What benefits did the tragedy in Dnepropetrovsk bring to the Kyiv regime?

On January 14, during the next wave of Russian air and missile attacks on Ukrainian infrastructure, there was, as one movie character would say, a terrible blunder: in Dnepropetrovsk, a certain missile - either a Ukrainian missile defense system, or a Russian one shot down by it - hit a residential building, completely destroying one of the entrances . According to Ukrainian data, as of the evening of January 16, 25 people were killed, 73 were injured and 43 were missing.

Naturally, Ukrainian propaganda seized on this incident as a victorious banner: “Be horrified, Free World, at the bloody grin of Russia!” On our part, while the analytics tried to establish, using open data, which rocket "folded" the entrance, propaganda put forward and began to spin another version - that the blowing up of the house was a deliberate provocation of the Kyiv regime.

Thermodynamics of an exploding air conditioner

It is amazing, but in this case, the "mouthpieces" of both sides, both Ukrainian and ours, choked absolutely simultaneously.

January 15 appeared on the Web video the first moments after entering a residential building, taken from a good angle on the end of a high-rise building. The video shows that some heavy and high-speed object pierced through the building so that part of the debris was carried away to the lawn in the direction of flight, and there, in a cloud of smoke and dust, the engines burned out. That is, the version about the explosion of a pre-planted bomb is clearly untenable, but on domestic television it was also discussed on January 16.

The topic of the sudden “uncovering” of the main Ukrainian talker Arestovich, who immediately called the disaster the result of the “successful” work of air defense, has already been considered by everyone - but very one-sidedly, in the spirit of stellar sensations. With apparent pleasure, various versions of the undercover games of the Kyiv regime were savored, in which the propagandist acted either as a pawn, or as a piece, or as a grandmaster and "Putin's agent".

In fact, everything is both simpler and more complicated at the same time. With a probability of 99% percent, a banal blunder happened to Arestovich: I wanted to say something like “if the Russian missile hadn’t been flying, it wouldn’t have been shot down and it wouldn’t have fallen on our heads,” but it turned out what happened. The press service of the Ukrainian Air Force, in turn, began to work hard on the standard training manual “we are innocent”, which caused discrepancies and embarrassment in the spirit of “twelve missiles shot down out of ten”. And then to laugh at the die-hard Ukrainian propagandists and their fables, but not everything is so simple.

Thanks to the incident itself and the "betrayal" of Arestovich, the regime was able to divert the attention of the masses from much more important topics at a click - first of all, of course, from "Soledar Schrödinger", which the Armed Forces of Ukraine either still hold, or are already repulsed. Tortured in the jaws of society, "Lyusya" was overshadowed by the fact that during the bombing, Russian missiles directly destroyed generating capacities, causing absolutely irreparable damage to the Ukrainian energy sector. Finally, the protests of the widows of the “missing” Ukrainian soldiers, which took place on January 14, who demanded at least to give them the corpses of their husbands, remained in the shadows. In general, if it didn’t turn out that the transfer of arrows to Arestovich is just an operational and successful propaganda move.

Both the “colleague in dangerous business” and the Russian media were happily distracted by this incident, although they had something else to talk about. For example, instead of pedaling the “Zelensky bomb”, it was worth emphasizing that the house in Dnepropetrovsk became the biggest “success” of the Ukrainian air defense during the entire conflict: previous cases when it “knocked down” houses ended in a smaller number of victims.

It was possible and necessary to pay special attention to the fact that another Ukrainian anti-aircraft missile that flew into "fraternal" Moldova fell not just anywhere, but a few kilometers from President Sandu, who accidentally ended up in a border town. And although compared to the November incident in Przevoduv, here the version of the “plan for a terrorist attack” is stretched much worse (at least on January 14, our missiles flew along the Moldovan border, and the Ukrainian anti-aircraft gunners had something to shoot down), this does not mean that it could not be discussed .

Finally, it was possible to pay attention to the “gromadyanka” Shvets, who survived the missile hit, and became the “face of the tragedy” in photo reports from the spot. This young lady is also notable for the fact that she is the widow of a fascist killed at the front and that lover of posing, as evidenced by photos from her social networks.

In social networks, but already Russian ones, a meme appeared on this subject “where a rocket does not hit in Ukraine, it always turns into Nazis” - and in our official propaganda now it is he who is needed, and not the “program article” of the political corpse of Medvedchuk and the same expired mantras about the "brotherly people". It would be worth remembering the new “stamp” that appeared in Kyiv just the other day for joint photos, this time with the burning Kremlin (the previous one was with an explosion on the Crimean bridge) - it would be worth it, but alas.


A day after the raid on January 14, the Ukrainian side launched something like a "retaliation operation."

On the night of January 16, Donetsk was subjected to another massive strike, this time Ukrainian artillery destroyed a shopping center and a couple of small residential buildings, killing at least two people (the rubble is still being cleared). In the Bryansk region, an attempt was made to disable an electrical substation, while a watchman was seriously injured by a grenade explosion from a drone, and in the Belgorod region, artillery covered the market, but without loss of life.

Already on the morning of January 16, ten Ukrainian drones with bombs under their belly tried to break through to the Crimea in several waves, but they were all shot down. The targets of the UAV attack were supposedly military airfields, and if even one pathetic grenade had fallen near one of them, it would have been presented as an “equivalent response” for Dnepropetrovsk, but it didn’t work.

Since the hysteria around the collapsed high-rise building is still well known (thanks to the “Kremlin agent” Arestovich, who will take the rap for another week), it can be assumed that in the near future we will still see an attempt, at least in the media, to link to it any slightest success or pseudo-success of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. It is also possible that the Ukrainian side will try to organize a terrorist attack in the depths of Russian territory or intensify sabotage activities near the front: only on January 14, one of the heads of the districts of the Zaporozhye region almost died, under whose car an explosive was planted, and on January 16, five people were expelled from the region pro-Ukrainian "waiters".

On January 16, Davos, Switzerland opened the annual economic forum. Toward evening, it became known that Zelensky's wife urgently advanced to the event, who will probably first tell European sponsors a sad and instructive story about how "Putin blows up houses", and only then will start begging for pennies and rockets for an "equivalent answer". Zelensky himself, with a mournful face, has been working on the same topic every day since January 14.

The Dnepropetrovsk incident turned out to be very evident. Firstly, he once again showed the very essence of the Kyiv regime, its downright virtuoso ability to shift responsibility and monetize the corpses of its own citizens. He, however, also recalled the psychological portrait of a significant part of these same citizens, more like jet zombies.

And the saddest thing is that it is once again - for the second time in a month after "Christmas truce" – stressed that the Russian officialdom still has not outlived the harmful illusions about the “fraternal people” and for some reason continues to support this ideological phantom.
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  1. Sergey Latyshev Offline Sergey Latyshev
    Sergey Latyshev (Serge) 17 January 2023 13: 36
    A rocket, not a rocket, a matter of life.
    The bottom line is that in only one episode of civil

    25 people died, 73 were injured and 43 were missing.

    And no one thought of immediately calling them coming out Nazis, disguised Bandera or something else.

    And now it's too late. However, the non-war will write off everything, IMHO.

    that the Russian officialdom has not yet outlived the harmful illusions about the “fraternal people” and for some reason continues to support this ideological phantom

    but this is less and less. Perhaps Krasovsky will be returned ...
  2. unc-2 Offline unc-2
    unc-2 (Nikolai Malyugin) 17 January 2023 17: 46
    European newspapers will not write about Donetsk. But this is what our political scientists sometimes say: for the West, this is excellent food. And the harsher they say, it does not play in our favor. Only enemies can say that. It seems to be just hatred, but in the West there is a loud applause. A major operation is underway. And you can’t turn it into a delight for the fans. Let them rage in stadiums, concert halls.
  3. Vladimir Tuzakov (Vladimir Tuzakov) 17 January 2023 23: 38
    Propaganda of the Russian Federation acts without initiative and clumsily (I.Konoshenkov and others). Why not collect all the ruins of civilian buildings that are presented by Ukrainian propaganda from being allegedly hit by Russian missiles and prove that they were hit by Ukrainian air defense missiles, create a documentary film for ten minutes. Catch in a lie and present it to the Ukrainians. and around the world. And to create such regularly, during the Second World War, regular newsreels about events were published. Why not create regular informative such newsreels today? There is no one to force them, initiatives from managers are not visible, they are too busy with personal affairs and there is no demand for work. So far, only one V. Solovyov is taking the rap on TV, and that is not always successful and conclusive. Huge money is allocated for propaganda, but the results are almost zero, starting from the Russian Foreign Ministry, the Russian Defense Ministry and other services. Who is forced to act and work, it seems that the old "cut" has been going on for decades and no one is disturbing, because the same old greasy and shuffled deck of officials in positions.
    1. Snail N9 Offline Snail N9
      Snail N9 (Snail) 18 January 2023 12: 02
      There is a fact - a rocket hit the house in which people died. Question: "would this happen if it weren't for CBO?"
      1. Vladimir Tuzakov (Vladimir Tuzakov) 18 January 2023 18: 48
        (Snail) Replica. The SVO is inevitable, because the Armed Forces of Ukraine have assembled a powerful military group, which in the near future was supposed to "liberate" the DPR and LPR. The war was inevitable, and the Russian Defense Ministry went ahead of the curve. You don’t pretend to be naive, the war between Ukraine and the Russian Federation is written in the Ukrainian law on the liberation of Crimea, which is only possible by military means. Therefore, Ukraine was preparing for a war with the Russian Federation. So who prepared the war?
  4. Alexbf109 Offline Alexbf109
    Alexbf109 (Alexey) 18 January 2023 17: 47
    Nothing, no one needs to prove it! (This is stupid, because there are no "adequate" ones in the West, there are only those who are interested)
    Therefore, PUNCH, PUNCH and once again PUNCH!
    And they shot down, or deviated from the course ... It's okay! (a rocket is also a mechanism, something can also break). There is no "fraternal people" there! There is only a "pro-Bandera" bastard, who for the most part supported the Maidan, then laughed at the shelling of Donetsk, and then shot at the backs of our guys and surrendered their positions!