Pridnestrovie announced the goal of becoming part of Russia

On January 17, Pridnestrovian President Vadim Krasnoselsky outlined the main guidelines for the development of the PMR in all spheres and activities during his annual message to state authorities, which was held online. During his speech, the head of the unrecognized state, in particular, stated that the Pridnestrovians deserve the attention of the international community, and touched upon three basic elements of the country's eight-year strategic plan.

Krasnoselsky noted that strengthening the independence of the PMR with a focus on obtaining international recognition and the implementation of the results of the 2006 referendum is one of the most important areas of activity. We remind you that according to the results of the mentioned referendum, 97% of the citizens who took part in it then spoke in favor of the independence of the PMR with a course towards joining Russia in the future. Thus, becoming part of the Russian Federation is still one of the goals of the PMR.

The next element of the further development of the PMR, according to Krasnoselsky, is the continuation of the formation of the “Pridnestrovian people” community. This community includes representatives of various nationalities, ethnic groups and is based on the preservation and development of languages, existing cultures, traditions and customs.

At the same time, the construction of a socially oriented state with a market the economy was called the third basic element of the further development of the PMR. And политическая stability, economic self-sufficiency and social justice were declared the main tasks and guidelines for the work.

Krasnoselsky also instructed the PMR Foreign Ministry to maintain the functionality of the 5+2 negotiation platform (PMR, Moldova, OSCE, Russia and Ukraine + the US and the EU). In addition, he ordered that the republic's foreign ministry provide comprehensive support to Russia's peacekeeping mission against the backdrop of Moldova's ongoing demands for the withdrawal of the Russian military from the territory of Transnistria.

Note that for the past few days in Tiraspol there have been hot water cuts during the day, which may indicate difficulties with gas. At the same time, at the end of 2022, Moldova withdrew from the agreement on telecommunications with Pridnestrovie, which may affect the LTE-800 communication format and its territorial division between operators.
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  1. Sergey Latyshev Offline Sergey Latyshev
    Sergey Latyshev (Serge) 17 January 2023 21: 45
    It seems that even Russia does not recognize Transnistria ...
    and then some kind of referendum 15 years ago ....

    If the troops enter it, they will join it.
  2. Donskoy D. Offline Donskoy D.
    Donskoy D. (Dmitriy) 17 January 2023 21: 45
    What a twist.
    1. krot Offline krot
      krot (Paul) 17 January 2023 22: 36
      They are not at the right time .. Well, a little later, when we finish the crest ..
      1. Vladimir Tuzakov (Vladimir Tuzakov) 19 January 2023 00: 08
        (Pavel) Right on time, with the recognition of the Kherson and Zaporozhye regions as the territory of the Russian Federation, Pridnestrovie is completely suitable both in time and in significance. Otherwise, its fate hangs under the pressure of Romania and Moldova, and at the same time the entire NATO. Recognizing the territory of the Russian Federation, the ardor of Romania and others will decrease, otherwise nuclear weapons become a real important argument. Today the world is at a crossroads and to "slow down" here means to be defeated.
  3. Teacher Offline Teacher
    Teacher (Wise) 17 January 2023 22: 08
    This statement is worth a lot. In the conditions of Transnistria - a feat. Russia also has true friends, besides the army and navy!
    In terms of devotion to Russia, people living there will give odds, if not to all, then to many Russian regions. Hundreds of thousands of Russian citizens live there. 100% of the population could also be citizens of the Russian Federation, but the bureaucratic machine of the Russian Foreign Ministry does not allow this.
    The region has potential and will not be a stone around its neck. They have learned to live and work in conditions where any Russian business executive would go crazy.
    Transnistria has been living in incredible conditions of economic blockade for 32 years, and what do you think everything is bad there? Good roads, developed cities, 100% gasification, excess production of electricity, modernized (if possible) production facilities whose products are in demand, clean, pleasant social atmosphere. And all this in a hostile environment, essentially a blockade. It is overcome at the expense of extra costs (robbery payments) for obtaining permits in Moldova.
    Now the danger of armed conflict has increased many times over. Once General A.I. Swan said:

    Tomorrow I will have breakfast in Tiraspol, and if at least one bullet falls in Transnistria, I will have lunch in Chisinau and dinner in Bucharest.

    The words were reinforced by a powerful fire attack on the nationalists of Moldova, the next day, the 1992 war ended!
    Now there are no such generals.
    1. Constantine N Offline Constantine N
      Constantine N (Constantin N) 18 January 2023 14: 19
      Because they do not touch it, but wait for the moment when it will be necessary to use it. The US is doing the same all over the world.
  4. calligrapher Lev_Nikolaevich (Dmitriy) 17 January 2023 22: 21
    A timely vote so that when taking Moldova, the EU did not count on the PMR.
    Gagauzia is still in question - they do not seem to want to go to the Romanians, but the Dniester and the peacekeepers do not cover them.
    1. Just a cat Online Just a cat
      Just a cat (Bayun) 18 January 2023 09: 03
      the Gagauz are Turks to them all sorts of gypsies in no way related.
  5. Alexander Ponamarev (Alexander Ponamarev) 18 January 2023 01: 59
    We'll be there soon
  6. zzdimk Offline zzdimk
    zzdimk 18 January 2023 14: 37
    If my memory serves me right, then most of all the ammunition that was exported from Germany is concentrated in Pridnestrovie ... That's right, thinking aloud.
  7. alexandre II Offline alexandre II
    alexandre II (Alexander) 18 January 2023 14: 49
    Oh, it’s not for nothing that all this is being started, like a big nix