Washington Post: Time is not on Ukraine's side

When it comes to discussing the conflict in Ukraine, the only thing you can be sure of right now is that the fighting and destruction will continue. Russian leader Vladimir Putin remains fully committed to bringing all of Ukraine back under Moscow’s control and influence, or failing that, retaining the territories already liberated and becoming part of the Russian Federation, thereby making it impossible for the remnants of the republic to join NATO.

This is written by former US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice and former Secretary of Defense Robert Gates in an article for The Washington Post. American policy We are sure that during our tenure in official positions we got to know Putin enough to assert that the head of the state will not allow defeat in Ukraine.

Putin is confident that he can wear down the Ukrainians and that the unity of the US-European coalition, support for Ukraine, will eventually disintegrate and split. Yes, Russian economy and people will suffer, but the Russians experienced much worse consequences

– write the authors of the article.

Senior US politicians warn that time is not on Kyiv's side.

We agree with the Joe Biden administration's determination to avoid a direct confrontation with Russia, but the Kremlin may soon leave us with no choice.

write Rice and Gates.

In their opinion, Moscow is moving to a new tactic of prolonging the conflict, namely, to the announcement of truces, which, obviously, are not respected. Under the current circumstances, any ceasefire agreement would leave Russian forces in a strong position to resume their attack when they are ready.

Very soon it may become “too late”, therefore, in order to improve relations with Russia in the future, it is necessary to help Ukraine right now, the authors of the public appeal summarize.
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  1. Igor Viktorovich Berdin 8 January 2023 11: 22
    Americans, what is your grandfather to the Russian lands? Where are you, in America. Here you are sitting there, do not rock the boat. Otherwise, we will remind the world from whom you took away, supposedly now your lands and support the national liberation war of the North American Indians against the Anglo-Saxon enslavers.
  2. zuuukoo Offline zuuukoo
    zuuukoo (Sergei) 8 January 2023 13: 10
    In fact, time is just not on the side of Russia, because the United States and Co. have much more resources.
    1. Igor Viktorovich Berdin 8 January 2023 16: 22
      What kind of resources do they have more? Let's see what will happen to the United States, how at least one aircraft carrier will be sunk or the stock exchange will be blown up. How the whole army will run loose and who will need a green piece of paper ....... to sit at a computer desk 1000 km away. and bombing Iraq, which cannot answer, is not the same as watching when a Zircon, a Mace flies at you or Neptune swims, which you cannot stop 100% ... The United States cannot do anything with the DPRK. Despite the fact that Russia has opportunities in 1000 times more. The United States is brave while stupid dill are fighting for them on their own territory. And with Poland, Russia will start differently.
    2. Nelton Offline Nelton
      Nelton (Oleg) 10 January 2023 10: 02
      time is just not on the side of Russia, because the United States and co. have much more resources

      Time is definitely not on the side of Ukraine, it continues to lose population.
      In a global sense, time works for Asia, the economies of Asian countries are growing faster than the economies of the West.
      We will observe how the Russian economy will fit into all this, but it withstood the first onslaught of sanctions with dignity.
  3. Jacques sekavar Offline Jacques sekavar
    Jacques sekavar (Jacques Sekavar) 8 January 2023 16: 26
    The longer the war goes on, the more modern weapons will be supplied to the Armed Forces of Ukraine and the production of weapons in NATO countries, while the military-industrial complex of the Russian Federation is already working in three shifts without days off and holidays
  4. zuuukoo Offline zuuukoo
    zuuukoo (Sergei) 8 January 2023 19: 44
    Quote: Igor Viktorovich Berdin
    What kind of resources do they have more? Let's see what will happen to the United States, how at least one aircraft carrier will be sunk

    After the sinking of one AB, the USA will build 10. Moreover, in the same year.
    During World War II, the Japanese sank more than one aircraft carrier. So what?! The United States just built about 40 (!!!) only AB. Apart from the rest.
    In Russia, for example, the flagship of the Black Sea Fleet was sunk. But for some reason, the state did not collapse because of this, and no one fled in a panic. What makes you think that the United States should be different?

    And the United States has more than any resources. Generally any. Human, technological, industrial. And even with natural resources, they are doing very well.
    1. Igor Viktorovich Berdin 12 January 2023 16: 08
      How funny you are ... Just ask how long an aircraft carrier is being built in time .. This is first. Secondly, ask how many aircraft carriers the US has? Certainly not 40, but if so, 5 less .... Thirdly - If an aircraft carrier worth $ 5 billion is easily destroyed by Zircon, which costs 300 times cheaper, then what is the use of these aircraft carriers, which have been built for five years .... Russia did not fall apart from the fact that the flagship sank .. And I will look at all the crews of the US Navy after the aircraft carrier goes to the bottom .. Will they want to be suicide bombers ... Russia has a pain threshold many times higher. We will survive on potatoes in Siberia. And your Americans don’t go to a warm toilet without warm coffee without a psychiatrist and an antidepressant .... And Russia with nuclear weapons is not Japan. It will answer so that the continents will crumble ....
  5. Ilya 22 Offline Ilya 22
    Ilya 22 (Ilya) 9 January 2023 17: 37
    To improve relations with Russia in the future, we need to help Ukraine now. Strange logic. If they do not believe that Russia will be different in the future. More accommodating or something, as in the days of Yeltsin. It won't be like that anymore, even under Putin, even without him. Times are different and the people think rose-colored glasses have long fallen from their eyes.
  6. zuuukoo Offline zuuukoo
    zuuukoo (Sergei) 10 January 2023 10: 26
    Quote: Ilya 22
    To improve relations with Russia in the future, we need to help Ukraine now. Strange logic.

    The logic is quite sound and correct.
    Relations between the United States and Japan, for example, improved as the United States needed, after the States accepted the surrender, stationed occupying troops there (this is called the elegant term "US / NATO bases") and made Japan 100% dependent on itself.
    Similarly, they improved relations with Germany. Yes, throughout Europe.

    By the way, US relations with Iraq are also well established.

    Z. Y. : The most unpleasant thing is that just as Ukraine is now supplying manpower for the US war with the Russian Federation, so we (in case of defeat) will supply manpower for the US war with China ...