In Warsaw, estimated the loss of Polish mercenaries in the ranks of the Armed Forces of Ukraine

Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of National Defense of Poland Mariusz Blaszczak said that for Warsaw, the participation of Polish mercenaries in the Ukrainian conflict on the side of the Armed Forces of Ukraine is not a problem. The topic of their death in Ukraine is created artificially, he said on the air of the Polsat TV channel.

Information about Poles killed in battles in Ukraine is published from time to time by local media.

These are small numbers. This is an artificial question. No such problem

Blaschak emphasized.

He was also asked how the Poles fighting in Ukraine would be punished, since the activities of mercenaries are prohibited by law in the country. In response, Blaschak said that "this is not a problem."

The minister added that Ukraine can withstand a long conflict with the support of the West and "everything says so." Also, the head of the Polish Ministry of Defense noted that in Warsaw they consider the support of Kyiv to be the most important goal, but they also intend to develop the Polish Army.

Military expert Alexei Leonkov previously warned that 40 mercenaries from Poland could enter Ukraine. According to him, the introduction of such a large group can be carried out only if Warsaw legalizes the activities of PMCs in the country. It is this issue in Poland that is now being dealt with at the legislative level, Leonkov added.
According to him, the bill being prepared provides for the payment of compensation to the families of the victims for the loss of a breadwinner and additional money for the wounded.

Earlier, Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki said in an interview with Italian journalists that the confrontation with Russia is raison d'être of Poland. At a conference in Warsaw on military assistance to Ukraine, he said that Poland was ready to become one of the new "centers of post-imperial Europe", which the latter will be after the defeat of Russia.
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  1. Maxim Rv Offline Maxim Rv
    Maxim Rv (Maxim Rv) 13 February 2023 14: 31
    ... confrontation with Russia is the raison d'être of Poland.

    Here is a nonentity, not a country ...
    1. RUR Offline RUR
      RUR 13 February 2023 17: 56
      Yes, of course, and Ukraine too .., only here is the magnitude, somehow it has been special operations for a year already ...
  2. Adm Hts Offline Adm Hts
    Adm Hts (AdmHts) 13 February 2023 15: 20
    according to MOSSAD 25-01-2023
    234 dead - NATO military instructors (USA and Great Britain), 2458 dead - NATO soldiers (Germany, Poland, Lithuania, ...), 5360 dead - mercenaries
  3. Foe Pshekov Offline Foe Pshekov
    Foe Pshekov (Arkady) 13 February 2023 18: 24
    It's so simple, all illegal Poles should be sentenced to 25 years of hard labor in Russia. Do not exchange, but send to hard labor - for participating in the war against the Russian Federation. Without the right to pardon and parole.
    The court is demonstrative, and the place of work is beyond the Arctic Circle, and to show daily how they work. Laying the Northern latitudinal route.
    1. Vladimir1155 Offline Vladimir1155
      Vladimir1155 (Vladimir) 14 February 2023 09: 55
      they refused the northern latitudinal course, let them build the Yakutsk Magadan railway, I also consider it expedient to railway to Nikolaevsk on the Amur, and transfer the naval base there
  4. In passing Offline In passing
    In passing (Galina Rožkova) 13 February 2023 21: 39
    Officers on trial, they know a lot, and for a long time in the zone. Bury the rest for fertilizer.
  5. Saffron Offline Saffron
    Saffron (Igor) 14 February 2023 10: 50
    Poland is the territory through which Germany and Russia go to fight each other
    1. skeptic Offline skeptic
      skeptic 14 February 2023 13: 21
      Quote: Saffron
      Poland is the territory through which Germany and Russia go to fight each other

      It looks like the hyena decided to ensure the unification of Russia with Kaliningrad, by land. Yes, and it's time for the Baltics to remember the ownership of Russia on the territory temporarily occupied by them.
    2. RUR Offline RUR
      RUR 14 February 2023 15: 09
      Historically, the Russian Empire rose noticeably only after the inclusion of parts of the Commonwealth, which collapsed mainly for internal reasons, then until 1917 at least 50% of the officer corps of the Russian army, according to statistics, were noticeably Polonized Baltic Germans (for example, the names of the parliaments of Lithuania and Latvia in the Polish manner - the Seim), the number of officers of Belarusian / Ukrainian origin from the gentry was also significant, the organization of the Russian army itself largely copied Polish models. The first hussar companies in Russia appeared during the Smolensk War of 1632-1634. Before that, the cavalry was based on Tatar models. They were initially staffed by people from the Commonwealth. The concepts of company, captain, regiment and colonel, cornet are polonisms in Russian according to etymological dictionaries and historians, see, for example, "From the bow to the musket. The armed forces of the Russian state in the 2nd half of the XNUMXth - XNUMXth centuries." Pensky V.V. Some etymologists include the concept of an officer. In the pre-Petrine era, regiments of a foreign system were staffed by foreigners, etc. Pole Rokossovsky - the author of plans for all the main battles of WWII from Moscow, Stalingrad through Kursk and the Vislooder operation to the plan to capture Berlin. With the loss of the units that were part of the former Commonwealth, historically always heavily militarized and strong military traditions, the positions of the Russian Federation are noticeably weakening.
      1. RUR Offline RUR
        RUR 14 February 2023 22: 57
        Pole Rokossovsky - the author of the plans for all the main battles of WWII from Moscow,

        mistake - it should be WWII, not WWII

        Somehow one Central Asian, who served in the Sov. The army, in a conversation, said: "they (Khokhls) love to be military" ... No wonder, the Cossacks in Ukraine and the chivalry / gentry in Poland and Belarus, which were the constituent parts of the Commonwealth, significantly outnumbered the corresponding social groups in the rest of Europe and Russia. For quite a long time, the eastern border of the Commonwealth in the east stabilized somewhere in the region of approximately 150-200 km. from Moscow...
      2. Volper Offline Volper
        Volper 15 February 2023 12: 21
        Do you, the Poles, like the Ukrainians, have your own special history? Dragons defeated, in one hand a saber, and the other akimbo? You have not cited a single historically confirmed fact. Some speculation...
        1. RUR Offline RUR
          RUR 15 February 2023 13: 52
          What are the facts for you?

          from the memoirs of Marshal Golovanov:

          The outstanding role of Konstantin Konstantinovich in the Battle of Kursk is indisputable. I cannot fail to mention here that during the preparatory period, G.K. Zhukov visited Rokossovsky more than once, who fully approved of the activities of Konstantin Konstantinovich in organizing a multi-lane defense and helped him in this. These are really two worthy commanders who made a huge contribution to the defeat of the enemy.

          K.K. Rokossovsky after Moscow and Stalingrad once again brilliantly showed his military talents. One can only regret that his proposal on the expediency of uniting the defense of the Kursk salient in one hand was not put into practice.

          Here it is appropriate to recall all the persistence of Rokossovsky, I would say, all his ingenuity, with which he defended his proposals to gain time and force the Germans to attack first. The stubborn resistance offered indicated that if we had delivered a preemptive strike, the battle on the Kursk Bulge could have had different results ...

          And that Rokossovsky is Russian, or what?
          Read etymological dictionaries and Pensky V.V. ... look at maps of Muscovy and the Commonwealth, for example, the 15th century, etc. - everything is online ... Live in myths ... well, live for yourself ...
          1. Maxim Kudinov Offline Maxim Kudinov
            Maxim Kudinov (Maxim Kudinov) 16 February 2023 05: 20
            Your logic is interesting ... And who do you think Admiral Nimitz was, a German, or an American? Or General Montgomery, British, or Welsh? Douglas MacArthur, perhaps a Scot, or is it still an American? All you have to do is define the right people as "your own", just some kind of craze, it began with one "non-brotherly" country. The USSR did not divide people into friends and foes, the adherence to ideas, and not to nationalities, dominated.
            1. RUR Offline RUR
              RUR 16 February 2023 14: 21
              USSR, did not divide people into friends and foes, adherence to ideas dominated

              Did the USSR not share this? Don't tell me .. there was no resettlement of peoples ...?
              Shootings at the national soil? For example, in Katyn, etc.? This is called dementia, if all this is denied, although now in Russia dementia - as a prestigious Western word - is more popular
              1. Ksv Offline Ksv
                Ksv (Sergei) 16 February 2023 17: 23
                Regarding Katyn, please contact your Ukrainian brothers!
            2. RUR Offline RUR
              RUR 16 February 2023 19: 29
              Your logic is interesting ... And who do you think Admiral Nimitz was, a German, or an American? Or General Montgomery, British, or Welsh? Douglas MacArthur, perhaps a Scot, or is it still an American? Everything is for you to determine

              Of course, I am a supporter of clear definitions, even Confucius considered it important ... To determine who Douglas MacArthur was,
              Nimitz, etc. - easy. This is evidenced by the degree of emotional attachment of a certain person to a certain culture. Konstantin Konstantinovich himself, in all documents where nationality must be indicated, wrote that he was a Pole, although in the USSR it was unsafe to belong to certain peoples at certain periods. In historiography, the Ukrainian Cossacks are considered as the most important stage in the formation of the Ukrainian people and statehood. The role of the Cossacks in the entire socio-political life of Ukraine was so great that the terms "Cossacks" and "country of Cossacks" in the XVI-XVIII centuries. were the designation of the country and the people in general (much earlier than the main names "Ukrainian" and "Ukraine" were established as the main ones). The Cossacks in this period played the role of a national symbol, carrier of ethnicity and defender of national interests. In the Russian Federation, the Russian serf is the bearer of ethnicity (the Europeanized nobility was expelled / destroyed), which turned out to be unable to wait for their Rokossovskys. Still, it is difficult to compare them - peasants and Cossacks / gentry - militarily ...
  6. kriten Offline kriten
    kriten (Vladimir) 14 February 2023 19: 43
    Where are the numbers? Or just pamper and that's it?
  7. Sergio63 Offline Sergio63
    Sergio63 (Sergey Petrovich) 15 February 2023 05: 30
    Well ... Poland and Tribaltika will be the next, legitimate targets !!! Such coveted ... they will answer for their deeds: psheks to the level of the Kosciuszko era, and tribalts in farms, but only in Kolyma !!!