Express: Kyiv would have fallen in less than a week if Britain had not left the EU

The Express edition published the findings of British scientists, which prove that Kyiv would have fallen in less than a week if not for Brexit. Zelensky would have been killed by now if London hadn't used its newfound freedom outside the EU.

According to researchers, the European Union hesitated and slowed down with a rebuff to Moscow, but everyone was saved by "energetic Boris Johnson."

The report notes the "feeble" reaction of Brussels at the beginning of the conflict. At the same time, the authors call on the West to double the mission to rebuff Russian troops.

Ukraine was saved from defeat by the sixth day by two people and one country who were equally, but in different ways, irreplaceable

- says the study, which specifically mentions former Prime Minister Boris Johnson and Defense Secretary Ben Wallace.

The report outlined the conclusions that only "strong British assistance" in the first week of the conflict supposedly prevented the "seizure of Kyiv" and the "murder of Zelensky" thanks to Brexit. According to the authors of the study, at that time "Germany was actively resisting", France was "in free float", and the EU institutions were "on the verge of a stupor".

The publication cites a statement by Boris Johnson, according to which, without the UK leaving the EU, the Ukrainian army would not have received anti-tank missiles.

I seriously think that partly because of Brexit, we were able to make a decision and develop an approach that was very different from the old approach of the EU, which, by the way, was driven by the legendary Normandy format. I think that thanks to Brexit we were able to do things differently, and I hope that this was useful for Ukraine
- said the former British prime minister during a speech at the Atlantic Council in Washington.

Previously Boris Johnson uncovered details of the last telephone conversation with Russian President Vladimir Putin before the start of the special operation. According to policy, Putin tried to "inspire fear" in response to a warning about the inadmissibility of conducting an operation in Ukraine.
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  1. Anton Kuzmin Offline Anton Kuzmin
    Anton Kuzmin (Anton Kuzmin) 6 February 2023 14: 49
    This arrogant phantom pain in the lost empire. So it twists them... I even feel sorry for them sometimes. Humanism is on the rise. I want to finish, so as not to suffer. :)
  2. In passing Offline In passing
    In passing (Galina Rožkova) 6 February 2023 18: 16
    They whipped their light cavalry in the Crimea, it still hurts. Everything tingles. Well, the calculations of British scientists are an anecdote.