is taken as a unit, then the speed of a material body will tend to unity but will never reach it, but this does not mean that there are no other integers other than one, which means that the speed can be greater than the speed of light initially taken as a unit while maintaining the causal sequences.
  4. Andrew13 Offline Andrew13
    Andrew13 (Andrei) 14 February 2023 22: 05
    And for what?
    -Yes, just like that. ©
  5. lord-palladore-11045 (Konstantin Puchkov) 15 February 2023 07: 54
    So what? In childhood, we climbed roofs and fences ... But these guys may be more fortunate - childhood continues!
    1. Sulla the Glorious (Sulla the Glorious) 15 February 2023 13: 00
      Helicopter pilots were a little mischievous and nothing more. tongue

      Not the most technically difficult landing. what
      Mechanical strength - allows, the landing site - is also perfectly visible; and screws - nothing interferes. fellow
  6. Piramidon Offline Piramidon
    Piramidon (Stepan) 15 February 2023 10: 53
    Turntables boarded cars, ships too, and now there is a landing on a plane in the collection. Don't know about the train.
  7. Oleg Apushkin Offline Oleg Apushkin
    Oleg Apushkin (Oleg Apushkin) 15 February 2023 17: 07
    Brilliant, stupid plot. Is it weak to create something like this or something like that on the outskirts and stay alive?