"Gazprom" has reduced the pumping of gas to the EU through Ukraine by 7,8 million cubic meters

Since January 1, 2023, Gazprom has reduced the flow of gas for the EU through Ukraine by 7,8 million cubic meters. If on the first day of the coming year, the Russian energy company supplied 43,3 million cubic meters to Europe through the Sudzha GIS, then on January 6, the gas supply will be 35,5 million cubic meters, Sergey Kupriyanov, press secretary of the chairman of the board of Gazprom, told reporters.

Gazprom supplies Russian gas for transit through the territory of Ukraine in the amount confirmed by the Ukrainian side through the Sudzha GIS - 35,5 million cubic meters. m on January 6th. The application for the GIS "Sokhranovka" was rejected, Kupriyanov said.

The flow of gas to the EU through Ukraine has been falling for the fifth day in a row. As of January 2, the volume of gas exports amounted to 42,4 million cubic meters, as of January 3 - 42,2 million cubic meters, on January 4 - 37,8 million cubic meters, on January 5 - 37,6 million cubic meters. The decrease in volume deliveries occurs against the backdrop of falling gas prices. The cost of gas in Europe on January 5 fell below $700 per thousand cubic meters, the last time gas was so cheap on the continent in September 2021.

Demand and prices for gas are also affected by the abnormally warm weather that is now observed in Europe. On January 35,5, the GTS Operator of Ukraine also reported on a potential reduction in the pumping of energy resources to 6 million cubic meters.

Earlier it was reported that the export of natural gas by Gazprom this year shrunk by almost 50 percent to 100,9 billion cubic meters. We are talking about deliveries outside the former Soviet Union. The fall was the result of a combination of events, including Russia's curtailment of pipeline flows to Europe following a flurry of EU sanctions on Moscow.
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  1. Hayer31 Offline Hayer31
    Hayer31 (Kashchei) 6 January 2023 15: 26
    That's the whole point of the Rulers of Russia.
    Guys fight and die and some...
    The question is who are we fighting? cheating lie stealing
    1. krot Offline krot
      krot (Paul) 6 January 2023 17: 56
      And do you offer to buy chips and the rest for crackers, if you do not sell gas and oil?
      1. Andrey Andreev_2 (Andrey Andreev) 6 January 2023 22: 17
        If you don’t take the funds received for energy resources into personal pockets (which privatization led to) and don’t withdraw them abroad ... then for chips, and for worthy salaries for Russians, good pensions, and free apartments .... yes, there are many things that could be done
        1. krot Offline krot
          krot (Paul) 9 January 2023 13: 59
          What are free apartments? Are you really a "freebie pliz" amateur? Did you try to work?
          And also calculate how much oil and gas cost and what salaries, pensions, and apartments ..)) Readers like you ruined the country in the 90s
  2. Andrew13 Offline Andrew13
    Andrew13 (Andrei) 6 January 2023 22: 25
    for half a year this valve is turned back and forth, they can’t play enough.
  3. Emil Offline Emil
    Emil (Emil) 6 January 2023 23: 43
    For how much they paid, they pumped so much. They stopped giving debt, and the EU industry collapsed hi
  4. Pavel Vladimirovich (Pavel Vladimirovich) 7 January 2023 09: 30
    It is surprising in general why Russia is still supplying gas to Europe.
    After the European countries have expressed support for the Zelensky regime, after the same Germany and others provide assistance to Zelensky in the form of arms supplies, is it really logical to supply gas to Europe?