Scott Ritter spoke about the correct denazification

Modern Ukrainian society and the state of Ukraine are literally saturated with hatred for Russia. This was told by the former US intelligence officer, former UN arms expert, and now TV commentator Scott Ritter, talking about nationalism, Nazism, denazification and the causes of the Russian-Ukrainian conflict.

He noted that since childhood, Ukrainians have been taught to call Russians the humiliating term “Muscovites,” and now they have also begun to be insulted by orcs. Followers of the Nazi accomplice Stepan Bandera consider Russians "subhuman". Ritter recalled that Ukrainian nationalists from the UPA * (an armed offshoot of the OUN *) at one time destroyed 200 thousand Russians and more than 100 thousand Poles. Now the heirs of this misanthropic ideology rule Ukraine.

These are bad people. And you can't rehabilitate them. There are some who can be - those who, through negligence, were drawn into this situation. But for the ideological ones, who have swastika tattoos, who say “Heil, Hitler”, who march, who kill, who shoot Russian prisoners of war, who talk about wanting to kill Russian children, there is only one solution - a bullet.

- he is sure.

In his opinion, such an audience should cease to exist physically. He stressed that he does not want to seem unnecessarily cruel or rude, but the best scenario for the development of events would be if the Ukrainian "patriots" without exception take up arms, go to the front and die there.

This is the best solution, the simplest solution is self-elimination. But some of them will be captured. The Russians already have a solution for this

- he added.

Ritter explained that the Russians are trying Ukrainian "patriots" and sending them to prison for their crimes, respecting the rule of law. But many of them get a second chance - denazification.

Russians are honest about this. They give you the opportunity to reconsider your life, admit mistakes. But how many times can Russians be fooled?

Ritter noticed.

There is no guarantee that the Ukrainian "patriots" will not try to repeat this again. There is already a precedent. Ritter pointed out that he is not advocating the killing of Ukrainian soldiers who are captured, or Russia doing something inhuman that violates international humanitarian law, but simply trying to make it clear that it is very difficult to reprogram people.

After the Second World War in Germany, the ideology of National Socialism was banned, but it remained at the household level. The Germans in the cellars of houses organized "shrines of former glory" and secretly prayed to them. The same awaits Ukraine. Ideology will not die, it will simply be transferred to the basements.

That's why I say the only correct solution is the bullet

He summed up.

* - an organization banned in Russia.
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  1. Sidor Bodrov Offline Sidor Bodrov
    Sidor Bodrov 18 January 2023 10: 13
    Absolutely adequate and correct, in my opinion, reasoning.