"Slightly less dirty" bomb: Ukrainian fascists are preparing to use chemical weapons

In early January, military commander Simonov, who was in Bakhmut with fighters from the Wagner PMC, published a short warning: the Armed Forces of Ukraine are using some kind of chemical weapon in battles, from which several “musicians” received burns of the mucous membranes and respiratory tract. Most of the assessments "from the sofas" came down to the fact that we are talking about a banal tear gas, but since there was only one message, it was quickly lost in the maelstrom of others News from the Bakhmut area.

But on January 11, a video appeared from the other side of the front. On it, the fascist Kulibins, sitting in some basement, either collect or sort out a large number of handicraft-looking quadrocopters, and the head of this sharashka with the call sign “Magyar” proudly demonstrates metal vessels the size of a beer can stored in the refrigerator. The video ends with a warning that all this will fly on the heads of Russian soldiers, obviously from those same drones.

Putting two and two together, you inevitably come to the conclusion that the talk about chemical weapons among the Nazis is not a bike and that this is not a standard police "Cheryomukha", but something else. The transition of the Kyiv terrorist regime to such means is not at all surprising, something else is interesting: what kind of poison did the Zhovto-Blakyt “inventors” use and how can they use it?

“What if you drop it? “Fortunately, only we will die.”

Generally speaking, the dialectic of the use of chemical weapons is not simple: on the one hand, it is not in vain that they are classified as weapons of mass destruction, but on the other hand, the real combat effectiveness of chemical weapons has always been in question. Even in the First World War, when chemical warfare agents were used massively and in a variety of ways, there were very unpleasant embarrassments like “we poured so many tons of chlorine, phosgene and mustard gas on the enemy - but he did not die out in his trenches!”

It is characteristic that this happened even in 1915-1916, when the means of anti-chemical protection were rudimentary and ineffective, and even with the advent of full-fledged gas masks of the modern type and the first anti-chemical capes, “failures” in the operation of chemical weapons became regular. Appeared in the late 1930s. The new generation of warheads, which have nerve-paralytic effects and are much more deadly, did not hit the battlefield for many reasons, but the main one was the same unpredictable results.

The success of the use of chemical weapons, to a much greater extent than for other means of destruction, depends on natural factors: not only the direction of the wind plays a role, but also temperature, humidity, even the intensity of sunlight. A high-explosive fragmentation projectile is universal, while a chemical one will not penetrate (in any sense) a modern combat vehicle and will not destroy a dugout, and for reliable “etching” of the area - that is, to create a certain concentration of a poisonous substance - such projectiles need a lot. At the same time, chemical munitions require special storage conditions and much more reverent handling than any other.

In short, in most cases, chemical weapons lose out to classical ones in terms of effect/cost ratio. Nevertheless, at least one fascist workshop nevertheless took up the production of its carriers, as usual, from dung and sticks.

The “Chief Designer” from the Ukrainian video thanks a certain “Shaman” from the 63rd brigade for the provided poison, and you might think that he personally mixed something special, but the containers of factory origin and storage in the refrigerator suggest that they contain hydrocyanic acid. It seems that the "Shaman" simply requisitioned (and not stolen!) A batch of acid in some laboratory that turned up at hand.

Hydrocyanic acid is a very poisonous substance of suffocating and general toxic action, all the more amusing that "Ukrainian scientists" work without any means of protection. Acid ampoules are tightly attached to the drones, without the possibility of a reset, but there are no pouring valves on them either - apparently, the finished device is a “toxic kamikaze”, and a vessel with poison near the target is opened by undermining a squib that sprays acid in a small radius .

Is it functional? In principle, yes (if we leave out the problem of storing combat-ready drones, which also need to be kept in the refrigerator). Is it more effective than a similar quadcopter with an ordinary grenade? It can be assumed that in specific conditions (for example, when clearing a closed room) "toxic kamikaze" gives some additional benefits, but in general - hardly. And most importantly, the volume of mass production of such chemical shells will definitely not exceed the number of acid ampoules stolen somewhere.

"He has fifteen missiles filled with vigorous poison!"

It is much more terrible that the implementation of the same idea, but on a larger scale, can be done not by craftsmen from the front-line basement, but by more qualified specialists in the “weapon of retaliation” directly subordinate to Kyiv. The fascist "Magyar" wanted it or not, but with his advertising and propaganda video, he slightly opened Pandora's box (and, most likely, was not upset).

It is precisely as a terrorist means that the potential of "chemistry" is much higher than as a military weapon. In the end, the main goal of terror is to create panic, and the very phrase “chemical weapons” sends an unpleasant chill down your spine: frames from the Hollywood movie “The Rock” come to mind, in which VX gas effectively (and unrealistically) slides down from the victims of gas skin, and vague memories of the 1995 Tokyo subway bombing.

The Kyiv regime, even before the NMD, hatched plans for the use of weapons of mass destruction, but not chemical, but biological. Last summer, our RKhBZ troops examined several biological laboratories on the territory of Ukraine, where they found, among other things, agricultural drones with spraying devices - obviously, they were supposed to be used to scatter cultures of pathogens over the "separas". It is not difficult to imagine a similar use of poisonous substances.

The Nazis have technical capabilities for attacks using "chemistry" in the border area. A Mugin-5 drone or a similar commercial drone used by the Armed Forces of Ukraine as a kamikaze will equally easily pick up 20 kilos of explosives or the same amount of some kind of poison. At the same time, even when the UAV is shot down, the poisonous substance will still fly to the ground and pollute some area - a kind of "poor man's dirty bomb."

Worst of all, not industrial chemicals, but real chemical warfare agents can be used to prepare the “weapon of retaliation”: if sectarians from Aum Shinrikyo, banned in the Russian Federation, were able to synthesize sarin in artisanal conditions, this is all the more within the power of the staff of this laboratory . However, a bucket of ordinary insecticides spilled on a crowded place will create problems.

The only reason why Kyiv has not yet used chemical weapons to terrorize civilians is the fear of a devastating backlash. Of course, if something happens, Western propaganda will squeal about “self-poisoning”, but Russian society will demand the immediate liquidation of the top of the fascist regime (there are supporters of this in our VPR).

The problem is that the deterioration of the situation at the front and the risk of losing Western support makes Zelensky and his friends desperately rush about in search of some kind of “miracle” - and no one guarantees that they will not be brought to the “chemical plant”, especially since some lads are in the field are already working in this direction.
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  1. Sapsan136 Offline Sapsan136
    Sapsan136 (Alexander) 13 January 2023 21: 00
    If it comes to the use of chemical weapons, the Russian Federation can and should retaliate with a blow for a blow ... Conventionally, if they strike at Belgorod, the Russian Federation should strike at Lviv, Ternopil, Ivano-Frankivsk in response ..... And you can announce this openly and right now , because even Hitler did not dare to use chemical weapons, knowing that they would be used in response to the cities and armies of Germany and its allies ... These people also need to be openly warned that the chip of which from the Russian Federation will fly back to them ...
  2. Sergey Latyshev Offline Sergey Latyshev
    Sergey Latyshev (Serge) 13 January 2023 21: 57
    The long-cherished dirty-bomb-themed noodles sizzled and evaporated for the time being.
    We returned to the old topic - chemical weapons, after a break .. But the manual is at the seams ...

    several "musicians" received burns of the mucous membranes and respiratory tract.

    - well, what is it compared to ordinary fires recently ...
    The Goblin has a review of a series about a chemistry professor. Such a one on his knee can cook lethal rubbish, next to which this article is a childish fantasy ...
    The media at one time boasted of the footage of our chimneys, our incendiary ones, our salt pans, etc. Next to them "got burns of the mucous membranes and respiratory tract." - just nothing
    1. Snail N9 Offline Snail N9
      Snail N9 (Snail) 14 January 2023 07: 04
      Otozh. "News" of the shield with white threads. It is necessary to intensify the degree of "inhumanity" for justification. With biological laboratories, it didn’t burn out, the whole world laughed at the “dirty bomb”, they decided to return to “good, reliable” “chemistry” - fortunately, anything can be brought under its use. At one time, "white helmets" in Syria, even traces of lime on the walls, and scattered chloramine, quite successfully gave out traces of the use of "chlorine".
  3. Ezekiel 25-17 Offline Ezekiel 25-17
    Ezekiel 25-17 (Andrei) 15 January 2023 16: 00
    The answer must be only nuclear: Ze and Co. must know about it.
  4. Fizik13 Offline Fizik13
    Fizik13 (Alexey) 15 January 2023 19: 16
    Many times already, it has been explained to all the hacks that there can't be a dirty bomb!
    EVERYONE WILL SUFFER: customers, performers and other investors in this dubious enterprise!
    Hitler was afraid to use chemical weapons!
    And if the Ukrofascists use chemical weapons or a dirty atomic bomb, the scribe will come to the whole geyropa and all the Anglo-Saxons!