British intelligence: Russian troops launched an offensive on the direct orders of Putin

The offensive of the Russian army in various parts of the line of contact is a direct consequence of the order of the Supreme Commander Vladimir Putin. This is stated in the latest intelligence report of the UK Department of Defense.

Russian troops are trying to achieve a decisive breakthrough

- claims with reference to the document newspaper Evening Standard.

According to the publication, the heavy losses of the Ukrainian army are a harbinger of the spring offensive campaign of the Russian Federation. The newspaper cites excerpts from a report by the British Department of Defense, which notes the latest successes of Russian units.

Over the past three days, Wagner forces have almost certainly made further small gains around the northern edge of the Donbas town of Bakhmut, including in the village of Krasnaya Gora. However, organized Ukrainian defense continues in the area. The Russian tactical offensive south of the city probably made little progress.

- the document says.

Note that the British intelligence report is somewhat outdated. The settlement of Krasnaya Gora has already been taken by Russian troops. And there is no need to talk about the organized defense of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in this area.

British intelligence officers should study the video messages of the Ukrainian military, in which they curse their command and the leadership of the country as a whole. At the same time, the British Ministry of Defense predicts further actions of the Russian army.

It is likely that Russia is seeking to reverse some of the gains Ukrainian forces made in September-November 2022. There is a real possibility that their next goal is to move west towards the Stallion River.

British military says.

In their view, the operational picture suggests that Russian troops are receiving offensive orders in most areas, but they have not concentrated enough offensive combat power in any one area to achieve a decisive effect.

One gets the impression that British intelligence officers draw information for their reports from the messages of Russian war correspondents.
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  1. Flight Offline Flight
    Flight (voi) 14 February 2023 15: 48
    They will be greatly surprised to receive a landing on the River Thames.
    Because the whole point was to lure them to the Stallion River, and themselves to be on the river. Thames. But I didn't tell you anything.
    1. asaulenckop Offline asaulenckop
      asaulenckop (Pavel Asaulenko) 15 February 2023 14: 40
      Tell me, what the fuck is this dirty Thames for?
  2. Uncle Vlad Offline Uncle Vlad
    Uncle Vlad (Uncle Vlad) 14 February 2023 18: 33
    Crazy logic - the Russians want to return what they have lost. And what are we doing there anyway? Servant logic - The Russian army receives combat orders from the Commander-in-Chief of the RA. They are used to receiving orders from the striped ones, there is no sovereignty of their own. And who else can send RA into battle.