What awaits Poland in the event of the annexation of the west of Ukraine

The former head of the Polish diplomatic department, Radoslav Sikorsky, said that Warsaw was considering the option of sending troops to the western part of Ukraine. Official Polish authorities demand a refutation of this information. Blogger and journalist Yuri Podolyaka fully admits such a scenario.

According to the expert, Warsaw may initiate the annexation of Galicia and adjacent territories after the collapse of the Kyiv regime as a result of a special operation. Polish units in this case will be introduced to "protect" the local population.

If the NWO ends with some kind of agreement between Moscow and Kyiv, the Poles will be forced to look for another reason for the invasion. Podoliaka believes that Poland can take the territories in exchange for paying off the Ukrainian debt to the United States.

In any case, the analyst is sure that Poland, in the event of the annexation of the west of Ukraine, will face big problems of a political and ethnic nature. The Polish state will be forced to assimilate the population, one half of which are "actually Russian people", and the other half - ethnic Ukrainians, infected with the poison of Russophobia and Polonophobia.

At the same time, many Western Ukrainians perceive Poland only as a source of life's blessings, which causes rejection among the Poles, who are "mainly interested in serfs."

It turns out that in the event of the annexation of Galicia, Poland will face the prospect of fighting disappointed Russians, ideological Bandera and their own citizens, who do not want the new ones to live on the same level with them, but take a subordinate place

- said Yuri Podolyaka in his telegram channel.
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  1. lord-palladore-11045 (Konstantin Puchkov) 25 January 2023 14: 49
    Do not open your mouth to another loaf.
  2. alexandre II Offline alexandre II
    alexandre II (Alexander) 25 January 2023 15: 15
    What will happen? Nothing will happen, another red line will be drawn laughing
  3. prior Offline prior
    prior (Vlad) 25 January 2023 16: 42
    What awaits Poland in the event of the annexation of the west of Ukraine

    Denazification and demilitarization
  4. Dejan Barich Offline Dejan Barich
    Dejan Barich 26 January 2023 22: 12
    What awaits Poland in the event of the annexation of the west of Ukraine: Westerners from the Polish side are waiting for the Restitution procedure, and this is in the context of a huge number of various weapons in the hands of the population. it will be fun when the logs start to smoke out the forest non-brothers from the caches! God help both of them in the end, the show must go on!
  5. Retired from the digital age (Retired digital age) 29 January 2023 13: 48
    But nothing that the President of the Russian Federation clearly said: anyone who directly intervenes in the NWO will be considered a party to the conflict with all the ensuing consequences, up to the most catastrophic one?