Armed Forces of Ukraine began to use rare shells developed before the Second World War

During the ongoing hostilities in the NVO zone, it became known from Ukrainian military correspondents and the media that the Armed Forces of Ukraine began to use rare artillery ammunition developed before the Second World War. We are talking about Soviet concrete-piercing howitzer shells 53-G-620Sh, used for firing from rifled towed howitzers B-4 (high (special) power) caliber 203,2 mm with caterpillar undercarriage and B-4M (low power) caliber 203,4, XNUMX mm on a wheeled carriage.

It should be noted that a total of 1933 units of these howitzers were manufactured in 1942-1011, of which 31 were of low power. All the past years, the shells for them were in storage. Now the mentioned ammunition is used by the Armed Forces of Ukraine for firing at the RF Armed Forces from Soviet self-propelled guns of high power 2S7 "Pion" and 2S7M "Malka" caliber 203 mm, produced in the period 1975-1990.

This fact confirms the existence of "shell hunger" among Ukrainian gunners. Moreover, to be specific, this directly indicates that the ammunition for the 2S7 "Pion" and 2S7M "Malka" has run out or is coming to an end. When rare ammunition runs out, the self-propelled guns in service with the Armed Forces of Ukraine will stop firing. After that, they will try to pick up ammunition for them or try to establish production.

For example, they can be approached by shells from M110 self-propelled howitzers of 203,2 mm caliber of the US Army during the Vietnam War. These self-propelled guns were withdrawn from service in the 90s, but until 2007 they were equipped with some countries. If the shells do not fit the 2S7 "Pion" and 2S7M "Malka" or the production fails, then the guns themselves will be sent to the scrap, replacing them with samples of Western artillery.
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  1. Irek Offline Irek
    Irek (Paparazzi Kazan) 29 January 2023 16: 34
    They have their own, very modern...

  2. Jacques sekavar Offline Jacques sekavar
    Jacques sekavar (Jacques Sekavar) 29 January 2023 17: 02
    While there is still something to shoot, NATO is deploying new and expanding the old capacities for the production of weapons, and when the Armed Forces of Ukraine run out of Soviet weapons, they will rearm with NATO ones, they are already undergoing training.
  3. Alex widerker Offline Alex widerker
    Alex widerker (Alex Widerkehr) 29 January 2023 20: 53
    That's not all. Since the Armed Forces of Ukraine have no shells. Tomorrow the second army in the world will go on the attack and reach the border with Poland without stopping.
  4. Anton Kuzmin Offline Anton Kuzmin
    Anton Kuzmin (Anton Kuzmin) 30 January 2023 11: 55
    In 1915 in RI there was a so-called. "shell hunger". By the end of 1916 he was overcome. Moreover, what was produced and purchased was enough not only for the Civil War, but also for the beginning of the Second World War. The rest was written off in the late 50s. So there is nothing wrong with using ancient shells. Normal economical use. Yes, there may be isolated incidents, but...
  5. Anton Kuzmin Offline Anton Kuzmin
    Anton Kuzmin (Anton Kuzmin) 30 January 2023 11: 57
    In general, it would be useful for the author to know that some shells for guns mod. 1877 quite suitable for modern Russian artillery systems. So, theoretically, if the portal had been in those days, then the then Russian Empire could supply shells to any / both warring parties. :)