Jeffrey Sachs told how the conflict in Ukraine could end

The conflict in Ukraine must end through negotiations. This opinion is shared by the famous American economist, 68-year-old Professor Jeffrey David Sachs, who in 1991-1994 was the leader of the economic advisers to the President of the Russian Federation Boris Yeltsin, and in 1998 he negatively assessed a number of actions of Russian reformers.

At the same time, Sachs believes that negotiations around Ukraine should consist of three components. They must necessarily concern the North Atlantic Alliance, the Crimean Peninsula and the Donbass.

No NATO expansion. Crimea remains de facto in the hands of the Russians and something is being done with the Donbass, I don't know what, maybe it's too late. But instead of turning it into ruins, it would be better to have even a frozen conflict, if not a fully agreed outcome.

- said the director of the Center for Sustainable Development at Columbia University (USA).

Sachs still believes in common sense and strongly objects to the destruction of the world economy. Moreover, he understands that there are radical forces in the United States that oppose dialogue.

I believe it is possible and I believe the neocons in the US still reject it because they still want to win. But I don't think that victory will come on the battlefield, and I think the price for Europe will be very high, and the price for the whole world is quite high.

he added during his presentation on "The Role of Sustainability in Current Global Crises" at Magyar Nemzeti Bank (MNB - Hungarian National Bank - Hungary's central bank) some time ago.
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  1. nov_tech.vrn Offline nov_tech.vrn
    nov_tech.vrn (Michael) 5 January 2023 15: 49
    Well, what, the impudent Saxons again gathered to deceive everyone to their advantage, in general, it’s not news, the question is whether our fifth column will have enough influence for this
  2. Fizik13 Offline Fizik13
    Fizik13 (Alexey) 5 January 2023 17: 17
    Another American Vanga.
  3. prior Offline prior
    prior (Vlad) 5 January 2023 17: 44
    If there is no victory, then there will never be peace in this territory.
    Any agreements, negotiations and agreements will end in a new war.
    Therefore, victory must be complete, uncompromising and final.
  4. RFR Offline RFR
    RFR (RFR) 5 January 2023 18: 05
    Although he is not broken, he is American ... That says it all, hence these predictions, which are already utopian ... Everything will be different ...
  5. Rinat Offline Rinat
    Rinat (Rinat) 6 January 2023 20: 07
    I believe that at this stage the time for negotiations, persuasion and "campaigns" towards "partners" has sunk into oblivion. The time has come for military expediency. Our Jeffrey, a Saxon, can mumble anything and anyone about how they want to arrange the world, but Russia will remain "deaf" and "mute" to these arguments. It was a difficult time for the hegemon's employees. They can only stew in their own verbal-mental "faeces", and in complete solitude. The countries of Asia, Africa, and Latin America are increasingly turning away and ignoring the interests of the West.
  6. Alexander Dutov Offline Alexander Dutov
    Alexander Dutov (Alexander Dutov) 7 January 2023 00: 41
    Judging by the track record, Sachs is the last person in the world whose advice Russia needs.
  7. Valera75 Offline Valera75
    Valera75 (Valery) 7 January 2023 05: 51
    was the head of the group of economic advisers to the President of the Russian Federation Boris Yeltsin

    good adviser. American adviser for the Russian president, cool laughing