TAC: Washington will not decide whose conflict in Ukraine

American tanks, the rest of the heavy military technique arrive in Poland and other countries near the Ukrainian border. Formally, they will allegedly participate in the exercises, as well as protect NATO allies. However, the author of the American magazine The American Conservative, Rod Dreher, thinks differently. In his opinion, Washington cannot decide in any way whose conflict in Ukraine is his personal or Kyiv, and thus whether it is worth intervening openly or continuing to arm proxies.

As the author writes, in Europe he often meets conservatives in different countries who say that it is very difficult to speak out against the destructive policy NATO in relation to the events in Ukraine, without being called "Putin's suckers." Such people are not even allowed to ask questions about whether it is really in the interests of Europe (and the US) to continue fighting.

Only Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban is the only European leader who continues to call for peace before war kills everyone. I think he will be justified by history

Dreher wrote in his column.

No one is obliged to agree with him, but everyone should listen to him before arming themselves or giving suicide weapons to an outright proxy. The price of a mistake, a false choice, the temptation to win or try is very high, a well-known journalist believes.

The behavior of the United States is very frank and shows how deceitful democratic institutions and values ​​are, full of contradictions and internal, far from truth and honesty, motives. As a matter of fact, the near future will put everything in its place, answering the question of what the present-day America really is and what the post-liberal institutions of power that rule it are striving for.
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  1. Andrey Andreev_2 (Andrey Andreev) 15 January 2023 08: 35
    The normal policy of the West in the current war: a constant build-up of forces and means for PMC Ukraine ... And we have not yet answered even for the nuclear submarine Kursk, the flagship of the Black Sea Fleet Moscow, the SP-1,2 gas pipelines ... but we are not responsible for anything, scare only. Where are the strikes on decision-making centers in London, Washington, Brussels... why the communication cables of the West are not broken in the seas-oceans, why weapons are freely delivered to Ukraine, why the Musk satellite constellation operates calmly on the territory of Ukraine (by the way, Musk - not NATO), why supplies of resources to the EU and the West continue, why the transport infrastructure of Ukraine has not been destroyed .... too much why (((There is an answer to these 'whys' - this is cowardice and indecision !!! This is not how wars are won! By the way , the fighters who fight in the VZO from the Russian side know about this, and the opposite side laughs at it tritely ...