How can Russia respond to the appearance of highly mobile 155-mm self-propelled guns in the Armed Forces of Ukraine

How can Russia respond to the appearance of highly mobile 155-mm self-propelled guns in the Armed Forces of Ukraine

The next package of Western military assistance to Ukraine contains not only a large number of tanks, infantry fighting vehicles and armored personnel carriers, but also various powerful self-propelled guns and howitzers. It is not surprising, since the special operation at this, Donbass, stage has long turned into a positional war, where the main role belongs to large-caliber artillery. How can Russia respond to this?

Wheel self-propelled guns

As we have already noted in article about wheeled tanks, the realities of the SVO look like this: a tank or self-propelled artillery system (self-propelled artillery mount) leaves for a position, fires 1-2 shots, and then hastily hides so as not to become a victim of a counter-battery fight. It is also extremely problematic to assemble a powerful artillery battery somewhere in one place of the RF Armed Forces and continuously demolish enemy fortifications, since the Armed Forces of Ukraine, thanks to the NATO satellite constellation, all see from above and can hit such significant military targets with pinpoint strikes from the HIMARS MLRS.

For effective counter-battery combat in such conditions, a competent combination of constant aerial reconnaissance with the help of UAVs, reliable secure communications and highly mobile large-caliber artillery is required. The new military assistance package for the Armed Forces of Ukraine includes 19 French Caesar self-propelled guns, 26-30 Czech Dana-M2 self-propelled guns and 12 Swedish Archer self-propelled guns. The most dangerous for the RF Armed Forces are the Archers, which should be discussed in more detail.

It should be borne in mind that self-propelled howitzers on a wheeled chassis, as cheaper and highly mobile versions of tracked self-propelled guns, are used in many countries of the world. France has its own CAESAR 155-mm self-propelled guns, the Czech Republic has a 152-mm Dana self-propelled gun, Israel has a 155-mm ATMOS 2000 self-propelled gun, Serbia has a 155-mm NORA B-52 self-propelled howitzer, China has a 155-mm self-propelled artillery installation SH1, USA - self-propelled guns with a 155-mm gun M776 Brutus, in South Africa - self-propelled guns G6 "Rhino" with a caliber of 155 mm. One of the most advanced is the Swedish-made FH77 BW L52 "Archer" self-propelled guns, which in the amount of 12 units will soon fall into the hands of the Ukrainian military.

This self-propelled guns was developed by Stockholm to replace towed howitzers in order to increase the mobility and maneuverability of Swedish artillery units. The result was very impressive. The self-propelled gun was originally created to move through the most difficult terrain at speeds up to 70 km / h, for which the chassis of a Volvo A30D car with a 6x6 wheel arrangement, which has a 340 horsepower diesel engine, was used. The self-propelled guns are capable of moving on complete impassability and snow up to a meter deep, it is protected from an explosion when hitting a mine. The crew of the Archer is housed in an armored cockpit that provides ballistic protection and is equipped with a system of protection against weapons of mass destruction (chemical, biological and nuclear), as well as a number of means to reduce visibility. The armor protects it from small arms fire and shell fragments.

Firing from the 155mm howitzer is fully automated. Loading, stowage and firing are carried out from inside the armored cabin, providing maximum protection to its crew at all times, which consists of the ACS commander, gun operator and driver. If necessary, even one person can fire. The installation's ammunition load is 21 rounds, and the firing range reaches 40 km with conventional 155-mm ammunition and up to 60 km with Excalibur-type high-precision guided munitions. Archer is able to shoot within 30 seconds after stopping the movement, and how long will it take him to resume it after completing the task.

As you can see, the Swedish self-propelled guns have very serious performance characteristics and can create a lot of problems for the RF Armed Forces, especially when using precision-guided munitions. How could our military-industrial complex respond to such a challenge?

Don't we need Russian "Coast"?

In our country, there are two promising self-propelled guns on a wheelbase, which can be considered competitors to the Swedish "Archer".

First - this is a 152-mm self-propelled gun 2S43 "Malva", built on the basis of the BAZ-6010-027 all-terrain vehicle chassis with an 8 × 8 wheel formula, a load capacity of up to 19,5 tons and a maximum speed of up to 80 km / h, which can be developed by a 470-horsepower engine. From the side, the self-propelled guns resemble the Bastion DBK, but its weapons are not anti-ship missiles, but the 152-mm 2A64 rifled howitzer, borrowed from the self-propelled guns 2S19 Msta-S. Ammunition is designed for 30 shots, which can be fired at a speed of 7 per minute. The maximum firing range of a conventional projectile is 24,5 km. The ACS calculation is represented by 5 crew members.

The main advantage of "Malva" over "Msta-S" is considered to be its lower weight, greater speed and maneuverability, as well as lower cost during production and subsequent operation. The disadvantages are also obvious: a qualitatively lower security of the crew compared to a tracked self-propelled guns. This wheeled howitzer is positioned not as a replacement, but as an addition to the Msta-S.

The second - This is a wheeled version of the tracked self-propelled guns 2S35 "Coalition-SV" called 2S35-1 "Coalition-SV-KSh". The Coalition-SV was created on the basis of the T-90 tank and is capable of firing 152-mm projectiles at a speed of 10 to 16 rounds per minute at a maximum distance of 70-80 km with high-precision projectiles and up to 40 km with conventional ones. In the wheeled version, the gun is mounted on a reinforced KAMAZ-6560 truck chassis. The fighting compartment is uninhabited, the crew is accommodated in an armored cabin. The ACS deployment time is 1,5 minutes. On the basis of "Coalition-SV-KSh" it is planned to create an artillery complex for the Coast Guard of the Russian Navy.

Such promising self-propelled guns will be able to compete with Western models of artillery, which are increasingly falling into the hands of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. However, our fleet is armed with such large-caliber artillery mounts that could help the Ground Forces of the RF Armed Forces to crush enemy positions right now.

Self-propelled coastal 130 mm artillery complex A-222 "Bereg" was developed in the USSR to destroy surface ships of small and medium displacement with speed characteristics up to 100 knots, with a detection radius of up to 35 kilometers and a range of up to 22 kilometers. He was supposed to act in conjunction with coastal missile systems, which have their own "blind" zones. The complex can operate both on sea and on land targets.

MAK "Bereg" uses the ship's gun mount AK-130, also known as "ZIF-94", and some elements from the 152 mm self-propelled howitzer type 2S-19 "Msta". The crew consists of six people: commander, gunner and four loaders. The BR-136 fire control system with optoelectronic and radar channels for detecting and conducting detected targets allows you to track up to 4 targets, provide firing with any self-propelled guns at 2 objects, after firing at one of the targets, instantly organize firing at the next accompanied by an object, both single shots and a burst of 4 to 12 shots per minute. Such a good mobile tool for artillery suppression of enemy positions.
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  1. +11
    21 January 2023 13: 34
    It is wrong to respond with the same means to the enemy, this leads to parity of fire (or worse, because it is less precise) and to large losses. Use other, more effective means, here the first is loitering ammunition of the Lancet type. With them, it will be faster and less expensive to destroy all self-propelled guns. The whole question is the development of sufficiently lethal (Lancet-5 warhead is too weak) and MASS production and supply to the troops. This is the first thing that needs to be done today, especially before the arrival of new batches of high-precision weapons for the Armed Forces of Ukraine. We already have enough reconnaissance UAVs (together, both Chinese civilians and part of the military-industrial complex of the Russian Federation), the transition to attack UAVs has long been overripe, we need to catch up quickly. Through blood and losses, it reaches the brains and orders from responsible officials of the RF Ministry of Defense for the necessary weapons, it’s not time to toughen demand and rotation for such blunders, because such failures are systemic.
    1. +3
      21 January 2023 20: 23
      It must be understood that the Lancet flies to where the target has already been reconnoitered. Unlike the United States, we don’t have loitering power supplies yet, and this sucks.
      1. +4
        21 January 2023 21: 43
        The author, as always, has good material. "Mr. Z" has overly bravura stuff.
        But you must admit: it is more interesting to read the material-analysis of a specialist, and the author is a journalist.
        And different levels of knowledge.
        I say this as the widow of an officer and son of a tanker.
        We have a million "sofa experts." I heard a lot of opinions about the T90m and T-72B3 and repeated to my son. He obscenely spoke about "couch experts", and then said: T-72b3 (modification 2016) and T-90m, one of the most advanced tanks in the world, but there are few of them. Obsolete cars and outright rubbish prevail, such as the T-64.
        Therefore, I would like to read the opinion of an expert
        1. +1
          22 January 2023 02: 27
          (TYPE 2) Each weapon has its own niche and application. That's the point. Even the old T-64s are very usable. Here the main application depends on the competence of commanders and officers. Over time and losses, there are more and more good "run-in" officers. Russia has not lost wars for its vital interests; in Ukraine, vital interests are clearly present in many respects.
        2. 0
          22 January 2023 13: 09
          It is possible to restore the development of 2009 "Kama 1"
          I also noticed that there is some kind of hatred towards the "sofa" experts! Sofa experts do not cause any material and patriotic damage to the country. The fact that 99% are not technically aware is not their fault, but the lack of specialists on the forums. and not the desire of couch experts to surf the Internet and read articles about our tanks. But this takes a lot of time. I haven’t read more than one serviceman in military equipment or working at a military enterprise out of 100 comments. They are practically absent everywhere. It is necessary to somehow distinguish couch "experts" from hired bots by the site owner. Hired bots have the text like a cape! They do not criticize, but praise! There is no analysis of what is happening. Bots always lead to another topic. They praise the story, vilify the aponents in the comments. They do not at least do some kind of investigation. How many critical articles from amateur specialists were about saving on DZ, about the lack of protection from the machine gunner on the turret, and many others from 2016. And only at the end of 22 they began to install DZ in all places of the T-72 BM3, and not only this one DZ, and much more began to be installed. Almost all information about the T-72 and T-90 tanks can be found on the wiki! As well as many articles on the modernization of these tanks,
        3. 0
          22 January 2023 14: 21
          very detailed and does not load blogger Hellfire555

          Dec 8 2022
          Another batch of T-72B3 tanks has been shipped, at the moment it is probably their newest modification, the vehicle received dz in a circle, protection of sloths was added, there is a dz on the gun mantlet, an anti-cumulative grid appeared under the turret, sight curtains received mechanization.
          1. 0
            25 February 2023 19: 24
            I agree, I also like the Hellfire channel.
        4. -1
          24 January 2023 21: 47
          madam, you underestimate the T-64 in vain, Mr. Z wrote about them and about our T-72, T-80 and T-90M, two links below (the first about Ukrainian T-64s, the second about our T-72s, T-80s and T-90M)

          I barely found these texts, only out of respect for my tanker son
          1. +1
            24 January 2023 22: 05
            Tell us about the level of training of Ukrainian crews and the ability to use tricked-out stray from Western armored "wunderwaffles"?
            1. -1
              25 January 2023 22: 04
              dude, can you read? we are talking about the T-64BM Bulat
      2. +2
        21 January 2023 22: 19
        Yes, and from the Coalition, you need to shoot at reconnoitered targets. Not in the void.
    2. +1
      22 January 2023 14: 27
      How can Russia respond to the appearance of highly mobile 155-mm self-propelled guns in the Armed Forces of Ukraine

      Answer: "nothing". Listed by the author exists in the form of single copies. In addition, there is no adjustable ammunition for them in the quantity and quality that is available for Western gun mounts.
      1. 0
        22 January 2023 17: 03
        You can't fight and steal at the same time

        Rostec does not want to sell shells for $1000 when shells can be sold for $50000 each. Even if this is a revolution in artillery, even if it would reduce our losses tenfold, and increase the losses of the enemy by the same amount. How to cut money if the Ministry of Defense orders not 50-100 times more cheap high-precision projectiles. There are analogues of the M1156 PGK - a module from the Compass Design Bureau, developed as part of the Dynamics theme - noticeably cheaper than the Krasnopol, and intended to refine conventional artillery shells. These tips cost $1000 in 2011. This is nothing for precision weapons. And today they are even cheaper, because technology develops. Expensive and rare components in 2011 become cheap and common in 2021. The tests took place more than ten years ago, which is still unknown with serial production. fuse. It includes a combined fuse, a GLONASS signal receiver and control surfaces - aerodynamic rudders that unfold in flight and correct the trajectory of the projectile.
        None of the authors asks the question, What is Compass doing now? why no new developments?

        MKB "KOMPAS" is no more than 5 years old, and there were problems in the company a few years before that.

        MKB KOMPAS was located in the center of Moscow, a few years ago Compass was taken over by another enterprise with a not the closest profile, and the remnants of the employees were transferred to an industrial zone on the outskirts of Moscow (the production of Compass is also located there). Only the legal address remained in the center.

        Accordingly, during these events, a lot of employees involved in navigation were lost.

        I think it’s worth not only writing that “all the polymers have been pissed off”, i.e. a tip from Compass, but rather lost the team who developed it and could bring it to the desired characteristics.

        And another interesting moment - at the time of the development of this tip, the company was actually private, not state

        PS. Destruction of everything that stands on Moscow land! Moscow land is so expensive that there is no place for industry, research institutes, but only for offices with managers.
        1. 0
          22 January 2023 22: 13
          As it was at a seminar in Moscow. The hosts were Muscovites (naturally). The leader on one of the discussion questions "... we are in Moscow ...", and from the audience "... and we are in Russia ...". So the confrontation of Moscow merchants in conjunction with state administrators against everything rational that is not beneficial to them takes place.
        2. 0
          25 February 2023 19: 27
          I have read this article. P @ donks ruined the development of the module under the program "Dynamics" from the ICD "Compass".
    3. 0
      24 January 2023 10: 42
      The weak lancet often just scratches the equipment and that's it
  2. +3
    21 January 2023 13: 43
    One gets the feeling that the Defense Ministry wants to substitute the skins of its soldiers, the civilian population for all the latest Western weapons. It is no secret that the leadership of North Korea promised, at the slightest twitch of the United States, to provide a nuclear response. So what? The US shut up and does not protrude in their direction. But in Russia? THE ARCHERS ARE GOING!!!! And what are the panic assurances of the entire top that Russia will never use nuclear weapons. What is the risk of the West throwing off all the weapons on the heads of the Russians???
    And who will believe that the leadership of the Russian Federation does not follow vile manuals (from letter to letter)? It's just that Biden, through his secretaries, gave the order and the fellows are ruining our boys, for the sake of testing the Western military-industrial complex. There can be no victory, conventional weapons and human resources of a plundered Russia, against the resources of the industrial West, without a nuclear response.
    What do you think, if the leadership of Russia puts the world before the fact that enterprises will be destroyed in those countries that continue to supply weapons and ammunition, what will happen? Maybe a terrible end is better than a horror without end?
    1. 0
      21 January 2023 22: 00
      "better a terrible end", but does everyone want to die? After all, - YaV.
      Perhaps you no longer remember or, most likely, but you haven’t read: “Red Star” and there, still Soviet nuclear scientists, they wrote: there will be no winner in nuclear war.
      A propitive nuclear strike is no longer a guarantee of victory: let's say silo-based missiles are hit, but submarines with nuclear weapons remain, and at what point in the world's oceans, it lurks, nuclear weapons carrier aircraft remain.
      I repeated what they read in the Red Star, 1989-90
      1. +1
        22 January 2023 11: 59
        Quote: VID 2
        Perhaps you no longer remember or, most likely, but you haven’t read: “Red Star” and there, still Soviet nuclear scientists, they wrote: there will be no winner in nuclear war.

        Now let's look differently. In an endless war, with the unfolding military-industrial complex of the West, the entire male population of Russia, from young to old, is gradually knocked out, and if there are supplies of long-range weapons, then the entire population of Russia will know the fate of Donetsk. Roosevelt and Churchill proposed, after the victory over Germany, that all Germans, males, be castrated and women sanitized (for brothels), only Stalin was against it. If we assume that it is completely exhausted, Russia will be forced to capitulate - will there be another "Stalin" there? At the same time, the main organizers will be unharmed (they will only grow fat from unprecedented profits). What conventional weapon will you get them? Only frank fear, before imminent death, kept the world after the 2nd World War. Now our bosses are hysterically proving that there will be no use of nuclear weapons (only as a response). What ..... will use nuclear weapons, on their part, having an innumerable production base and millions of rabble around the world who want to make money on the war?
        1. +2
          22 January 2023 17: 33
          But the plan of the West is precisely in this, to quietly not bring the Russian bear to rage and "bite and sting" him from all sides, instilling an imaginary fear that he will be left without his beloved honey. And they are masters of throwing honey, especially in those countries where bears are greedy for sweets.
        2. +1
          22 January 2023 22: 40
          Brother, why are you tearing the vest on your chest like that? We read the data of Rosstat: In Russia, the annual natural population decline is about 1 million people. And the losses in the SVO, according to the Ministry of Defense, are about 10.000 people. The numbers are inconsistent. Might be worth thinking about? And at such a pace, no West is needed, in 150 years we WILL DIE OUT!
    2. +2
      22 January 2023 14: 37
      Nuclear weapons forbade the use of the great helmsman Xi Jin, and zeroed - only the governor of the middle hand
    3. 0
      24 January 2023 10: 45
      I support it, and it’s as if there is nothing to answer us for this modern weaponry. What are we waiting for and where are we going?
  3. -1
    21 January 2023 14: 16
    So, in all the near-war media, from VO to Zvezda, they were promoting that NATO self-propelled guns were no match for ours.
    And secondly, according to theory, neither self-propelled guns should fight with self-propelled guns. No tanks with tanks.

    So why send our listed self-propelled guns to chase single Archers? unlikely.
    Or "Coast", "Coalition-SV-KSh", "Malva" is on the NWO. or not and there is nothing special to say
    1. +3
      21 January 2023 22: 17
      They say on the product: tanks chest to chest no longer fight. The last time, Hussein tried to move tanks on tanks and his tanks were destroyed beforehand
      Now the main word is for the UAV, loitering type.
      Almost identical drones are produced by: USA, Israel, 2 Chinese. I don't remember the names of our Israeli copy drones, but the engines are bad
    2. +5
      22 January 2023 13: 27
      Our military drove the same coalition for 3 years at the training grounds, in the end they just put it in the hangar. Probably they wanted to cut down the money in this way. But our generals are so arranged that they don’t need the latest technology at all, but only need the next rank and promotion, Another order for service. Even the generals are probably all fed through Rosoborexport. And if they don’t go for export, then the country will be left without modern weapons. And their children also hang out in defense enterprises as managers or as intermediaries. And they don’t give a damn about the country’s defense!
    3. The comment was deleted.
  4. +6
    21 January 2023 14: 26
    According to the article, it is obvious that we have nothing to answer - the range of our shells / howitzers is the same or less than NATO, and most of the described weapons we have in a single quantity. Chatter.
    1. 0
      21 January 2023 22: 09
      According to the article, it is obvious that we have nothing to answer

      According to the article, it is obvious that the author, to put it mildly, is off topic ..
      He's pushing you some kind of Soviet prodigy "with detection radius up to 35 kilometers and range up to 22 kilometers", without realizing that this is the day before yesterday ..
      1. 0
        21 January 2023 22: 27
        Where can I find the Competent?
      2. +3
        22 January 2023 16: 28
        Write about the weapon of today, is it ?, and what are the performance characteristics. The country does not need jingoistic patriots, they have already overslept the USSR, and they will continue to oversleep. Hooray-patriots are the fifth column, they are not able to protect the country.
      3. 0
        24 January 2023 10: 50
        It's all we have, it turns out
    2. +3
      21 January 2023 23: 55
      Would you like to say that self-propelled guns of this class can be counted on the fingers of us? .. But what do we have, after all, with satellites? It is necessary to respond somehow to this factor. Nobody canceled the satellite threat.
    3. +3
      22 January 2023 10: 00
      For ten years now, our defense industry has been unable to establish mass production of the Coalition SV self-propelled guns, today it is our long-range, quick-firing, accurate and effective self-propelled gun mount, it is not clear why the Coalition SV is still not produced in large batches, after all, this self-propelled guns are significantly superior to all our similar artillery systems, and most Western analogues too, our military-industrial complex enterprises need to move faster, in this situation, any delay is like death.
      1. +1
        22 January 2023 14: 00
        The Ministry of Defense ruins everything in the bud! They give an order. So it is connected with bribes. Unas it all depends on the opinion of one general! and his signature. Read the articles on how the first developments of DZ were ruined after the war! And when the war broke out in Israel, our generals ran to the designer of the DZ. It is necessary to separate the Moscow Region from the military-industrial complex or defense industry. Create a committee of innovative projects to finance military technology, as in the United States.
  5. +5
    21 January 2023 14: 30
    ... the 152-mm self-propelled gun 2S43 "Malva" ... is a dead end and primordial guano. A purely system for the war with the Papuans in expeditionary warriors. The firing range is not competitive, but for equipping with modern positioning systems and so on. generally silent.
  6. The comment was deleted.
    1. The comment was deleted.
  7. +6
    21 January 2023 20: 19
    The main thing is that we have not really mastered the guidance of fired ammunition on GLONASS. We need a shock-resistant (when fired up to 2000g) element base. There is a backlog. Well, satellite deep reconnaissance is also needed.
  8. +6
    21 January 2023 20: 55
    It should be borne in mind that self-propelled howitzers on a wheeled chassis, as cheaper and highly mobile versions of tracked self-propelled guns, are used in many countries of the world.

    Lightly armored shit on wheels. Nowhere, in any conflicts (except for wars with the Papuans) has it shown its "effectiveness". The author forgot to mention where and how they were used ...
    1. +1
      21 January 2023 22: 22
      Maybe he doesn't know or doesn't want to know? Then I rewrite everything
  9. -1
    21 January 2023 21: 52
    If you don’t have enough of your own, you can also scrape in the bottom of the barrel in China, North Korea, Iran, and maybe even in Turkey. There is probably something suitable there, and we also have something to offer in return.
    1. +1
      21 January 2023 22: 39
      Iran stated that it does not recognize the new territories and Crimea as Russian, which means they will not allow it. Turkey? There are long-range MLRS systems in Belarus, but the "dad" promised to give them to Baku. They produce licensed Steyer and MUN diesels, but they won't let us. You yourself know that our engines are frankly junk
    2. +3
      22 January 2023 14: 28
      It is better for the Turks not to offer anything at all. You have to be at least naively narrow-minded to consider Turkey and China as allies.
  10. +1
    22 January 2023 01: 13

    Foreign experience shows that wheeled ACS / SAO have a right to exist and are able to fully realize their advantages over other equipment. They are not considered as a substitute for traditional self-propelled guns, but are designed to complement them and solve some of the combat missions.

    This is
    The article is 2 years old. Since then, nothing has been heard about Malva.
    Crew Malva - in the invigorating outdoors. From bullets and shrapnel is not protected by anything. Ammunition - 30 shells.

    Provides high speed on the highway and the ability to move over rough terrain.

    That is, it travels fast on the highway and there is an option "moving over rough terrain." No specifics. How it will look like on the chernozems of Ukraine in a sour state is unknown.
    Now about the most important thing.
    Good Europeans supply (in the future) their prodigies in drop dead quantities from 12 to 30.
    Caesars from France on 24.02.2022 there were already 76 pieces. 18 delivered to Ukraine. Run out. We have 58 left. We asked the manufacturer to restore the number. The firm replied "Yeah, sure, within 4 - 5 years". The French decided to send another 19. How many will remain? That's right, 39.
    Super dangerous archer. Sweden has 48 of them. They decided to give a quarter to Ukraine. Why? In figs, nobody needs them.
    The Norwegians wanted to buy 24 pieces. Not a single supply. In 2013 the order was cancelled.
    Croatia wanted to replace the old Soviet Acacias with Archers. As a result, it was replaced by German PzH 2000. Normal vehicles like Msta S. Tracked, turret, with circular guidance (which wheeled vehicles do not have). Yes, with its shortcomings, but it can be compared with Msta-S.
    Germany has PzH 2000 on 24.2022. - 120 pieces.
    Russia has self-propelled guns Msta-S at the beginning of 2021. - more than 850 pieces. 850, Carl! As they say, feel the difference.
    Tracked vehicles, with circular guidance, BK 45 - 50 shots (for wheeled vehicles 21-30). The crew is in a spacious cabin, protected from bullets, shrapnel, rain and wind.
    Why do we need this wheel exotic in Ukraine? In Syria, maybe.
    There is another word that the author does not seem to have heard. Or does not understand its meaning.
    These are infrastructure, support and management groups, spare parts, repairs, specialists, etc. How will it be provided? Where?
    I really want absolutely all the wheeled self-propelled guns listed by the author to be delivered to Ukraine. Then those people in the Armed Forces of Ukraine who are engaged in the rear will either desert or shoot themselves.
    About the price.
    In figs, how much do self-propelled guns Msta-S cost. We have them in stock. 850 pieces. But not only Msta-S, but also the old Hyacinth-S.
    Yes, he is also with an open gun, but on tracks. And there are 950 of them. 100 in troops, 850 in storage.
    This is a 152mm caliber.
    And there is also a veteran Acacia self-propelled guns. Yes, caliber 122 mm. But also not bad. And she tower and caterpillar.
    There are 1 of them. 800 in the troops, 800 in storage.
    Spent and time-tested machines. Them lot. Designed primarily for our conditions. They have everything.
    So why look for adventure on your ass? Few problems in SVO? Or is there nothing to write about?
    1. +2
      22 January 2023 10: 10
      All this is already yesterday, it is necessary to establish large-scale production of self-propelled guns "Coalition SV" as soon as possible, at the moment only it is in no way inferior to the best Western artillery systems, and in some parameters it significantly surpasses them.
    2. +3
      22 January 2023 12: 34
      Quote: boriz
      Designed primarily for our conditions. They have everything.

      Well, let's just say it's not all there. The proof of this is the fields pitted with funnels around the objects to be destroyed. Guidance systems, artillery fire control, for modern warfare, are outdated. Starting with UAVs, ending with communications with space intelligence. Even the Tsar Cannon can become the most accurate weapon if it is provided with the appropriate ammunition and high-precision fire control equipment. Well, the most painful thing, at all times, in Russia is communication, practically at all levels.
      1. 0
        22 January 2023 14: 04
        In the year 22, the article was that by the end of the year 22, tests of Malva would be completed
    3. 0
      22 January 2023 14: 20
      850 pieces???
      You personally inspected, saw all these 850 pieces. ??
      It’s time to get used to the fact that on paper it’s one thing, but in fact it can easily be different.
      And then, even if their number is actually 850 pieces, then on the scale of the stretch and length of the borders of the Russian Federation, these 850 pieces. - a drop in the sea!!!
  11. +2
    22 January 2023 08: 36
    By turning off NATO satellites, all this equipment will become a pile of metal in a short time, and if strategic bridges with railway nodes are destroyed, the equipment will not even reach the front line. But neither side seems to need it.
  12. +3
    22 January 2023 10: 54
    One smart highmars can make our artillery a nightmare... Isn't it time for us to do smart things?
    1. -1
      22 January 2023 15: 31
      Hymers is more of a nightmare for civilian objects! where there are no beeches and shells. The more beeches will be released for your own, the less hymers will be a nightmare. The same will apply to UAVs. We need a separate special anti-tank missile platoon so that they would be engaged in the destruction of exclusively armored vehicles and those who sit in shelters, in buildings
  13. +3
    22 January 2023 14: 10
    Analogues are analogues, but these analogues are not available in the Russian army in the required quantity. Instead of sawing them out, the bunker with Kotyrili the stolen loot on egg capsules and offshore.
    The NATO satellite constellation - where is yours, and why has it not been created in 20 years ... ah, the "second army" ??!!
    1. 0
      22 January 2023 15: 39
      But because everything was commercialized for volatility and profit from exports! All areas were used to launch foreign satellites, as well as the production of satellites under contracts with other countries. All for the sake of dough Getting profits below 200% for our elites is not profitable inside the country
      If the dollar exchange rate was 1 80, then what profit did the officials of Roscosmos have! How much did an foreign tourist fly into space? So they wanted to transport the entire space for space tourism! etc
      Karl Marx in Capital:

      Give capital a 10% profit and capital is ready for any use, at 20% it becomes lively, at 50% it is positively ready to break its head, at 100% it defies all human laws, at 300% there is no crime that it does not risk to go, at least under pain of the gallows
  14. -1
    22 January 2023 17: 35
    Cross-country, 20 - ton "fool" at a speed of 70 km / h?))) Did the author hear the word "shock absorber"? Maybe he even knows what it means?
  15. +4
    22 January 2023 17: 43
    Send the children of generals and deputies to the front line, and everything will work out and victory will come.
  16. +2
    22 January 2023 22: 37
    the firing range reaches 40 km with conventional 155-mm ammunition and up to 60 km with Excalibur-type high-precision guided munitions.

    keep in mind that in addition to Excalibur, they also have a "nozzle" for precise targeting of conventional shells ...
    and given that the barrel length is 52 (8060 mm) calibers, then the projectile will fly just the same 50-60 km ...

  17. +2
    22 January 2023 23: 07
    How can Russia respond?

    nothing ...
    we don’t have anything accurate and long-range ...
    some samples and projectors - not in mass production and in the troops
    a projectile with a range of 70 km for the Coalition was never brought to series ...
    but even if it were, given the stone age of our air and space intelligence, there is nothing to compete with the enemy ...
    everything that appears in the range of their artillery will be attacked much earlier ...
  18. +2
    23 January 2023 03: 00
    Quote: boriz
    Then those people in the Armed Forces of Ukraine who are engaged in the rear will either desert or shoot themselves.

    For the APU-techies, these problems with logistics are DEEP TO THE BULB. the base is stupidly exported for major repairs abroad.
    About acacias, hyacinth and other barrel artillery, I’ll say it like an artillery gunner: from the point of view of modern systems, this is not even yesterday, but the day before yesterday and yesterday’s MSTA (and its main problem is not weak, by modern standards, shooting capabilities, but others), and from the point of view of a techie - RAVist - this is already almost quiet horror, especially with the fact that in long-term storage warehouses. And there, basically, with a condition of 25%, the maximum gun is good. With such an intensity of fire with this type of bd, barrel wear is colossal .
    It would be most correct to develop the Coalition complex. But this is not only self-propelled guns, but also ammunition for it, and this is not Krasnopol (whoever encountered them knows perfectly well what it is about and about problems, restrictions on its use, including), which is complete bullshit and does not stand next to modern Western models.
    And it mainly performs combat tasks of artillery of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation due to the greater mass character of the trunks, literally falling asleep everything and everything - maybe something will fall somewhere.
    1. 0
      25 January 2023 20: 53
      Two fingers to the right! Bang, bang, and - by! (c). Sometimes I think that the NWO was started solely as a training ground.
  19. 0
    26 January 2023 08: 56
    such BRED..
    set of parameters and measurement of pi....
    don't call it analysis...
    if such experts are in the leadership, then losses are inevitable ..
  20. 0
    24 June 2023 21: 56
    MAK "Bereg" uses the ship's gun mount AK-130, it is also "ZIF-94", and some elements from the 152 mm howitzer self-propelled type 2S-19 "Msta"

    this is for just ignorant bust! This author often does this.