FSB building blew up a 17-year-old teenager

The identity of the person suspected of organizing the explosion at the entrance to the building of the FSB Directorate in Arkhangelsk became known. It turned out to be a 17-year-old boy, who himself died at the scene.

The young man, apparently, delivered a makeshift explosive device to the control building and brought it into action. He died from injuries sustained during the explosion, and two employees of the Federal Security Service were also injured.

Meanwhile, information appeared on social networks that a certain “Valeryan Panov” in the groups of anarchists warned that he could arrange a terrorist attack in Arkhangelsk near the FSB building. Soon, the identity of the demolitionist was identified on a student ID - it turned out to be a 17-year-old student of the Arkhangelsk Polytechnic College, who really considered himself anarchist leftists.

It is interesting that 18-year-old Vladislav Roslyakov studied at the Polytechnic College, who staged a monstrous murder of 20 people in Kerch - he shot his fellow practitioners and several teachers from a shotgun.

Meanwhile, not so long ago, in August 2018, 8-year-old Arthur Panov from the Lugansk Region was sentenced to 18 years in prison in Rostov-on-Don, who tried to organize a series of terrorist attacks in the Don capital and in Moscow.

What is missing for young people who have not seen life at all, if at the age of 17-18 they take up arms and turn them against their own fellow citizens, carry out terrorist acts on the streets of Russian cities and shootings in colleges?
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  1. oracul Offline oracul
    oracul (leonid) 1 November 2018 07: 49
    Do not crush the water in the mortar - there will be no oil. This is a largely abandoned generation, whose education (especially in the hinterland) is not involved in either parents or school teachers or teachers of technical schools and universities (tolerant uncles and aunts who have flooded the education system, blindly believing in Western methods, have deprived them of the right to do this), nor the children's and youth organizations (pioneers and the Komsomol) that dispersed, but exclusively the Internet and the street, where the ball is ruled, to put it mildly, by Russophobia ill-wishers, both their own liberals and outright opponents, including terrorists and criminals. And dear Vasilyeva, the Minister of Education is proud that he is not working in a hurry, thoroughly. And this is in conditions when the most valuable thing we have is time. Losing time, we are losing a generation, giving it to the apologists of the Western (consumer) lifestyle, Russophobia, Soross grant-eaters, etc. And do not reassure yourself with benevolent pictures of TV about wonderful girls and boys who are passionate about their work in the same Sirius. Yes, they really are and it pleases. But this is only a small part of the millions. Something similar, we went through this in the 70s and 80s, when senior comrades confidently said that mostly young people are good. What this complacency has led to is now known. And this is in the conditions of the system. Today, everything is more serious: the problem is in whose hands today's youth fall. Ukraine shows what it can lead to.
  2. gorenina91 Offline gorenina91
    gorenina91 (Irina) 1 November 2018 17: 07
    -The thing is, youth of youth ...- discord ...
    -And on the ethnic group., And on the social level of support., And on mental and moral development ...
    -And she is always ranked among one society ... -Young ...
    -The time is different and completely different priorities are needed ... -And they are ... -this ...- this is a stable and secure life in Russia subject to compulsory labor ... -Sounds quite old .. but it is not. .. -It is just that in Russia it is necessary to create state bodies .. which will begin to carry out analysis and selection among young people ...- by categories ... -by abilities ... and hobbies .. -And from early adolescence to conclude a contract with such ... -to offer them different types of "sovereign service" for the benefit of their Fatherland ... -And here it should not play a role from which family (wealthy or not) and what class ... this teenage child will be ... -I'm afraid that nationality will play "its role" here ...
    -You can describe everything in a lot and in detail ...., but .., but .., but ... -I already left my "comment" in this thread ... and it was deleted ... -So .. .-guess yourself ...
  3. Pishenkov Offline Pishenkov
    Pishenkov (Alexey) 2 November 2018 02: 18
    I understand that prohibitions are far from the best and correct way out of any predicament, but nevertheless, unlike the rest, they are quite easy and fast - I’m talking about the establishment of mandatory control on the Internet according to the Chinese model. At least a large enough number of such woeful terrorists will definitely help to filter it out. And right away.
    And what they lack is also clear enough - in the USSR we could do almost anything in various circles, sports sections and organizations and absolutely free. They were everywhere and were available. It is clear that not everyone went there, but again this eliminated many from bad occupations. Well, then everything has already been said too - and the school and society and the family, in addition to teaching certain skills, must also be engaged in upbringing, instilling certain principles, morality, finally, though a well-worn word, but I don’t know another ... But this is for a long time . It was quick to break the system, but to build it again for a long time ... But all sorts of special camps and projects for the best and gifted, but that’s good, too, and that’s necessary ... But the un gifted, which are thousands of times more, nobody really wants to do - this is not in plain sight, and they don’t pay. If even paid with dignity, which can also be organized quite quickly, then decent schools would go to schools, and respect for teachers and mentors among young people would be different, as people respected, highly paid and valuable to society. And this is also important in the process of education. In the meantime, teachers get ten to twenty thousand re per month and somehow make ends meet, and those who kick the ball on the grass, a million a day, that’s how it will look in the country and beyond ...
  4. Camille Offline Camille
    Camille (Kamille) 2 November 2018 09: 51
    With fat rage. If you work hard in production and there will be no time to fool. And so dad and mom will drink and feed the state a degree, albeit a small one, but it will