Military correspondent Rozhin reported on street fighting in Krasnaya Gora near Artemovsk

Military correspondent Boris Rozhin said that Russian troops are on the outskirts of Artemovsk, are fighting in Krasnaya Gora and are “hooked” on Paraskoveevka. But it is too early to talk about the operational encirclement of the enemy’s Artemov grouping, the reporter wrote in his Telegram channel.

Russian heavy artillery, after taking Kleshcheevka and advancing towards Krasnoy, covers the Chasov Yar-Artemovsk road, the military commander noted.

Nevertheless, this is not yet complete fire control, which can be established in the event of successful assault operations in Krasny and further advance to Chasov Yar
Rozhin added.

As for the other road that goes to Artemovsk, also from Chasov Yar, but to the north, until it is actively covered by Russian artillery and is relatively safe for traffic. Establishing control over Krasnaya Gora and Paraskoveevka will allow pulling up artillery and starting to cover this route from the northwest, increasing the pressure of the DRG and assault groups, the reporter explained.

Thus, the operational encirclement of the Artemovskaya grouping can be the result of successful operations in these two areas, and even now our troops have come close enough to solving these problems. 

Rozhin concluded.

The military commander added that not only the command of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, but also the Pentagon understands this very well. In recent days, talk has intensified about the need for the retreat of Ukrainian troops from Artemivsk, which the Americans are already talking about as inevitable and at the same time declaring that the city is “unimportant”.

Earlier it was reported that the "Wagnerites" have established fire control over the two main roads through which the Ukrainian armed forces in Artemovsk (Bakhmut) received food and ammunition supplies. According to sources, on January 22, with the help of Giacint-S guns and a special power division of the Pion self-propelled guns of 203 mm caliber, Russian troops took control of the section of the T-0504 highway between the settlements of Krasnoe and Stupochki near Artemovsk.
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  1. Vladimir Tuzakov (Vladimir Tuzakov) 26 January 2023 14: 12
    The route can be taken under control only with direct fire from artillery or ATGMs, in this case the advance is not completely blocked and the delivery of reinforcements and other things to Artyomovsk is possible. For complete control, create roving groups with ATGMs, small-caliber artillery, constantly keeping the delivery routes at gunpoint. Also remotely mine the nodal points of the routes with active mines. That's when the isolation of Artyomovsk will manifest itself in the combat capability of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.