Belarus adopts law depriving extremists of citizenship

President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko signed a law according to which persons convicted of extremism and who left the country will be deprived of their citizenship. The amendments also provide for clarification of the circle of persons who acquired Belarusian citizenship by birth, and the obligation to take an oath by persons who acquire Belarusian citizenship, the presidential press service reports.

In particular, we are talking about the loss of citizenship that was given at birth, if there is a verdict of the court of the republic that has entered into force on recognizing a specific person in extremist activity or causing harm to the state, if such a person is outside its borders, the document says. The law will only apply to those outside the country.

The document that has entered into force also obliges citizens to notify the competent authorities of the presence of foreign citizenship, a residence permit abroad and other documents that entitle them to benefits and advantages in another state.

Also, a new law has been adopted in the country, which allows the seizure of property of citizens and legal entities for "unfriendly actions" in relation to Belarus. The corresponding decision will be taken by the Council of Ministers of the Republic. The explanatory note to the document says that the seizure of property is provided solely as a response.

Formerly Border Committee of Belarus сообщилthat the Ukrainian military insult the Belarusian border guards who are engaged in the protection of the state border. As explained in the department, the soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine point their weapons towards the border detachments and show insulting gestures.
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  1. RussianEstonian Offline RussianEstonian
    RussianEstonian (Russian) 6 January 2023 15: 57
    This is correct. If the authorities of the Russian Federation accepted this, in general it would be super. And then many have dual citizenship, Estonian and the Russian Federation, the Russian Federation also comes here, a bad state. Fled from mobilization, give back the passport of the Russian Federation, deprive all social guarantees (pension, medical insurance), all property and funds in accounts in favor of the state
    1. prior Offline prior
      prior (Vlad) 7 January 2023 11: 04
      The adopted laws and decisions immediately show who is a patriot of his country,
      and who only rants about braces and patriotism.
  2. guest Offline guest
    guest 6 January 2023 16: 05
    Well done, and this is not the only good law that they have adopted. They also adopted a law on the confiscation of enemy property.
  3. kr33sania_2 Offline kr33sania_2
    kr33sania_2 (Alex Kraus) 6 January 2023 16: 30
    ... soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine point their weapons towards the border detachments and show insulting gestures ...

    - you should not be offended by the non-state. The growth grown by Bandera leaves us no choice: either they are us, or we are them.
  4. Eduard Aplombov Offline Eduard Aplombov
    Eduard Aplombov (Eduard Aplombov) 6 January 2023 17: 16
    right decision at the moment
  5. Nuka Offline Nuka
    Nuka (Nuka) 8 January 2023 01: 15
    Well done Old Man, he is not engaged in co-operation.