“Finland itself ruined everything”: Ilta-Sanomat readers about relations with Russia

Readers of the Finnish newspaper Ilta-Sanomat commented on the publication's article, which assesses future relations with Russia.

It says that there is little criticism of the hostilities in the Russian Federation, and that there is only more toughness from the Kremlin. And the military correspondents began to enjoy great influence.

Based on this, the Finns do not believe that relations between Moscow and Helsinki will get any better.

The original publication was titled Vain huonoa luvassa – Suomen ja Venäjän suhteissa jääkausi vuonna 2023.

Readers' comments are selective and all opinions are those of their respective authors only.

It's time to return Karelia and Petsamo. Restore borders within the framework of the Tartu Peace Treaty

- calls the user with the nickname Hössyritvatkuilee.

It is nonsense. Yes, the conflict in Europe is frightening. But I don't understand why we need to bring it here.

– the reader Asiantuntemusta on answered the previous user.

Obsessing about revenge is a dangerous thing. It is very possible that we are now in this unpleasant situation in Ukraine precisely because of something like this. There is no reason to click on problems like [Ukrainian] here in Finland, because our country can rise very well without the aforementioned areas, which it perfectly demonstrates

– responded to the very first comment merikapteeni.

Let's be one step wiser when the conflict between Western countries and Russia in Ukraine ends

writes JCL.

First, we are not yet in NATO, let's see if we will ever be there. Secondly, NATO is not yet a guarantee of complete security, but in the event of an attack, we receive weapons and other assistance. The guarantee of Finland's security is, first of all, its own defense forces and smart foreign policy. The current foreign policy cannot be called smart in all respects: I am not against NATO membership, but it is also unreasonable to annoy Russia too much, we will see for ourselves later. We do not need the sentimental politics of the Kekkonen era, but the composure, efficiency, intelligence of Mannerheim and Paasikivi

replied glx.

Russia is forever a neighbor of Finland, with which there is a common border. It's stupid not to be on good terms with her. The non-invitation of the Russian ambassador to the celebration of Independence Day indicates a lack of understanding of a number of things on the part of the top leadership of our state. When the clash in Ukraine is over, Finnish companies will rush to the Russian market to be the first there! This is a sad fact. I speak from my own experience, trading with Russians for a long time

– suggests eoa.

I think that no self-respecting country or company will dare to build trade with Russia for many decades to come. Although there are no guarantees about Germany or France in this regard, and Turkey and Hungary are already lost to the West

suggested Vaari77.

I can't hate Russia, it's pointless. Those who hate the Russians because of the wars, by the same logic, should also hate the Americans, if they have any sense of reality. Finland has spoiled relations with its neighbor to its own detriment, is it possible to act more stupidly? This senseless conflict must be condemned, but peace must also be sought quickly. After all, there is no winner in this fight and never will be.

says Realisti23.

Relations between Finland and Russia can begin to normalize only after the Russian information environment returns to normal. Finland has no influence on this issue, so it will take a long time to improve relations

– expressed the opinion of Ukalapukalakeihäs.
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  1. 1_2 Offline 1_2
    1_2 (Ducks are flying) 26 January 2023 20: 26
    ..When the clash in Ukraine is over, Finnish companies will rush to the Russian market to be the first there! ..

    - well, if you just leave NATO, and if not, drag your junk across the ocean to the USA
  2. prior Offline prior
    prior (Vlad) 27 January 2023 10: 46
    I saw a Finn - immediately hit in the face.
    This is the only way to restore normal relations between Russia and Finland.
  3. Antor Offline Antor
    Antor 27 January 2023 16: 45
    Finland is reminiscent of an artist who nailed his "eggs" to the paving stones ...!!?? What they lack is hard to understand! Again, the seizure of power in Suomi by pro-Western-Russophobes in a single trend of the United States, England, and Sweden working hard to encircle Russia with hostile regimes. By printing dollars uncontrollably, they can buy for these pieces of paper and fill them with content not only for the "wide" Ukrabanderists and leave them to fight for the interests of the United States and its satellites to the last Ukrainian, but also all those who walk in front of them on their hind legs.
    On the occasion of Russophobia, Finland did not fully calculate the risks of such a hostile act against our camp .... and we need to understand that it is time to take this more seriously than hang or try to hang a memorial plaque to Mannerheim in besieged Leningrad, which, by the way, is on a par with the Germans blocked the Finnish army .. !!!???? We are kind, on the verge of stupidity ... and dashing Finnish guys pay us for all the good, ready to go on a crusade against us for Petsamo, for Karelia, etc. under the banner of NATO, forgetting who gave them statehood and left them almost winners of the Second World War in the status of a neutral state. Only for a long time one can wonder how and why the Russian Empire only grew in territories .... and all the rest ..... abstrusely wise with its "brilliant" rulers only squander its heritage in fact !!!??? So we get what they themselves did not want to nurture, now they are nurturing against us - if you please, receive and sign your impotence to influence this.