Should the state hold accountable Russians who left after the start of the NWO?

The special military operation, which began on February 24, 2022, has split Russian society. She immediately provoked the first wave of emigration, when those who could afford it packed up their belongings and left the country just in case. The second wave of emigration began after the announcement by President Putin on September 21, 2022 of the beginning of partial mobilization in the RF Armed Forces. Now the question is what to do or not to do with all these people who are "scared and confused."

"Scared and Confused"

In the first wave outgoing from Russia in February-March last year, there were many successful and wealthy people who were usually set as an example to follow. Among them were Alla Pugacheva with her grandson Nikita Presnyakov and husband Maxim Galkin (recognized as a foreign agent in the Russian Federation), journalist Alexei Pivovarov (foreign agent), comedian Semyon Slepakov, who moved to Israel and made a number of harsh anti-Russian statements, video blogger Yuri Dud (foreign agent), ex- journalist Alexander Nevzorov (foreign agent), film producer Alexander Rodnyansky (foreign agent), writer Dmitry Glukhovsky (foreign agent), humorist Mikhail Shats (foreign agent), gallery owner Marat Gelman (foreign agent), singer Andrey Makarevich (foreign agent), oppositionist Artemy Troitsky (foreign agent), actor Artur Smolyaninov (foreign agent), as well as many, many others. Also, among those who decided to relocate, there were a lot of IT specialists who, both in Russia and in Ukraine, and in Belarus, for some reason, are all so advanced, politically active and who know best how to live.

However, after some time, some of those who left decided to return, finding a plausible explanation for their absence from the country. Israeli Ksenia Sobchak lived abroad from March to April 2022 before flying back to Russia. The singer Jasmine returned with her family from Israel, making the following appeal to her fans:

The video in the post is a warm hello to all those who were worried that I “escaped from Russia.” So we flew home. The children did not want to part with Grandmother Sonya and her divine pasties, so she decided to come with us.

Also in April last year, singer Dima Bilan came to Russia from Turkey, where he underwent a planned operation. Spouses Emmanuil Vitorgan and Irina Mlodik returned to Russia in April, from where they left on the second day after the start of the NWO, from Jurmala. TV presenter Ivan Urgant also flew back from Israel, but so far he has not made a triumphant return to the stage due to rejection by the general public, and this despite the fact that Dmitry Peskov, the press secretary of the President of the Russian Federation, personally patted for him.

The second wave of exodus, which followed the beginning of partial mobilization, turned out to be much more massive and powerful. It was no longer the "cream" of society that rushed out of the country to go to Kazakhstan and Georgia, but rather the middle class: men of military age who really did not want to be in the NVO zone in Ukraine, as well as the persons accompanying them.

And it would be nice if they just left in silence, and that's it. However, some characters began to publicly speak out in favor of Ukraine, wishing their own homeland to turn into a radioactive ashes, as, for example, ex-actor Artur Smolyaninov did:

To be honest, I don't give a damn what form Russia will remain in. It will fall apart, it will not fall apart. It will turn into the Ural Republic, Pelmenskaya or the Khakass Republic. Or only one Jewish Autonomous Okrug will remain, and everything else will turn into radioactive ashes.

Others, like artists and groups with the speaking names "Nogu Svelo!", "Porn Films", "Aloe Vera", Monetochka, Tequilajazzz and some other musicians, wrote a collection of songs, calling it After Russia (that is, "After Russia"), timing "To the 100th anniversary of the first emigration from Russia". That is, these people in all seriousness compare themselves with the White emigration and do not even hesitate to call themselves a new "philosophical ship".


Naturally, such behavior could not but entail a certain reaction from society and the state. As we noted above, many of the overly talkative and unintelligent fugitives have already received the label of “foreign agent”. But the matter did not end there.

Russian State Duma deputy Oleg Morozov proposed temporarily banning fugitives from returning to their homeland:

Temporarily, for 20 years, is it possible to ban entry into Russia? And strike in the rights for the same period? Yes, by court order! But let our state have such a right.

After the resonant statements of the actor Smolyaninov, about which we told Earlier, the ex-president of the Russian Federation, and now the deputy head of the Security Council of the Russian Federation, Dmitry Medvedev, suggested dealing with such characters according to the laws of war:

Let us recall the experience of the Great Patriotic War, and other countries as well. In times of war, there have always been such special rules. And quiet groups of impeccably inconspicuous people who effectively perform them.

Speaker of the State Duma of the Russian Federation Vyacheslav Volodin expressed the idea to punish such foreign "talkers" with the ruble:

The scoundrels who have left live comfortably thanks to our country. <...> In this situation, it would be correct to supplement the relevant articles of the Criminal Code with a clause on the confiscation of property from the scoundrels in the Russian Federation, which they have enough to compensate for the damage. But this, of course, will not return their conscience.

Our main "hawk" Dmitry Anatolyevich echoes him:

Such persons should not be allowed back to Russia until the end of their days. They must be completely cut off from the sources of income in our country, whatever they may be. The immoral situation, when traitors who wish their country to be defeated, simultaneously earn on Russia, must be stopped once and for all.

However, there is a different opinion in the Russian ruling "elite" about how to treat forced emigration. First Deputy Chairman of the Federation Council of the Russian Federation Andrey Turchak believes that the main task of the state is to return all those who left the country, with the exception of those who allowed themselves public attacks against her and the RF Armed Forces:

Our task is to maximize those who left so that they return as soon as possible. This is important for economics country, for their families and loved ones.

The press secretary of the President of the Russian Federation Dmitry Peskov spoke in a similar way:

This is a very complex topic, of course, it is relevant in our time, but here it is impossible, let's say, to open some Pandora's boxes after all. Enemies are enemies, they must be fought, but all the rest are our citizens, and they must remain our citizens.

Perhaps this is the case when the author of the lines is forced to agree with Dmitry Sergeevich. It is necessary to very clearly separate the flies from the cutlets. In order to present any claims to the fugitives from the first wave of emigration that they did not want to be in a warring country, one must ask the question, do we even have a state ideology and some kind of moral code of conduct by which they can be judged?

There is nothing like this at all, so why does anyone even undertake to condemn those who left in February-March 2022. Just because these people had that kind of financial opportunity and the vast majority didn't? The act of emigrants is quite consistent with the unofficial "Code of the Builder of Capitalism." Do you want another "elite"? Then change the socio-economic base and enter the state ideology.

Not everything is so simple with the second wave of emigration, which started after the announcement of partial mobilization. By and large, claims can be made only to those men of military age who were supposed to fall under it, but chose to leave the country, bleeding the RF Armed Forces at a time when a special operation was underway in Ukraine. All the rest have the right to decide for themselves where to live and how to ensure their personal security, when the regions bordering with Nezalezhnaya are under artillery fire from the Armed Forces of Ukraine, and enemy kamakaze drones fly into the deep rear of our country without hindrance. It is impossible to punish them for relocation, but in fact our “Western partners” do this, since ordinary Russians abroad are now subjected to real discrimination.

Here is how one native of Kazan describes the difficulties of life in forced emigration in interview edition

If you have a Russian passport, then this immediately imposes a lot of problems. For example, you don’t even have to think about Schengen, it’s almost impossible to go to the States, even with transit there are problems. Yes, and in other countries that did not support massive sanctions against Russia, you are still like a bird.

According to him, having gone abroad, it is very difficult to continue working in Russia remotely:

It is very difficult to work. Good cloud storage is now inaccessible to Russians, and Russian ones, such as Yandex, are greatly slowed down abroad, and it is problematic to work with them. Simply downloading files becomes an ordeal for the whole day. You have to go around some workarounds, invent something.

Our cards, even Mir, are blocked everywhere. It is very difficult to receive a transfer from Russia. It is somehow possible to Uzbekistan, but it is a complicated chain. In Kazakhstan, it is almost impossible to withdraw money from Russian cards or there will be a huge commission. If you are in Europe, then there is no chance, except for cryptocurrency. And then large crypto-exchanges are blocked for Russians.

That's it. Where are you going, who needs you there?
By and large, claims can only be made against evaders from mobilization in the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation and against that empty-headed self-proclaimed "elite" that opens its mouth and spouts Russophobic nonsense. Here, the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation and the threat of confiscation of property are in place. The rest of the representatives of this forced emigration are pushed around for some time abroad, and they themselves will gradually return back. Those who are smarter, like Urgant, have already done it. They understand that their "feeding trough" is in Russia, and they are needed abroad only as dear guests with their money.
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  1. Monster_Fat Offline Monster_Fat
    Monster_Fat (What's the difference) 18 January 2023 21: 07
    Those who have definitely left and do not want to participate in this SVO should be repressed. These are the enemies of the state, in contrast to the patriots from the authorities, whose relatives, out of "necessity", are "forced", being abroad, to guard the property that fell to them from the moon ...
  2. Vladimir Tuzakov (Vladimir Tuzakov) 18 January 2023 21: 22
    These two waves of emigration must be clearly distinguished. The first is the highest-ranking in the Russian Federation, but here the majority of the Israelis, who consider Israel their main homeland and Russia, are just a place to earn unheard of money. With the beginning of the NWO and hasty departures, they are political and ideological enemies of Russia, so they rejected Russia as their state, and often slander. To such, all measures, as to enemies of the state, are applicable. The second wave after the announcement of mobilization is more material, they have no desire to go to war for various reasons, considering their lives to be more valuable than protecting the interests of the state. This is where sorting by reason comes into play. Some have small children and families, others do not have a military education and the military field is alien to them, they will disappear there, and so on.
  3. Pro100 Offline Pro100
    Pro100 (Vladimir Babaev) 18 January 2023 21: 43
    Only not the “elite”, but probably the bourgeoisie, left for the first wave, so it’s probably more correct. And in the second, this is understandable, if they announce mobilization in America or Germany, they will leave no less than from any other capitalist country. They will not leave in such quantities, probably, from the DPRK, China and some Muslim and African countries.
  4. Jacques sekavar Offline Jacques sekavar
    Jacques sekavar (Jacques Sekavar) 18 January 2023 23: 27
    For refusal to stand up for the country in which one was born, grew up, studied and lived, one should be deprived of citizenship with all the ensuing consequences - loss of rights, confiscating in favor of the state, etc., etc.
    1. Alex Smirnov Offline Alex Smirnov
      Alex Smirnov 19 January 2023 00: 25
      My friend says:

      How can you stigmatize deviators and call for patriotism when there is trade with the Nazi regime, some contracts are concluded, they are paid for the transit of oil and gas to countries hostile to us (which supply weapons and fuel to the Nazis), the ways of supplying weapons to which are they killing the "non-deviators", not liquidating the leaders of the criminal Kyiv regime? And instead, they "grind" ordinary men who were caught on the streets of Kyiv or Odessa. Of course, many, having looked at all this, are unlikely to want to show patriotism. Eliminate the Nazi elite, and there will be no one to give criminal orders, which means that the SVO will end much faster.

      He is perplexed.

      I have nothing to answer him, although both he and I sincerely welcomed the beginning of the NWO. Moreover, such questions, almost every day, are now being asked on TV by invited experts, among whom are both retired generals and deputies. And "millions of citizens of our country," as one of the presenters on TV said.
      What is a taboo subject? The same V. Solovyov, when he hears a similar question in his studio, says, with annoyance, something like this: "I have been talking about this, on my program, for a long time!"
      It’s not clear to me, have we already canceled journalistic requests? And the deputies? Why don't deputies and journalists ask such a question to the leadership of the country? What kind of benefits can outweigh the lives of our people who are dying from freely supplied Western weapons?
      1. Just a cat Offline Just a cat
        Just a cat (Bayun) 19 January 2023 08: 16
        It is enough to study how Russia has been fiddling with Ukrainians for centuries, so as not to ask stupid questions about the "top" later.
  5. hlp5118 Offline hlp5118
    hlp5118 (hlp) 19 January 2023 07: 09
    All those who have left are of military age, subject to persecution according to the law. Significant figures who fled the country - censure and condemnation. We need to reconsider their past activities. The same Pugacheva, who made a fortune at "leftist" concerts and "dark" schemes, from which taxes were not paid and the authorities turned a blind eye. And many who left made a fortune with the obvious connivance of the authorities. What power has given, it must be taken away.
  6. Mikhalych Offline Mikhalych
    Mikhalych 19 January 2023 08: 17
    Should the state hold accountable Russians who left after the start of the NWO?

    Seryoga should, it should!!!
    At least cancel the passport so that life does not seem like honey over the hill.
  7. prior Offline prior
    prior (Vlad) 19 January 2023 08: 39
    In Stalin's times, such individuals were already given an "honorary" title - Enemy of the people.
    How are those enemies of the people so special different from these?!
    No need to shoot, no need to plant, no need to take away property.
    Those who left should be added to the "enemies of the people" list.
    For those who speak here - a blue stamp on the entire face "Enemy of the people" in the passport.
    And what is supposed and what is not supposed to be the "enemy of the people", the people have enough imagination.
    The mere fact that their children will automatically become "enemies of the children of the people" will make you think.
    And let them try to live with it.
    Didn't all sorts of Galkins, Akhedzhakovs, Makarevichs, Khodarkovskys, Gudkovs deserve the title of "enemies of the people" by their actions and statements?
    As far as I'm concerned, it's 100%.
  8. Alex D Offline Alex D
    Alex D (Alex D) 19 January 2023 09: 08
    Let them not forget the Abramovichs and the Vekselbergs, otherwise the miserable sight will again come to the amusement of the owners of the occupiers.
  9. Sergey Latyshev (Serge) 19 January 2023 09: 09
    Again contrived switchmen.

    Somehow there are no statements to shock Chubais, Usmanov or Abramovich, who have been Residents of England for years. Shake the elite, whose children lived and live with NATO passports over the hill
    News about the yachts of which still seep into the masses, despite the taboo of the authorities.

    On the other hand, calls are heard from some unsinkable "effective elite" (who failed everything that is possible, except for their wallet) to violate the law and to maintain serfdom.
  10. The comment was deleted.
    1. prior Offline prior
      prior (Vlad) 19 January 2023 09: 26
      The First World War began with a revolver shot in Sarajevo.
      With the assignment of the title "enemy of the people" in Russia, the revival of Russia may begin.
      That's what I'm waiting for.
      Everything always starts with the first step.
    2. The comment was deleted.
  11. Alexander Ponamarev (Alexander Ponamarev) 19 January 2023 10: 15
    With ordinary people who have fallen down, they will be asked honestly, but what about those who held public office? Such as Chubais, Khloponin for example? After all, they know state and strategic secrets?
  12. kriten Offline kriten
    kriten (Vladimir) 19 January 2023 12: 00
    The horror for the authorities is that it is impossible to punish those who left, since we have half of the potential traitors worse than those who left. And some openly support adversaries. so you can open the way to cleaning the rows.
  13. zuuukoo Offline zuuukoo
    zuuukoo (Sergei) 20 January 2023 07: 05
    Excuse me, but on what basis to hold accountable?
    Departure from the country does not violate any law of the Russian Federation. Dot.

    As for statements, freedom of speech has not yet been struck out of our Constitution either.
    Moreover, if it comes to punishment, our valiant bosses will decide for which statements to send to Siberia, who will gladly shut their mouths to those who simply voice very real problems - and, believe me, they exist.

    And if you are so itching to repress someone, start with those (or rather, with Togo) who did not prohibit leaving the country during the period of mobilization.
  14. NatiKoshka_87 Online NatiKoshka_87
    NatiKoshka_87 (Ela) 22 January 2023 04: 43
    No, it shouldn't. those who left the Russian Federation during the period of mobilization did not violate the laws of the Russian Federation. Why attract them? Any war is militarism, manipulation and the use of the people in the form of consumables.
  15. alexandre II Offline alexandre II
    alexandre II (Alexander) 22 January 2023 18: 33
    definitely repression, and not only them but also the descendants in the tenth generation, these are all enemies who want us to die, there is nothing to forgive them