"Lancets" are forcing the Armed Forces of Ukraine to carefully hide their S-300 air defense systems

The work of the Russian army destruction remnants of the Ukrainian air defense forces the enemy to constantly move and mask the remaining S-300 systems. Tangible damage to these air defense systems is caused by loitering ammunition "Lancet" and "Cube".

According to military correspondents, strikes by kamikaze drones in a short time hit the illumination and guidance radar, the radar station and the launcher of the S-300 complexes. Destroyed technique was in service with the 160th Anti-Aircraft Missile Brigade of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

The defeat by the Lancets of the air defense elements of this brigade forced the command of the Ukrainian army to shift the work of air defense units to the 208th anti-aircraft brigade. Their work, in turn, is complicated by their proximity to the front line, which makes them vulnerable not only to kamikaze UAVs, but also to the Tornado-S MLRS.

In order to save the rest of the equipment, Ukrainian anti-aircraft gunners are forced to constantly change their place of deployment and apply new camouflage methods, which reduces the efficiency of work on air targets. As real combat operations have shown, the S-300 complexes have no protection against loitering ammunition. Therefore, the Armed Forces of Ukraine build decoys from logs and iron fragments, and also use handicraft nets with metal rods.
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