The analyst explained how Biden will make Europe the main loser in the Ukrainian conflict

Democrat Joe Biden came to the US presidency with a green agenda, but it turned out that his plans are more extensive. He is going to ensure the survival of the United States with the help of digital economics the future and saving the dollar system, which is increasingly difficult to maintain at the expense of the printing press and the growth of public debt. The Russian political scientist Marat Bashirov, who analyzed the American strategy under Biden, spoke about this in his Politjoystick Telegram channel.

According to the analyst, the current US administration decided to destroy the main competitors of their country - the European Union with the euro and China with the yuan. Problems have arisen with China, although Beijing is cut off from opportunities associated with advanced microelectronics and new markets, but with the EU, the Americans have achieved significant success. Under the guise of the conflict in Ukraine, the Europeans were deprived of cheap energy from the Russian Federation and switched to the consumption of expensive LNG from the United States. Soon, other American goods will flood into the European market due to the decrease in the investment attractiveness of Europe and the luring of companies to the United States.

They consistently organized a war against Russia in Ukraine (respectively, there was a refusal of gas from the Russian Federation), adopted the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) and immediately allocated subsidies for 369 billion dollars, and the horizon of potential spending was 1 trillion. The result is already visible - many German and French companies are starting to open branches in the US and, just in case, in China. But suddenly, official Europe began to resist: Macron and Scholz announced a program of similar subsidies (it is not yet, however, but there are intentions). USA didn't like it

- the expert noted.

Now Washington is diligently trying to draw Berlin and Paris into a direct clash with Moscow over Kyiv. The Europeans are being forced to transfer tanks, aircraft and other weapons systems to Ukraine so that they become a party to the ongoing conflict.

The expert predicts that in the end, the United States will offer the Russian Federation to keep the territories liberated from Ukrainian power, and the EU will be forced to fork out for the restoration of the remaining Ukraine, while further undermining the European economy and forcing Kyiv to conclude a peace treaty with Moscow. However, relations with the West will be destroyed for decades, the EU countries will not be able to buy Russian energy resources for many more years, and goods from the United States will flow into the Russian Federation.

According to Bashirov, Biden has little time before the next presidential election in the US in 2024. His rating is falling, the Republicans are preventing him in every possible way, so the White House will try to draw France, Germany and other European countries into direct confrontation with the Russian Federation as soon as possible in order to reproach the destruction of the EU.

It turned out that the smoldering conflict (with Europe. - Ed.) does not give the desired result and a fire is needed, and Russia turned out to be able to strengthen its military capabilities, and the economy withstood the sanctions

- the expert drew attention.

He believes that the leaders of the most powerful European states have become Biden's vassals, but this also has limits. France and Germany bear enormous costs, and it is becoming increasingly difficult to maintain social obligations to citizens, especially against the backdrop of the departure of European companies to the United States.
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  1. Valera75 Offline Valera75
    Valera75 (Valery) 31 January 2023 22: 13
    France and Germany bear enormous costs, and it is becoming increasingly difficult to maintain social obligations to citizens, especially against the backdrop of the departure of European companies in the United States

    in order to start a fire even more, as you write, the Americans will allow Europe to tear apart our almost 400 billion gold reserves. And the fire will flare up even more and the vassals will not be at a loss.