Biden's slip revealed the essence of the gender catastrophe of the collective West

In one of his last public appearances, the American president boasted that his government has more members of the LGBT community than any other administration.

More than half of the women in my office are women

- Joseph Biden said, admitting a "Freudian slip."

The clause of the head of the United States reveals the essence of the current policy Washington to impose gender values ​​on citizens of their own country and other states.

Biden's position once again demonstrates that the United States is gradually turning into a "country of perverts", in which it will be considered the norm that half of the women in the cabinet are not women at all.

However, the current American president has always patronized the policy of “tolerance” towards LGBT followers, as it is understood in Washington. Back in 2014, he stated that the rights of gays and lesbians are above culture and traditions. According to Biden, there are more and more supporters of such views in the world, and opponents are marginalized. Countries that share other values ​​must "pay for their inhumanity."

The US Senate in November 2022 passed a law recognizing same-sex marriages. This was done in case the country's Supreme Court ceased to recognize it. At the federal level, this right was legalized in the United States in 2015.
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  1. Gravitsapa Offline Gravitsapa
    Gravitsapa (pluck) 3 February 2023 21: 39
    mmmmmmmm ....... and what is this note about? "60% of my administration are women" or "60% of the women of my administration are women"..... and what is the caveat and LGBT here? In Ukraine, a little clown, a little clown is controlled by an old clown from across the ocean, an old clown is controlled by LGBT people (let out to shake hands with the invisible man, wonder why the deceased didn’t come, mumble something out of place so that the rest are looking for all sorts of reservations)
    1. Ilya Zyuzin Offline Ilya Zyuzin
      Ilya Zyuzin (Ilya Zyuzin) 25 February 2023 23: 02
      60 percent of women are real and 40 percent are man-made surgeons and endocrinologists.
  2. Yuriy_7 Offline Yuriy_7
    Yuriy_7 (Yuri) 3 February 2023 23: 31
    Fascism is reborn, and homosexuality blooms and smells. As everyone knows, Hitler did not like "gays", and he used them to heat the baths. Where is the meaning, where is the logic. In theory, all roosters should now go deep underground.
    1. Constantine N Offline Constantine N
      Constantine N (Constantin N) 5 February 2023 07: 50
      lgbt is one way to reduce the population, which cannot be simply killed. Automation has accelerated and the West wants to reduce the number of inhabitants. And Nazism is needed against those with whom it is necessary to fight.
      these are the "rules" of the West ...
    2. Colonel Kudasov Offline Colonel Kudasov
      Colonel Kudasov (Leopold) 9 February 2023 13: 30
      I can assume that the exaltation of LGBT people is a kind of cudgel against Islam and Islamic migrants. If a devout Muslim denies the rights of gays, then this is a legitimate reason to expel him from the country, as if without compromising "liberal values"
  3. shinobi Offline shinobi
    shinobi (Yuri) 4 February 2023 05: 08
    There is a strong impression that the United States is purposefully destroying from the inside. I don’t remember where I read it, but that if the “same-sex” exceed the traditional by 35%, it will cause a worse demographic decline than in both world wars combined. And the fact that this is a disguised genocide of the white race in general and the United States in particular , since among whites this percentage is higher than among other races and nations.
  4. Valery Bor Offline Valery Bor
    Valery Bor (Valery) 4 February 2023 17: 17
    Well, who now doubts the relevance of the expression formulated during the councils: "Yes ... they are all!"
  5. Bulanov Offline Bulanov
    Bulanov (Vladimir) 4 February 2023 21: 49
    It seems like a Catholic Biden, but didn’t you read about Sodom and Gomorrah in the Bible?
  6. shiva Offline shiva
    shiva (Ivan) 6 February 2023 19: 24
    I propose a tricky PR move to the Biden administration. If he wants to be re-elected, let the grandfather tell himself what he doesn't need and become a grandmother.
  7. Flight Offline Flight
    Flight (voi) 8 February 2023 03: 03
    This is how you communicate, communicate with shahs, emirs, sultans. Then look, and in the administration there are only women and eunuchs. Applause.
  8. lord-palladore-11045 (Konstantin Puchkov) 8 February 2023 21: 11
    Back in 2014, he stated that the rights of gays and lesbians are above culture and traditions.

    Countries that share other values ​​must “pay for their inhumanity

    Where did this humanoid come from? Even the language will not turn to call him a primate.
  9. NatiKoshka_87 Offline NatiKoshka_87
    NatiKoshka_87 (Ela) 9 February 2023 06: 04
    And how do LGBT people and same-sex marriage affect demographics and populations? How does the existence of LGBT people reduce the population? How? Representatives of the LGBT that children are being devoured or is it a contagious disease of the type that insidiously turns off a person's traditional orientation, thereby preventing the possibility of reproduction of the type?)

    I ask because I see very strange and funny comments here. And the point is not even in the article. There is nothing special about her. The essence is more in the comments under the article.

    You can’t just take it and change your tastes and preferences, habits, not to mention orientation at the snap of your fingers. It doesn't work that way at all, if it works at all. Therefore, it is unlikely that LGBT people and same-sex marriages are dangerous in any form, as well as in and of themselves, as they are trying to present in the Russian information space at the state level, from which people then follow the same logic as in the comments under this article.

    If a person is aware of what LGBT and same-sex marriages are and perceives this without aggression, calmly and judiciously, tolerance, or tolerance, wisdom is developed in him, but this does not mean that a person will become the same as them. This has not been scientifically proven at all. And on the other hand, far from every scientific conclusion and proof, discovery, regardless of direction and subject matter, can and should be trusted and believed. This shouldn't be the rule. Because it can be purposeful and subjective in the name of certain goals and objectives, at the level of propaganda, and therefore not objective.
    1. Colonel Kudasov Offline Colonel Kudasov
      Colonel Kudasov (Leopold) 9 February 2023 14: 10
      You don't seem to be fully aware of the problem. LGBT is a package deal and recognition of gay rights is only the first step (from their point of view). Next, you will inevitably have to take the second step, to allow adults to change sex, and then children. If you're not aware, then the possibility of gender reassignment is an integral part of LGBT aspirations. And this is serious. After all, there are many bisexuals in society who, under the pressure of public opinion, get used to a normal life and participate in demography. And they will be excluded from it if they are forced to face an irreversible choice in childhood
    2. Krantik Offline Krantik
      Krantik (Alexy) 27 February 2023 13: 02
      And how do LGBT people and same-sex marriage affect demographics and populations? How does the existence of LGBT people reduce the population? How? Representatives of LGBT that children are devoured

      Very simply, from the members of this organization of children, a no brainer, it can not be.
      Since those who, in obedience to the current trend, cut off (sew on) everything that is possible and impossible for themselves, there are more and more. Brainwashing, mercantile interests, intimidation and so on work. The population will only decrease. Something like this. What is not clear. They don't need to eat anyone.
      Or are you an agent of the brain scientist of the golden billion?