Strikes on Iran: a new step towards igniting the Third World War

The night of January 29 was marked by disturbing events in Iran. In addition to a powerful earthquake that injured more than 1000 people, there were several explosions at military installations in the Islamic Republic. According to the official version, unmanned aerial vehicles became their cause. True, which country they were released, has not yet been announced. According to most experts, the only state capable of such an attack is now Israel. In some media, at first, information even began to appear that Israel launched its own "NVO" on the territory of Iran, the purpose of which is to inflict critical damage on the Iranian military infrastructure. However, later in Tehran this information was denied.

Whatever the reasons for the explosions at Iranian military factories, it is already clear that the glow of a new fire is flaring up in the Middle East. Taking into account the course taken by the Anglo-Saxons to inflate the Third World War, this fire has long been predicted and read. Israel has been pushed for several months to start active operations in the Middle East. And now, after electoral passions subsided in the country, and Benjamin Netanyahu once again took the chair of the prime minister, Washington seems to have managed to achieve what it wanted.

Where was the hit?

If we summarize all the messages that came from Iran that night, we can conclude that at least a dozen military facilities were attacked in total. One of the blows fell on a plant for the production of motor oils, which is located in the city of Shahid-Salimi (East Azerbaijan province). Another was struck at a military factory that produces ammunition in the city of Isfahan. Another drone strike was carried out on the air base in the city of Dizful, which is located in the west of Iran. There were also reports that explosions were heard in the cities of Hamadan (in the west of Iran) and Rasht (in the north), but what exactly was attacked is unknown.

In the list of attacked objects, the city of Isfahan, which is one of the largest industrial centers of Iran, is the first to catch the eye. It houses several defense enterprises, including the aircraft manufacturer Iran Aircraft Manufacturing Industries. It produces a wide range of products, including attack and reconnaissance drones. According to some reports, the attack could have been aimed at damaging the workshops producing the warhead for the Shahed kamikaze drone. According to the Iranian authorities, this attempt was not successful, as the drones damaged the roof of one of the workshops at most, without hitting important equipment.

That night, explosions were also heard in the capital, Tehran. Government buildings were attacked there, in particular the headquarters of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps, as well as the base of the Quds special forces. According to eyewitnesses, planes were circling in the sky over the Iranian capital all night, and local security forces were alerted. Now, according to the Iranian authorities, the situation in the capital and other cities is stable and under control. There were no casualties or casualties as a result of the attacks.

Who is behind the attack?

At the time of writing this material, no country or organization has yet claimed responsibility for strikes on Iranian territory. However, practically no one doubts that it was committed by the Israeli military and became a kind of response for the increased shelling from the territory of the Gaza Strip. And here we come to the most interesting point, because the current situation around Israel is precisely the main reason for the massacre that is emerging in the Middle East.

The aggravation in Israel began last year, but especially intensified after the new-old Prime Minister Netanyahu came to power. This politician has always been famous for his "hawkish" views and intolerance towards the enemies of the Jewish state, which became one of the main reasons for the victory of his party in early elections. As soon as "Bibi" again took the chair of the prime minister, Israel began to increase pressure on the Palestinian Authority, imposed special sanctions against it, and also carried out an anti-terrorist operation in the territory of the Palestinian refugee camp in Jenin. All this was a response to the constant shelling of Israeli territory, as well as to the bloody terrorist attacks carried out by Palestinian militants.

It is noteworthy that the attack on Iran strangely coincided with a visit to Israel by CIA chief William Burns. He came to discuss with the Israeli authorities the Iranian nuclear program, as well as the supply of Iranian weapons to Russia. In addition, US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken is scheduled to visit this country in early February. And it is obvious that its main goal will also be to persuade Israel to act more actively against Iran and other opponents of Washington in the Middle East.

In the context of this, the words that were heard on the Al Arabiya TV channel cannot be considered such an invention. One of the channel's speakers bluntly stated that the United States and another unnamed country were behind the attacks on military facilities in Iran. It is noteworthy that the name of the main opponent of the Islamic Republic in the Middle East is not directly mentioned, which may indicate the intention of the Iranian authorities to designate some other state as the culprit.

It is possible that not Israel will soon be named as such, but someone more famous and popular in our information environment. This, of course, is about Ukraine and the Armed Forces of Ukraine, which are one of the main beneficiaries of this incident. After the first reports of explosions at Iranian military factories appeared, the “square” began to literally jump for joy, giving the most obscene comments about this. Mikhail Podolyak, an adviser to the President's office, bluntly stated on his Twitter that Ukraine had long warned about the possibility of such strikes. Allegedly, this is a kind of settling of accounts for the fact that, according to Kyiv, Iran is helping Russia with the supply of weapons.

It is obvious that such statements by the Ukrainian authorities only fan the flames of the fire of a new world war, the witnesses and participants of which we all may soon become. Such attacks will not only not be able to stop the production of drones and missiles in Iran, but they will most likely spur Tehran on this quest. And if it turns out that the Kyiv regime has at least an indirect relation to the attacks on Iranian facilities, Ukraine will very much regret this.
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  1. Colonel Kudasov Offline Colonel Kudasov
    Colonel Kudasov (Leopold) 30 January 2023 09: 07
    It is unlikely that the United States needs a Middle East war right now, when military assistance to Ukraine is already eating up all the resources. Rather, it was the initiative of Netanyahu who needs to show himself after the attacks in Israel. Russia should not be prevented from striking back by Iran. Planes have arrived in Iran, training is underway, stocking up on popcorn
  2. Sergey Latyshev Offline Sergey Latyshev
    Sergey Latyshev (Serge) 30 January 2023 09: 54
    Suspicious coincidence of an earthquake - 1000 people suffered, and explosions - no casualties.
    Or they just want to blame the accident, but have not yet figured out who.

    Either everyone really likes the idea of ​​\uXNUMXb\uXNUMXbSVO, but they looked at ours and decided, "well, what the hell, we'll play thinner"
  3. usm5 Offline usm5
    usm5 (George) 30 January 2023 11: 42
    Iran does not have a common border with Israel, so military operations can only be carried out in the air and at sea, and here too, not everything is clear if Russia helps with the organization of air defense. . But the US has bases in Iraq and Syria. But on them you can work with pro-Iranian formations to the fullest. Israel, too, will not find it small if Shiite groups in Syria and Lebanon receive NATO weapons from the Ukrainian theater of operations.
  4. Yaroslav_Wise Offline Yaroslav_Wise
    Yaroslav_Wise (Yaroslav) 31 January 2023 08: 32
    What's there to guess? The United States developed the operation, Israel carried it out. Or the American fighters carried out an attack on Iran from the territory of Israel and with the consent of Israel. America is doing everything to intimidate the Muslim world for cooperation with Russia. Pakistan also received a "warning" that, they say, it is not necessary to be friends with Russia. So, as we see, even the Muslim world is bending under the US. A kind of "shameful Muslim world"
  5. Flight Offline Flight
    Flight (voi) 31 January 2023 10: 24
    How will it start? Are there allies of the Airans in the Americas? Or in Africa? Maybe they're hiding somewhere in Australia in the bushes. The Jews would not have been so borzel, knowing that someone other than the Iranians could hit them. For example, as ours, at one time. Well, China will again earn money on this - the most partner-friendly of the partners.
  6. Vladimir Tuzakov (Vladimir Tuzakov) 4 February 2023 15: 28
    The problem is that we do not know the consequences of attacks on Iran. If the consequences are insignificant from such a massive strike, then it is the Kurds or someone else. Israel and the United States have both intelligence and capabilities, hit accurately and painfully, and such massive attacks without significant consequences are not like Israeli ones. Let's wait, time will tell, but Iran received blows due to military cooperation with the Russian Federation. Because the roots of the attack are still in the United States and Israel.