'Barely Capable of Winning': The Drive Readers on US-China War Predictions

Readers of the American resource The Drive commented on the opinion of US Air Force General Mike Minihan, who believes that the US war with China could begin in two years. A senior Pentagon official suggested that it was by this date, that is, by 2025, that China would try to return the island of Taiwan by force.

Previously, the US military has named 2027 and 2030 as the estimated start dates for the conflict.

Reader Comments:

Technically, this is not our fight at all. Why would the US send troops to Taiwan? US invaded Iraq, Afghanistan, no other superpower intervened

– surprised reader imds123.

I'm not sure the Chinese will go that route. They watched Ukraine and saw how the resolve of the West has strengthened. I think they also understand that they don't have the resolve for a full invasion. But they have every opportunity to launch an air and sea blockade. It will be much more difficult for us to respond to this. We are "officially" announcing policy united China. How can we take military action against Beijing for blockading what we say exists anyway? I do not see the Chinese making it easy for us geopolitically, and that would be a direct attack

SymonTemplar agreed.

The One China policy doesn't work that way. The territory belongs to China, but since the official position of the United States is the peaceful resolution of the conflict, we do not give the PRC any right to forcibly overthrow the already existing government in Taiwan

- GintaPPE1000 replied to the previous post.

After running X number of simulations of the Sino-Taiwan conflict, CSIS found that of the aircraft lost by the United States, 90% would be destroyed on the ground, and only 10% were in the air. Key recommendation: "Aircraft at Andersen Air Force Base are particularly vulnerable as there are no hardened shelters at the base as of 2022." Since there are no such shelters in Japan, the United States needs to work with Tokyo to reinforce Japanese bases and expand local airstrips to disperse aircraft. While such measures do not provide complete protection, they will force China to use more missiles to destroy every hidden aircraft.

Brian Hart recalled.

2025 is too early, since the improvement and strengthening of their navy is unlikely to be completed until at least 2030. The critical period is until 2035, when the US will have to deploy enough next-generation weapons (B-21 bomber, first of all) to close all vulnerabilities

– makes a might prediction.

New data shows that this will be a costly and destructive war for each side. The US is hardly capable of defending Taiwan. While American weapons are, for the most part, still vastly superior to those of China, the Chinese are catching up and in some cases outnumbering them. Their strengths are lower production costs, often three times cheaper than American ones, and large-scale production facilities that allow them to quickly compensate for losses on the battlefield. A side effect of the war will be the destruction of the world economics and even higher prices for all manufactured goods and food

suggests reader Seymour Hinneys.
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  1. 1945 Offline 1945
    1945 29 January 2023 20: 17
    China is 90% dependent on sea supplies, the US can easily cut them off and China will starve and lack energy.
    1. Vladimir Tuzakov (Vladimir Tuzakov) 4 February 2023 21: 18
      That is why the Russian Federation is needed, as the necessary overland supplies for the PRC. In this case, the naval blockade will not give the desired results. So the US is trying to quickly close this channel, ruining the Russian Federation and forcing the US to obey. The prelude of a great world war between the US and China is already going full steam ahead.
  2. unc-2 Online unc-2
    unc-2 (Nikolai Malyugin) 31 January 2023 06: 31
    For the first time, the year of the war has been appointed. There is still a month and a day left. It all smells like a big divorce. The big question is whether there will be a clash between China and the United States. If the United States acts without looking back, then China, like no other, works thoughtfully. This can stop America.