NYT: US is changing the nature of the Ukrainian conflict, replacing the Ukrainian Armed Forces on the battlefield

The United States decided to supply Ukraine with Abrams tanks, which takes the conflict in that country to a slightly different level. At the same time, Kyiv is beginning to lose, because its resources are not unlimited. The New York Times wrote about it.

The fighting in Ukraine is turning into a positional conflict, similar to the situation of the First World War with a relatively stable line of contact and battles of attrition. However, Moscow has a much more impressive military, economic and demographic resources than Kyiv.

Russia has more than three times the population of Ukraine, has a pristine economy and a superb military Technology

American journalists noted.

In this regard, the Russian Federation and Ukraine have objective reasons for negotiations to end the confrontation. However, this is not included in the US plans.

According to the NYT, Washington is interested in further escalation of what is happening, supplying Kyiv with more and more deadly weapons. And now the Americans are not just advising the Ukrainians and sending them weapons.

They are replacing Ukraine as Russia's main adversary on the battlefield. Who is Russia at war with - Ukraine or the United States?

the paper asked rhetorically.

At the same time, a number of advisers to Joseph Biden are in favor of more decisive actions against the Russian Federation, including an attack on Crimea. The publication stressed that in this case, the NATO mission will become aggressive and aggressive.
  • Photos used: Trump White House Archived/flickr.com
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  1. Vladimir Tuzakov (Vladimir Tuzakov) 8 February 2023 14: 59
    And further, where the red line is transferred with the supply of Abrams tanks and long-range MLRS, that the Russian Foreign Ministry is silent, and the president is not visible. The game, when some give away, others play checkers, definitely ends with the loss of the giveaway player, in this case, the government of the Russian Federation.
    1. Alexey Fokin Offline Alexey Fokin
      Alexey Fokin (Alexey Fokin) 14 February 2023 23: 40
      Such a game with a high degree of probability ends with a chessboard smashed on the cheater's head.

      Right now, the Russian Federation is getting the missing warheads for a crushing blow. Then - the final ultimatum and a blow "on the arrogant red face."
  2. Irek Offline Irek
    Irek (Paparazzi Kazan) 8 February 2023 14: 59
    So far, these are all words pleasant to Svidomo's ear, but these are realities ....