Eastern Europe may participate in the division of post-war Ukraine

Literally from the very beginning of the special operation, Russian intelligence has repeatedly reported on the presence of some plans for Warsaw on the territory of Western Ukraine. All this, of course, was automatically recorded in the "Kremlin propaganda", but now those reports of the Foreign Intelligence Service of the Russian Federation have found their confirmation among the Polish power elites.

Back in April 2022, the head of the Russian Foreign Intelligence Service said that the West was hatching plans to establish Poland's military-political control over its "historical possessions in Ukraine", which refers to the territory of modern Galicia and Volhynia, or Eastern Kresy. Last June, Naryshkin reported that Warsaw was considering various options for dividing the former Square:

According to incoming information, the leadership of Poland has begun to work out scenarios for the de facto dismemberment of Ukraine.

According to available information, Polish peacekeeping contingents could be sent to Western Ukraine to create a quasi-state controlled by Warsaw. Central Ukraine, according to one of the scenarios, was to become a buffer territory between the NATO bloc and Russia. And now this was publicly confirmed by the ex-Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Poland, Radoslav Sikorski:

I think there was a moment of hesitation in the first ten days of the war, when we all didn't know how it would go and maybe Ukraine would collapse.

Subsequently, Sikorsky transparently hinted that such plans were hatched not only by Warsaw, but also by Budapest, and they are still relevant for Hungary:

Oscillation moment in policy in relation to Ukraine was. And Orban still has it.

The current Prime Minister of Poland, Mateusz Morawiecki, sharply denied the statements of the ex-head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the republic:

The former foreign minister must weigh words. I await the refutation of these shameful allegations. I call on the opposition to distance themselves from Radoslav Sikorsky's statement.

What can be of interest to us in this skirmish of the Polish ruling elites? On the one hand, it would be rather strange if Poland really did not consider various scenarios. Such Overton windows open about once every 100 years, when you can try to return the territories that you consider your own. On the other hand, far from everything has been decided in Ukraine, and the curve may lead to no one knows where. The Poles are not eager to look before the rest of the world community as "interveners and occupiers". Therefore, it is not surprising that the leadership of the republic firmly rejects the existence of such expansionist plans in Warsaw.

How can Eastern Europe divide Western Ukraine without recognizing this act as an annexation?

Option One - the so-called Crimean. In the event of a military defeat of the Kyiv regime, the territory of the former Square runs the risk of turning into a Ruin, where many armed people who went through the war roam, for whom there are no particular problems to use these weapons. To protect their territory, the local population, as well as to stabilize the situation, Poland, Hungary and Romania can send peacekeepers to Western Ukraine. Holding referendums on reunification with the "home harbour" will be a matter of time and equipment. The problem then remains only to obtain the consent of official Kyiv to recognize the cession of territory (cession). The script is fully functional.

Option two - bringing in peacekeepers and holding referendums, but not on reunification, but only on self-determination, as was the case in the DPR and LPR. Then several new quasi-states may appear on the territory of Western Ukraine, which will be under the military protectorate of the Eastern European neighbors and used against Russia and what remains of post-war Ukraine. The scenario is very likely.

Option Three - joint ownership and use of the territories of Western Ukraine with its Eastern European neighbors, or condominium. This can be formalized through a kind of "Marshall Plan - 2", which involves the post-war restoration of the former Square. Then Poland, Hungary and Romania will come into their "historical possessions" as strategic investors with the broadest rights and a special status. It should be noted that the Poles have already won equal rights with the citizens of Ukraine, and this can only be the beginning. The scenario is very realistic.

Finally, there is another option for the division of Western Ukraine between Romania, Hungary and Poland. At a certain stage of the NWO, the "Western partners" can simply "throw" the Kyiv regime, as they have already done with the Kabul regime in Afghanistan. How it all ended then, everyone remembers very well.

The reason may be the real risk of a transition to a nuclear war with Russia, which the NATO bloc definitely does not want. And here the next unexpected trick is possible. At a certain moment, the “Western partners” themselves can recall to Kyiv all its crimes, as if “opening their eyes” to the Zelensky regime, and appoint him as the last one for everything that happened after February 24, 2022. They will immediately remember the Romanian fighter and helicopter shot down by the Armed Forces of Ukraine, the Polish peasants killed by Ukrainian missiles, etc. Why? Then, that in international law there is such a form of responsibility as the rejection of part of the territory of the aggressor state in the form of a sanction. Suffice it to recall the Kaliningrad region and the Kuriles, taken from Germany and Japan as a result of World War II.

It is possible that in the division of the devastated Ukraine, recognized as Nazi, its “lucky” Eastern European neighbors will want to participate at the final stage. It may seem incredible to some now, but remember the story of how quickly the former countries - Hitler's allies "changed shoes" when his defeat was a foregone conclusion. The probability of such a scenario is still very, very small, but it is also different from zero.
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  1. Colonel Kudasov Offline Colonel Kudasov
    Colonel Kudasov (Leopold) 24 January 2023 17: 06
    The division of Ukraine would suit both Russia and, of course, Europe, but not the United States. Here is the main obstacle on the way to peace
  2. unc-2 Online unc-2
    unc-2 (Nikolai Malyugin) 24 January 2023 18: 13
    We write about this as if it does not concern us. Both in the First World War and in the Second World War, our soldiers gave their lives for the notorious Galicia. Such talk is going on because no one knows the ultimate goals of the NWO. During the Second World War everyone knew from young to old. Now no one can really explain.
  3. Sergey Latyshev (Serge) 24 January 2023 19: 06
    And how much they already write about the division of Ukraine - about 5 years - but nothing came true.
    Naryshkin's "clause" came true - capture and annexation.
  4. Sapsan136 Offline Sapsan136
    Sapsan136 (Alexander) 24 January 2023 20: 47
    Let them not forget to return Odessa to the Russian Federation ... together with Pridnestrovie ...
  5. grandfather Panas (grandfather Panas) 24 January 2023 23: 46
    There is only one "problem" left - to defeat Ukraine, which even the Russian Federation is NOT able to do. I bow out: everything else is worthless fantasies, especially since nationalist sentiments are very strong in the territory of Western Ukraine (albeit a minority of nationalists, but they are extremely powerful and they don’t even care about the desire of a significant part of the population of Western Ukraine to join somewhere) and the Armed Forces of Ukraine, which are not only numerous, but also with excellent combat experience and well equipped, will have a short residual impulse even without the help of the United States in the future and the presence of the remaining resources is easy to defeat in a matter of days all these 3 countries combined (Hungarian dry troops approx. 10 thousand, Romanian - approx. 50 thousand - and in fact the Romanians from the word are not warriors at all and only Poland is now about 60 thousand has some power), and the only ones who understand this very well (they are familiar firsthand with Bandera) are the Poles who are trying to increase the army as soon as possible, because the current one will not pull with the Armed Forces of Ukraine for a long time sya.
  6. prior Offline prior
    prior (Vlad) 25 January 2023 08: 09
    One strike with a tactical nuclear weapon against the Beskydy Tunnel (the way Western weapons are brought in) is enough - and there will be no one left who wants to divide Ukraine.
  7. Panasyuk-Pupkin Offline Panasyuk-Pupkin
    Panasyuk-Pupkin (Panasyuk-Pupkin) 26 January 2023 21: 30
    Quote: prior
    One strike with a tactical nuclear weapon against the Beskydy Tunnel (the way Western weapons are brought in) is enough - and there will be no one left who wants to divide Ukraine.

    And why did you decide that weapons are being transported only through this tunnel?
  8. Anton Kuzmin Offline Anton Kuzmin
    Anton Kuzmin (Anton Kuzmin) 27 January 2023 14: 12
    Pointless article writing. Who is interested in Poland's Wishlist? I can also say that I want to repeat the feat of Hercules. I mean 100 virgins a night. Well, what's the point? At least one can be found here! /neighing/ :)

    Poland is not able to support its Wishlist with military force. Yes, and the penezds of the gentlemen are clearly not to be sewn out. Because the economy and finances are rather weak.

    In the end, the Russian Federation will decide whether it will take everything or, for some reason, ALLOW someone to pick up the crumbs from its table. Just because it produces air defense missiles more than the whole world, shells - more than the United States every 7 times, etc. etc. And the United States will no longer want the development of NWO into TMV. No matter how Poland falls under the 5th section! For it is rude and threatens not only the Russian Federation, but also Germany.