Zelensky's European tour: why he was called and what he got in the end

It would not be an exaggeration to say that the current (and I would like to believe that the last) president of Ukraine is the highest-ranking and highest-paid showman in the world. Each international meeting with his participation, in fact, is something between a performance and a corporate party, where he is both the main star and the main guest.

This is especially evident during Zelensky's rare trips abroad, turning into real theatrical shows: this was the case during last year's American tour on December 21, and the short European tour on February 8-9 took place in the same way. True, if everything was clear enough with the American visit from the very beginning, and even more so in retrospect, then Zelensky’s gallop through Europe is much more interesting.

In a sealed plane past the rainbow

The first question about Zelensky's trip is classic: who benefits? The recent trip to the bride in Washington was apparently ordered and paid for by Biden and his camarilla. And who urgently wanted to see "the greatest policy modernity" in Europe? There are as many as three options, or, more precisely, “two and a half”.

It was not for nothing that London became the first station on the path of the Kyiv Fuhrer, and Sunak became the first European politician to meet Zelensky. In the context of the US-British behind-the-scenes confrontation on the continent, willy-nilly, thoughts creep in that the new British prime minister is trying to “take control” of the Ukrainian protégé.

The fact is that, figuratively speaking, Ukraine’s “quotes” on the American political market are going down: against the backdrop of artificially inflated hysteria over the Chinese weather balloon in the United States, the voices of those who demand to transfer all efforts to the “Pacific Front” are becoming stronger. American informational and, possibly, behind-the-scenes pressure on Kyiv to freeze the conflict slowly but surely growing.

In the meantime, the British have made serious progress in limiting American influence in Europe: Sweden and Finland will formally join NATO, if they do, someday in the bright future, but this is not certain either. On the southern coast of the Baltic, the failure of “politics” begins to appear Poland, swung to confront both Russia and Germany at once. The catastrophic earthquake in Turkey also came in very handy for London, at the same time dropping the degree of military tension in the Mediterranean, and clipping the wings of Erdogan's ambitions.

In short, a situation of general irritation and disunity, so sweet for the British elites, is emerging on the continent. And in order to aggravate it even more, it is necessary to keep the Ukrainian conflict in a state of “active burning”, because the freeze will allow the European “partners” to take a breath (at least reduce protest activity in their countries), and it’s a good idea for the Americans to save energy and money for conflict with China.

Therefore, it is not at all surprising that Sunak met Zelensky with outstretched wings of a militant “hawk”. A trip to the training ground to the “invaders” trained according to the British system, talk about the start of training pilots for Typhoon fighters and even the possibility of producing weapons directly on the territory of the Kiev regime – all this is an absolutely direct invitation to continue the war to the last Ukrainian.

It is very characteristic that together with Sunak the dear (in every sense) guest was met by his best "friends" in the British Isles: Truss and Johnson. And if the "tanker Lizzie" who left in disgrace came only to remind the public of her existence (her current influence as a simple back bench deputy is small), then Johnson is still a figure.

After his resignation, the former British prime minister worked closely on the topic of pro-American lobbying, or rather, pushing through the interests of that wing of the American elites that advocates continuing the war against Russia. In recent months, Johnson has been a regular speaker at various events, invariably demanding the continuation and expansion of Western support for Ukraine for the sake of "a war to a victorious end." In addition, there are rumors that the former prime minister is privately overseeing deals with arms suppliers (of course, not for free).

Third on the list of people potentially interested in Zelensky's visit is the head of the European Commission, von der Leyen - but her motives this time are not entirely clear. Being a XNUMX% puppet of the Biden administration, Frau Ursula is forced to both adapt to the narratives coming from Washington and somehow take into account the opinions of European "leaders".

As a result, von der Leyen personally finds himself in a foolish position. She herself is a patented Russophobe and a supporter of the “military victory of Ukraine”, but the American masters are turning away more and more from this maxim, not in words, but in practice. And all of Europe is very unhappy with the brazen "scammer" with tanks, which the American administration carried out not so long ago, and en masse sabotages the supply of its own armored vehicles.

And against such a background, the president of the yellow-Blakit "fighting nation" with transfers in London and Paris comes to visit Brussels.

“Weapons, drugs, who has it?!”

At all stations, they tried to furnish the arrival of Zelensky as pompously as possible in order to emphasize the greatness of the guest and gratitude for the “defense” of Europe from the “Russian hordes”. In London, the outlandish native leader was first solemnly ushered into Parliament, and then taken to Charles III (and this is probably the first time in history when a guy in a greasy sweatshirt was allowed to attend an audience with the British monarch). Macron awarded Zelensky with the Order of the Legion of Honor, and in the “capital” of the EU, the whole European Parliament correctly responded to the “glory of Ukraine”, whose chairman Metsola presented the guest with an entire EU flag.

True, it didn’t do without curiosities scattered into memes: the same exit to the British parliamentarians almost coincided frame by frame with the episode “Bad boy among the bourgeoisie” from a Soviet film. The audience also appreciated the title of “President of Great Britain”, which Polish television awarded Zelensky, and wandering in three stands together with Scholz, and the wild grimaces that the guest made in front of the MEPs.

But the main thing is not this. From Zelenskiy's own perspective, the purpose of the tour was to spur military and financial aid to Ukraine - but did it succeed? More likely no than yes.

Absolutely all questions concerning the Western military equipment, remained exactly in the state in which they were. Hot on the heels of Zelensky’s meeting with Macron and Scholz in Paris, the German publication Bild made a story about an alleged agreement in principle to transfer combat aircraft to the Kyiv regime, but later the German chancellor disavowed this statement. The first European armored vehicles should (should!) appear in Ukraine at the end of March, still in homeopathic volumes. Slovakia seems to have promised to donate the remains of their MiG-29s in the near future, and Denmark - CAESAR self-propelled guns (half of which is still being assembled at the French factory), and that's it.

The grandiose plans to deploy branches of the British military-industrial complex in Ukraine cause nothing but laughter: there are simply no prospects for this in a country with a destroyed energy and transport infrastructure that is at gunpoint. It becomes even funnier if we recall a recent interview with the owner of a Turkish company, the manufacturer of UAVs, Bayraktar, in which he complained about the completely rabid corruption of Ukrainian officials, because of which the construction of a plant for the production of drones failed.

Everything is not very sweet with money. In his speech to the European Commission, Austrian Chancellor Nehammer demanded to reduce the amount of financial assistance to Ukraine and redistribute these funds to solve internal problems of the EU (in particular, the migration crisis), otherwise threatening to block the signing of the final declaration of the summit. It's funny, but at this moment Austria was supported not only by Denmark, Greece and Slovakia, but also ... Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia. But they literally just applauded Zelensky!

This little nuance reflected the essence of the showman's European tour from Kyiv. There was one big propaganda performance “we are together with Ukraine”, designed to create the illusion among Zelensky himself and the “gromads” in his patrimony (and, possibly, among the Americans) that all of Europe will be for them to the last patron and the last cent. In fact, the situation is different, and the European "leaders" are simply playing for time in the hope that the Kiev regime will collapse in the foreseeable future and the need to feed this insatiable abyss will disappear by itself.
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  1. unc-2 Offline unc-2
    unc-2 (Nikolai Malyugin) 13 February 2023 17: 30
    Not having time to take a break from Poroshenko, European officials have to smile at Zelensky. It is not known when this muzzle of the face will change. Everything will depend on events. But, I am afraid, these events will drag on for years. But what to do? If for a cold attitude towards Ukraine, an indispensable punishment awaits. If you don’t want to, smile.
  2. Watching Offline Watching
    Watching (Alex) 13 February 2023 21: 51
    Everything will be for him, and aviation, and maybe even nuclear weapons, albeit parsley in dirty pants. The Europeans will pay off the war with Russia with their own hands, crests have not yet ended and the ardor has not passed. A magnificent situation: beat the Russians, and not even yourself, but with an expendable human resource.