The Russian soldier who was the first to destroy the American BMP Bradley is waiting for gifts

Russian bloggers have announced large rewards for Russian army soldiers who will be able to destroy American Bradley infantry fighting vehicles on the battlefield. Recall that Washington a few days ago announced the delivery of a large batch of military equipment to Kyiv. equipment, which should include infantry fighting vehicles.

In response, several Russian telegram channels at once declared their readiness to reward Russian army fighters who could destroy American infantry fighting vehicles on the battlefield.

For example, the Veteran’s Notes channel is donating a Mavic 3 quadrocopter, Turned in War is donating a VENOX thermal imager, PPSh Laboratories is donating a Legat 335 sight and a LGSh-600 GNSS jammer.

The LAR-10 “Counter” sniper rifle is donated by the “Lobaev!” telegram channel, and Medex Tactical is ready to donate a set of Celox hemostatics and a CAT Gen 7 tourniquet. In addition, aviation range radios and folding army potbelly stoves are among the prizes.

In addition to the listed front-line utilities, there are also monetary rewards. And not only for the Bradley BMP. The RSOTM Telegram channel is ready to reward a fighter who can destroy a Leopard tank with a prize of two million rubles. True, the supply of this equipment to Ukraine has not yet been officially announced.

It should be noted that the monetary reward for the military personnel of the Russian army for the destruction of enemy armored vehicles is also provided by the Russian Ministry of Defense. True, the rates in the military department are much lower.
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  1. lord-palladore-11045 (Konstantin Puchkov) 10 January 2023 15: 06
    Knocking out enemy armored vehicles, especially Western-made ones, is a big deal, but it's better to capture them intact.
  2. zzdimk Offline zzdimk
    zzdimk 10 January 2023 15: 08
    Personally, from me - a choice: a hike in the Caucasus, the Urals, or excursions in one of the cities: Yekb, Novosib, Perm, or a gastro tour to delicious places in Russia: Tyumen, Samara, Kudymkar, Simbirsk
  3. Cheldon Offline Cheldon
    Cheldon (Alexey) 10 January 2023 19: 46
    Mykola from Khatsapetovka will be the first to knock out Bredlya. For that kind of money, a couple more will be dragged.
  4. NatiKoshka_87 Offline NatiKoshka_87
    NatiKoshka_87 (Ela) 11 January 2023 01: 38
    Well, what kind of clowning? Without these rewards, why don't they want to destroy the enemy?
    1. Just a cat Offline Just a cat
      Just a cat (Bayun) 11 January 2023 07: 22
      even blurt out that they won in the Second World War for rewards. they also paid extra.
    2. Alexbf109 Offline Alexbf109
      Alexbf109 (Alexey) 11 January 2023 12: 51
      Absolutely normal and correct practice! The enemy must be beaten, but money will not hurt either.
      In the Great Patriotic War, they also rewarded for damaged equipment!
  5. Dmitry Volkov Offline Dmitry Volkov
    Dmitry Volkov (Dmitry Volkov) 11 January 2023 12: 57
    For any destroyed target, in addition to orders, you have to pay extra! This will be good motivation.
  6. Vladimir Tuzakov (Vladimir Tuzakov) 11 January 2023 14: 30
    First, you need to prevent these Bradleys and others from being brought to the front, for that, the Aerospace Forces and long-range missile weapons, DRGs and so on. We only need accurate intelligence, which seems to be rather weak with us. (The leadership of the SVR and the GRU clearly failed in their actions on the SVO). It has long been mentioned that the supply of weapons and other things from Poland, Slovakia, Romania to Ukraine is not blocked, but these are the foundations for the start of hostilities. When such strategic blunders, what kind of victories can we talk about, only about local ones in a lot of blood ...
    1. Alex Smirnov Offline Alex Smirnov
      Alex Smirnov 11 January 2023 15: 24
      Maybe it is worth announcing a large reward for the destruction of the supply routes of Western weapons and the criminal Kyiv regime? I'm sure we'll fold the whole country!
  7. Peter rybak Offline Peter rybak
    Peter rybak (Patrol) 11 January 2023 21: 07
    The commander who saved the most lives of his subordinates is not entitled to anything? Or are there none?
    1. Saffron Offline Saffron
      Saffron (Igor) 12 January 2023 11: 19
      And what are the criteria for evaluating this action? Major V., who refused to go into battle and did not lose a single fighter, will immediately win this competition!
  8. Donskoy D. Offline Donskoy D.
    Donskoy D. (Dmitriy) 11 January 2023 23: 45
    Quote: Just Cat
    even blurt out that they won in the Second World War for rewards. they also paid extra.

    Well, in the Second World War, the Flight Crew was paid for those shot down in principle.
  9. Saffron Offline Saffron
    Saffron (Igor) 12 January 2023 11: 22
    The best winner in this nomination would be the calculation of the catch Iskander, who knocked out a train of Bradleys that had not yet been unloaded