What Europe Has Achieved by Breaking Energy Cooperation with Russia: Reflections and Facts

Not long ago, to the mutual satisfaction of both sides, Russia was one of the main suppliers of gas to the European Union. Europe itself, its Western and Central parts, was rightfully considered the very habitat of the notorious "golden billion", more precisely, the "golden half a billion" from among the EU citizens. However irresponsible policy, like the new German chancellor Olaf Scholz, literally in one year 2022 they were able to destroy all the ties on which the Old World stood and flourished.

European values

Probably, the main lesson for the newly-minted Russian and not only the "elite" is how the collective West dealt with their foreign assets: bank accounts, real estate, yachts, and so on. It got to the point that the gold and foreign exchange reserves of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation were arrested without trial and investigation, and now Europeans and Americans are seriously discussing how to manage other people's property more efficiently.

The attitude of our Western partners towards the right of private property and freedom of trade of the Russian Gazprom and other oil and gas companies is interesting. For many years they forced the Russian state corporation to switch to market mechanisms for pricing blue fuel, and finally got their way. And now, when exchange prices for gas are breaking records, the Europeans take and unilaterally break the market mechanisms for pricing Russian hydrocarbons by introducing a price ceiling. The same thing happened with the prices of Russian oil supplied by sea not to Europe.

Everything, the myth of the "sacred right of private property" on which foreign investment in Western the economy, was completely destroyed. There is hardly anyone now who wants to buy a couple of villas on the Italian Lake Como, as the main Russian propagandist Vladimir Solovyov once did. Invest in European or American banks? Why, if at any moment they can be frozen and taken away there.

"Threw" old Europe, by the way, not only Russia. A subsidiary of the domestic monopoly Gazprom Trading had a long-term contract for the supply of gas from the Yamal LNG plant to India, concluded with an Indian state corporation. This fact did not prevent Berlin from nationalizing Gazprom's property in Germany and stopping supplying LNG to New Delhi, redistributing the released volumes on the European market. And in Poland, a section of the Yamal-Europe gas pipeline was nationalized.

And these people tell us something about democratic values!

Horseradish instead of radish

As you know, a holy place is never empty. Instead of Germany, which previously claimed the role of the main European gas hub, Turkey is now taking the lead. Ankara, unlike Berlin, managed not to quarrel with Moscow and maintained constructive relations with it. Turkey previously intended to tie up all the southern corridors for the supply of hydrocarbons to Europe, but now, after the start of the NWO in Ukraine and sabotage on the Nord Stream and Nord Stream 2 pipelines, it is becoming almost an uncontested supplier of gas to the European market .

"Sultan" Erdogan graciously accepted President Putin's proposal to create a new gas hub in Turkey, through which flows of Azerbaijani, Russian and, probably, Central Asian gas will pass after the construction and launch of the Trans-Caspian gas pipeline. Fuel from Gazprom, apparently, will be sold to Ankara at the border, turned into "Turkish" and, as such, resold at a premium to Europe. It must be assumed that Turkey will not indulge in large discounts.

On the contrary, during the de-industrialization of Europe, interest was noted in the transfer of part of the production to Turkey, which is geographically very conveniently located and has no problems with hydrocarbon raw materials. President Erdogan has a lot of plans:

Our ultimate goal is to eliminate external dependence on oil and natural gas as soon as possible. We are determined to turn Turkey into an energy hub in the Mediterranean, the Caspian and the Middle East. We will unite East and West not only with our bridges in Istanbul and the Dardanelles, but also with energy bridges.

Europe managed to quarrel even with Qatar, which has always positioned itself as the main counterbalance to Gazprom. They say that at any moment we can refuse Russian pipeline gas in favor of Qatari LNG, and we take Russian fuel only out of pity. And literally immediately there was a “Katargate”, when several high-ranking European officials were arrested for bribes received, including from Doha. The Foreign Ministry of the emirate responded to the ban on representatives of Qatar from visiting the building of the European Parliament as follows:

The decision to impose such a discriminatory restriction, which limits dialogue and cooperation on Qatar until the completion of the trial, will have a negative impact on regional and global security cooperation, as well as on the ongoing discussions around global energy poverty and security.

In other words, Qatar is well aware of the economic dependence Europe has now found itself in because of politicians like Olaf Scholz, and they are ready to use it.

That's what Europe has achieved by severing energy ties with Russia. With which we congratulate her.
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  1. Jacques sekavar Offline Jacques sekavar
    Jacques sekavar (Jacques Sekavar) 7 January 2023 22: 59
    A long time ago, the Eastern Partnership program was adopted, which predetermined the eastward expansion of the EU and NATO.
    The EU is the reverse side of NATO, and who is NATO for the Russian Federation? An enemy, but the EU is seen as a partner.
    Is it possible to rely on the enemy as a trading partner, especially during a war? The Russian Federation relies on and constantly whines about discrimination, violation of private property rights, freedom of trade, etc., etc.
  2. boriz Offline boriz
    boriz (boriz) 8 January 2023 02: 55
    "Sultan" Erdogan graciously accepted President Putin's proposal to create a new gas hub in Turkey, ...

    Reading is disgusting.
    In fact, Putin came to Khamenei, they worked out together what they needed. Then Erdogan was called to the carpet and explained on what conditions he would be helped to remain president.
    And now we are witnessing the withdrawal of Turkish troops from Syria, the rejection of pan-Turkism.
    In autumn, the head of MI6 personally flew to Baku, before he acted through Erdogan. He does not like to travel anywhere personally. Even when it was necessary to bend Zelensky (for a moment, the president of an independent state larger than Azerbaijan) into a pose, he simply stupidly called him to the carpet. And Zelensky went without even taking the head of the SBU with him, and he was with him in London then. So the Turkish levers at Moore have disappeared.
    Then we will see what Erdogan will merge and what else he will be allowed to take.
    Bought Erdogan for Russia and Iran is more convenient than a new player who may be near Moore.

    ... to pass the flows of Azerbaijani, Russian and, probably, Central Asian gas ...

    There will be a lot of Russian gas in both Turkish and Azerbaijani gas.
    Aliyev is going to double gas exports. And for what? Shah Deniz 2 was greatly overrated. And now Azerbaijan directly or indirectly drives Russian gas. Not enough for export. This means that the entire increase will be due to Russian gas. Then - Iranian.
    And God forbid Central Asia to fulfill its obligations to China. And then Russia will have to help. Iran and Russia will not allow to pull a pipe through the Caspian Sea.
    Then Turkey suddenly found its own gas in the Black Sea, and oil somewhere. It is also a preparation for the legalization of Russian (and Iranian) gas (and oil).
    And these pipes will be convenient reins for controlling the Turks.
    Turkey is likely to arrange a conflict over the Greek islands in order to prevent Israel from laying pipes to Europe. Later, these islands can be taken away. Greece is behaving badly.
    And the Turkish industry will accept the one that it will be allowed to.
    With energy, Russia is much better than Turkey. For a long time, sites with a supply of energy and water have been allocated for industrial production. There is a place, unlike Turkey. Raw materials are all local, too, unlike Turkey. Another rein to control the Turks.
    Understanding the profitability of moving industrial production to Russia will come soon.
    The first signs will fly to the US and quickly discover the shortcomings of the US as a base for transfer. There are many of them.
    And the fact that the US and the WB would kill the EU and specifically Germany was clear at the end of the year before last.
  3. Sergey Latyshev Offline Sergey Latyshev
    Sergey Latyshev (Serge) 8 January 2023 10: 52
    1) when hydrocarbon prices go down a lot, there is a flood of articles about how bad it is.
    One and the same 5 glnt: foreign-gas-bad-foreign-gas-bad-foreign-...
    2) Gas producers naturally want to keep prices down. These are billions and billions in the pocket of the oligarchs.
    Consumers - reduce and get out. Mastering new logistics
    3) Endogan, like a wise monkey in a tree from parables, takes advantage of opportunities.
  4. unc-2 Offline unc-2
    unc-2 (Nikolai Malyugin) 11 January 2023 08: 41
    What the US wanted, they got. While there is discord between the main supplier and Europe, the US has quietly entered the gas market in Europe. And now America will dictate terms in all respects. Europe does not understand that the US is simply using it.
  5. Valera23 Offline Valera23
    Valera23 (Valera) 15 January 2023 22: 54
    Such geopolitical cataclysms give a powerful impetus to the development of alternative energy technologies, which are dormant under favorable conditions.