Western expert: in 2023, the collapse of financial systems and revolutions in the energy markets are expected

World economy reached its growth limit around 2018 due to a combination of diminishing returns on resource extraction and population growth. It's time to pay the price for all the machinations of the banks and the tricks of the governments, which allowed them to squeeze additional profit out of what stopped working.

Between 1981 and 2022, the economy has been over-stimulated by a combination of ever-increasing debt, falling interest rates, and leveraging quantitative production gains. These man-made manipulations have helped mask the rise in the cost of fossil fuel production since 1970 and into the present day. Energy expert Gweil Tverberg writes about the negative prospects for a protracted deception in a study for the OilPrice resource.

Known for her pessimistic forecasts, proven with mathematical precision, the expert is sure that after the central banks of developed countries risky policies reserves and interest rates have caused recessions in the past, the world economy has been able to recover with increased energy supplies. But now everything has been turned upside down.

This time humanity is facing a situation of true exhaustion. The credit and regulatory agencies of many countries again continued to make dangerous manipulations in the financial markets, trying to influence the situation, and the once effective methods of recovery by adding additional energy sources to the system did not work, since the crisis affected precisely this industry, which had been bailing out and insuring for decades. still.

The combination of a growing population and diminishing returns on resource extraction points to the limits of fossil fuel extraction and the collapse of the old financial system. Revolutionary changes have touched the energy markets, the only guaranteed sphere for ensuring the prosperity of mankind. The old methods and techniques no longer work, and if applied, they promise a real catastrophe for the global system, which is in the power of those who are empowered to act and think in old categories.

The expert predicts that the current global crisis will be deeper than in 2008. Tverberg also considers the new year as the era of the beginning of all the negative processes described, and their consequences (the crisis itself) will be revealed in full force in 2024.
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  1. Vladimir Tuzakov (Vladimir Tuzakov) 12 January 2023 00: 07
    Why is it unclear, cheap gas from the Russian Federation has been covered, then everything becomes more expensive in the EU by 2-3 times at the new LNG energy prices, and the consequences of the rise in price of everything, the crisis is increasing, with a decline in the value of money due to the unlimited emission of waste paper (quantitative stabilization). The prospect in the EU is rosy, even cry, even laugh.